News and Analysis (7/12/17)

July 12th, 2017

A township trustee in Illinois draws fire for her online bigotry …

… but in the face of constituents calling for his removal form office, a politician insists that his call for the murder of “every last Muslim” is protected free speech:

The visiting scholar to the Harvard-affiliated Boston’s Children’a hospital traveling on a valid visa with his wife and three children was deemed inadmissible by US Customs and Border Protection officers:

An undershirt, a shirt AND a sweater? Must be a terrorist:

Small falafel shop owner in D.C. donates around $1000/week to refugees in need, but also hopes employ them and help them open their own businesses as well:

A new proposal seen as “duplicative and unnecessary” would force students to reapply to stay in the U.S. every single year as well as when they move from institutions like undergraduate to graduate school:

It is unthinkable to imagine another country, even a close ally, setting up a base in our country, blocking off land and occupying it with weapons. Yet we do this do countries all over the world:

Although they feel the oversight is inadequate, Muslims find the change groundbreaking since it is “the first time since 9/11 that any law enforcement or investigative or intelligence agency has had its ability to spy on Muslims limited in any way”:

One owns no Qur’an and another skips prayers on the excuse of having “no suitable clothes.” A study reveals the  role of alpha males “with no theological training and no skills”:

“[T]o enforce the Congressional mandate that district courts lack jurisdiction … would expose Petitioners to the substantiated risk of death, torture, or other grave persecution before their legal claims can be tested in a court” — Judge Goldsmith …

… but the admission of the mostly Christian refugees continues a decline in the number of Muslims admitted:

News and Analysis (7/11/17)

July 11th, 2017

U.S. politicians saved the totalitarian cult “disowned by the opposition Green Movement and … loathed by ordinary Iranians for having fought on Saddam Hussein’s side during the Iran-Iraq war” from its place on the U.S. terrorism list:

“[T]he Afghan girls are the only nation’s team to be denied visas by the U.S. and must participate from afar, watching from their hometown in western Afghanistan”:

“Collective culpability is a dangerous fiction.” Extremists typify neither white people nor Muslims; rather it is “everyday people who responded so sensitively and beautifully to the Finsbury Park attack” represent humanity:

In the U.S. separate is unequal, but in Britain the state funds religious schools, so a showdown on gender segregation was inevitable. A judge’s decision that “[t]here is no evidence in this case that segregation particularly disadvantages women” will be appealed:

A Palestinian American woman in a hijab promoting nonviolent resistance and activism has become a target for those who would silence and discredit racial-justice activists because they “are awakening the masses”:

Iran’s President says the police’s job is not to administer Islam, and that they do not have the right to pull women over for not covering in their car:

Although Iraq declared victory, airstrikes continue and Amnesty International warns of a civilian disaster:

The Muslim congregation is now the largest one in Washington D.C.’s Church of the Epiphany:

News and Analysis (7/8/17)

July 8th, 2017

Symbolizing the American military, Wonder Woman respects no borders, decides who needs help and who’s trouble, is prepared to force others to respect her:

Clinton lost because PA, WI, and MI have high casualty rates and saw her as pro-war, study says:

Most Muslims who don’t vote either are unsatisfied with the available choices or felt their vote makes no difference; only two percent believe it is against their religion:

Haroon Moghul wanted to be a Muslim on his own terms, but finds being publicly critical of his own community when they are under attack is “like walking a tightrope”:

The Qur’anic prohibition on aggression behind his fight for conscientious objector status is only one example of the religious force that fed Ali’s activism and humanitarianism:

Which Middle Eastern country has tortured one million prisoners?  No it’s not Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Guess again:

“What we are seeing today is a realization by these governments that if these voices continue, they are going to see more crowds, more public insisting [on] rights”:

Especially troubling about the administration’s pace of appointments is the failure to appoint an ambassador to Afghanistan, where thousands of troops are deployed:

News and Analysis (7/7/17)

July 7th, 2017

Although the government already yielded on allowing fiancés into the country as bona fide relations, the judge is leaving the question of grandparents to the Supreme Court:

The flaw in the strategy of designating Muslim archbishops to draw into the establishment is Islam abhors hierarchy, “and insists that all human beings have equal access to God”:

Egyptian police are deporting Uighur Muslims back to China where, human rights groups say, they face “persecution and torture”:

The 142 page report on the torment and death of Raheel Siddiqui is so explosive that “the last the last 43 pages were entirely blacked out”:

is not letting Islamophobes or terrorists hijack it’s meaning” — Omar Suleiman

Amnesty International suspects Turkey has criminalized peaceful assembly and “expression under the state of emergency imposed after an attempted coup in July 2016”:

The falsehood of Israel’s pretense that it seeks funds to reimburse victims of Palestinian militants is shown by its demolition of homes, often the heirs’ only significant assets:

News and Analysis (7/5/17)

July 5th, 2017

Started as 7th century schools for women to learn Islam, they became mosques for women in the 18th century and now aim at helping women and men to educate together:

Charges that a parts of a study by an Austrian government minister critical of Vienna’s Muslim-run kindergartens were re-written to make Islam appear more sinister:

Intolerance of a free press is the core of the Saudi and UAE anger at Qatar …

… while for its part, al-Jazeera is willing to openly review its editorial policy, but not to surrender its editorial freedom:

60% of Americans say they support the State Dept.’s guidelines for the travel ban …

… yet a majority in the same poll said fiances, grandparents, and other family members should be considered bona fide relations allowed entry to the U.S.:

Is “the White House is deliberately targeting Christians in order to gain an advantage in the upcoming judicial review of President Trump’s most recent executive order?

