News and Analysis (5/3/13)

The unconfirmed report of the circumstances of “Hart’s death comes amid escalating chaos that has engulfed Guantanamo over the past three months—from a mass hunger strike to military commissions and renewed pressure on the White House to shut down the prison facility”:

Reportedly, “the bombs used at the Boston Marathon — and the pipe bombs allegedly thrown at police from the Tsarnaevs’ car during a gunfight four days later — show striking similarities to instructions from Inspire magazine[,]” an al-Qaeda magazine allegedly found on Katherine Russell’s computer:

PM “Sheikh Hasina’s government established the tribunal in March 2010 to try the collaborators, but it has been hit by a series of controversies. A presiding judge resigned in December last year after his leaked internet calls showed he was under pressure from the government to deliver a quick judgement”

“On May 11, voters in Pakistan go to the polls in what could be a historic transition – the first democratic transfer of civilian power[,]” while in the campaign in “Asian tiger” Malaysia, “Muslims mostly debated which party would best continue” its economic progress” …

… in both cases the underdog may win:

“Sally has been an outspoken critic of a Buddhist group, Bodu Bala Sena, which has since February allegedly attacked Muslim and Christian religious establishments” and Amnesty International is demanding his captors either charge him or release him”

If you want o take a final exam in Tunisia, be prepared to show some skin:

“A sweeping, 226-page report from the Pew Forum … turns up some fascinating insights into not just the views held in the ‘Muslim world’ but the wide diversity of those views between Muslim communities”:

“[T]his community settled by Germans and Scandinavians, its religious life built around Catholic and Lutheran churches, bears the name of a Muslim hero …  renowned in the 19th century for leading Algeria’s fight for independence and protecting non-Muslims from persecution. Even Abraham Lincoln extolled him”:

Israel has apologized (sort-of) for its piracy against Turkey, but its on going piracy against Palestinian fisherman continues unchallenged by the international community and unnoticed by the media:

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