News and Analysis (12/18/08)

Four generals are among arrested officials variously accused of planning a coup or reconstituting the Baath party:

UN unable to distribute food as the Israeli blockage prevents supplies from being replenished:

Helping to cope with the monetary crisis and retain profits for Gaza:

Will a compromise with the Taliban reverse undermine progress for women’s rights:

DOJ seeks seizure of building secretly owned by Iran’s Bank Melli, “previously designated by the Treasury Department as a key financier of Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs”:

Critics argue the measure “would stifle the constitutional rights of the accused” and fear “the laws might be used to unfairly target India’s 130 million-strong Muslim minority”:

Arrested for Islamic modesty or foul language?


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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  1. we can always give food aid to the african countries if we just save some pennies and donate it to them -:’

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