News and Analysis (7/3/17)

July 3rd, 2017

Even pro-Israeli Congress members are dismayed at Israel’s persecution of an award-winning, globally recognized leader of Palestinian peaceful resistance:

Knights of Golan leader says they couldn’t survive without Israels constant support:

Not quite fake news; definitely lopsided news:

The NSA preferred exploiting a flaw in Microsoft Windows software over reporting it, victimizing our allies and leaving Americans vulnerable …

… and it evades laws against spying on citizens by routing their Internet usage overseas …

… snooping on three million phone calls, at over a $300,000 expense, with no results in a Pennsylvania’s secret wire tap:

As someone who typically engages in conflict with Muslims, President Trump offers to peacefully mediate the issues with the GCC Muslim countries:

Al-Jazeera fights back attempts to shut down the news station:

Does the trend suggest the government is pulling back from a policy of manufacturing more terrorists to a one of encouraging more informants?

Islamic libertarian‏ Iyad el-Baghdadi says he is religiously offended by blueberry cheesecake and invites Islamophoic bigots to throw some his way:

“[R]ather than preventing vulnerable young people from being drawn into terrorism, it risked fueling a sense of being marginalised by state and society among Muslims”:

News and Analysis (7/2/17)

July 2nd, 2017

Immigrants make for more economic opportunities and less crime …

… yet 114 Americans of Iraqi descent are captured by ICE officials causing mass protest in Detroit … and they’re mostly Christians:

The Muslim rural doctor’s patient explained that many local farmers because of rising health premiums not bigotry and that no one wants him to leave”:

Of the 784,000 Muslim refugees resettled by the U.S. since 2001 only three “have been arrested for terrorist activities and they are all currently in prison”:

From being the first to recognize our new country, to resonating with our Pledge of Allegiance, Muslims have stood by the U.S.’ side from the very beginning:

“Cow slaughter is banned in some states; the consumption of beef is not, but nobody really understands the laws, including the police”:

Vigilantes against vigilantes: “we will pick up arms against them to save our men”:

Rejecting a Marxist model, Rojava Kurds opt for a communitarian or cooperativist socially and economically, confederalist politically, “bottom up” implantation:

News and Analysis (6/29/17)

June 29th, 2017

For Trump, you have no bona fide relationship to your “fiancées, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other extended family”:

His economic reform plans are welcome, but they are outweighed and undermined by his war-mongering:

This Syrian doctor’s humanitarian travels to establish hospitals and vaccinate children caused his visa to be revoked aborting his pursuit of an Ivy League degree …

… “[T]he bottom-line question is can the [U.S. President] use the immigration authority to condemn a religion, and I think the answer to that has to be no” — David Cole:

Unlike today’s extremists, Ibn Hajar pushed “back against an overly narrow reading of the hadith that would curb the multitude of ways for Muslims to enjoy God’s favor”:

“The fall of Mosul would in effect mark the end of the Iraqi half of the ISIS caliphate even though the hardline group would still control territory west and south of the city”:

At least 57 civilians were killed in a US-led air strike:

Fingers have been pointed at the blacks, then the Japanese, then Mexicans, and now how “Muslim” you look, can determine how much you can get away with:

“I’m going to travel and meet with anti-Muslim activists, hostile state legislatures, and my own family to find out if there really is anything to fear about American Muslims”:

Latinos are the fastest converting race in America, but they may face the biggest hit in the US due to President Trump’s policies:

Told to Come Alone: Souad Mekhennet’s Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad

June 28th, 2017
At New America in Washington DC on Thursday, June 22nd, Souad Mekhennet, author of I Was Told to Come Alone: My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad, shared her experiences as a journalist interviewing terrorist operatives face to face and getting to the root of why these people were joining these organizations: Recruiters are successful if they catch a person at precisely the right moment of the target’s life. 
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. and Layla Shoufer

Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis (6/28/17)

June 28th, 2017

Do refugee victims of U.S. foreign policy have a  “bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States”?

Seymour Hersch learned that “President Donald Trump ignored important intelligence reports when he decided to attack Syria after he saw pictures of dying children” …

… but mainstream media hostility to any challenge to the U.S. official narrative is so strong, Hersch had to publish in a German media outlet …

… Trump said Obama’s ‘horrendous leadership’ on Syria could start World War III. He’s made things even worse.

One thousand pages of declassified CIA documents reveal the  U.S. role in killing democracy in Iran:

As revolution turned into civil war, Syrian investments flowed to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey:

The Court said Dutch soldiers knew or should have known the victims they turned over to Bosnian Serb troop “were in real danger of being subjected to torture or execution”:

“People have a right to be informed. They have a right to get news that is not controlled by the narrative of authorities”: