News and Analysis (3/6/20)

March 6th, 2020

In a panel discussion for the CPAC on International religious freedom, Trump’s trip to India was described as great and the anti-Muslim Violence as a “not-one sided conflict” …

… oblivious to the fact that “[t]he anti-Muslim ideology of the RSS is driving both the decisions of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the pogroms …

… and that Modi’s attempt to recover from his six years of policy and economic setbacks lies at the heart of the mob violence targeting Muslims in India:

The new county commissioner says she “was driven to politics … after my best friend …, her husband … and younger sister … were brutally murdered in their home in Chapel Hill in a hate crime committed by their neighbor”:

World Health Organization urges the world needs to stand together to fight the Coronavirus outbreak, and declares sanctions shall not apply to emergency aid …

… yet some pressure groups seek “to impose reputational costs on companies that engage in lawful and legitimate trade with Iran” to address the public health crisis:

“[T]he Iranian director who won the the top award at last month’s Berlin film festival, has been ordered to serve a one-year prison sentence over his movies”:

“Palestinians flocked to the Joint List party and denied the prime minister a majority. Now they could even help oust him”:

“On Friday, the settlers had made their first attempt to seize Mount Al-Urma but were repelled by hundreds of locals. The confrontation left 93 people injured by Israeli live fire and rubber bullets”:

A transcript of Bob Peck’s new documentary “Solidarity” reveals the untold Palestinian suffering and history of the Israeli occupation, colonization, and apartheid in Palestine:

In defiance of simple logic, ‘[t]he White House claims that Palestinian leaders will have only themselves to blame if a plan they’ve rejected outright comes to fruition without their approval”:

Republican officials suggesting Islam and shariah not compatible with American ideology motivates Dr. Kasem of Islamic Association of Kokomo to recommend a community Islamic education:

News and Analysis (3/3/20)

March 3rd, 2020

The U.S. promised the Taliban a prisoner exchange to which the Afghani government had not agreed, seeming to guarantee the agreement’s collapse:

“Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a long-time proponent of a gold-backed currency, said that the use of gold dinar and barter trade will be revisited and considered among Muslim leaders”:

“To showcase the compliance of their services with Islam, fintech firms are organising forums with Islamic scholars and sponsoring religious festivals”:

As the coronavirus hits top leadership, Iran mobilizes, even calling out the military …

… but will they accept Trump’s offer of assistance?

Much of the Delhi police force, controlled by the national government “was drawn off into the security arrangements for Donald Trump, … which would allow these mobs a freer hand”:

“[T]hreatening text messages” were sent to the chief “whose family immigrated to Paterson from Turkey when he was an infant, is a veteran city officer and took the top cop post Feb. 4”:

“The threat came ahead of the first anniversary of the 15 March terror attack last year, where 51 worshippers were killed at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques”:

News and Analysis (2/29/20)

February 29th, 2020

A lawsuit filed against Netanyahu and Trump and key members his administration equates their crimes against Palestinian to the U.S. treatment of the Indigenous Americans and African slaves in America:

The now cancelled course “was not only racist and bigoted, but it also had a lot of misinformation about Arabs and Muslims,” but “factually incorrect and based on anti-Muslim propaganda”:

Women describe the anti-Muslim violence in Delhi …

… while neighboring Pakistan’s Imran Khan warned he will not tolerate harm to his country’s religious minorities, in contrast to Modi’s “vague plea for ‘calm’ and ‘normalcy'”:

An “[e]xtraordinary decision stops foreigners from visiting Islam’s holiest sites as Middle East reports 220 confirmed cases”:

An Israeli official told Newsweek, on Friday, of Israel’s strike plan to preempt Hezbollah capabilities and to pressure Iran, Iran warns of severe retaliation:

The “move [is] meant to counter criticism of Washington’s economic pressure campaign while opening the way for the release of Americans detained by Tehran”:

While Bloomberg defends his surveillance state policies on grounds that Americans were “petrified” of another terrorist attack after 9/11 …

… more young Muslim young voters see Sanders as their ammu, an uncle empathetic to the victimized after he stood up to the Israeli lobby:

News And Analysis (2/26/20)

February 26th, 2020

In his visit to India, Trump defended Modi and made no mention of the Hindu-Muslim violence around them or of the discriminatory citizenship law that sparked it:

In a statement approved by all fifteen council members including the US, the UN announced their support to negotiate a two-state Israel-Palestine solution:

“Nobody on the debate stage except Bernie has the guts to say the truth about the legacy of U.S. foreign policy”:

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the product of ancient ethnic hatreds. … It is a manufactured conflict, the outcome of a 100-year-old colonial occupation”:

B’Tselem reports that “more than 200 people have been killed, some 8,000 wounded by live fire, about 2,400 wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets, and almost 3,000 wounded by tear gas canisters” in the past two years:

The Muslim Council of Britain called O’Leary’s comment, suggesting that Muslim men should undergo extra security checks, “racist and discriminatory”:

“We all want to save the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the deal is known) so that the inspectors can continue their work in Iran” — a diplomat for one pf the six world powers meeting with Iranian officials:

Can Oman survive its much needed facilitator and messenger role between US, Iran, and Gulf states, after the death of Qaboos?

News and Analysis (2/24/20)

February 24th, 2020

“US officials have also threatened to impose sanctions or seek to criminally prosecute officials at the International Criminal Court if they pursue investigations into alleged war crimes committed by Israel”:

The Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine campaign drew more than 2000 attendees, calling on Harvard to end its complicity in Israel’s crimes:

The undocumented violence that occurred in Aligarh at a predominantly Muslim university is a turning point in Modi’s crimes against Muslims …

… and Amnesty International USA’s executive Director says U.S. and India now share values of “discrimination, bigotry, and hostility towards refugees and asylum seekers”:

As Iran confronts a Coronavirus outbreak …

… American sanctions hurt ordinary people:

Healthcare Providers at Iran’s Top Cancer Hospital Say Crippling Trump Sanctions Are Affecting Patients (Common Dreams)

Sen. Murphy met last weekend with Iran Foreign Minister, saying it is dangerous the administration is not talking with Iran:

A rare visit by a Western journalist reveals the fear, bloodshed, and authoritarian state of Eastern Libya under Hifter who had promised to build a democratic and stable post-Ghaddafi country:

“[W]hile desecrating Palestinian bodies was not exceptional to the Israeli forces, the video of the incident was a rare instance where it was carried out publicly”:

At a conference of bishops in the Southern Italy on Sunday, Pope Francis, for the first time, spoke against Trump’s controversial plan: Warning the inequitable solution is a prelude to new crises:

A British Muslim cancer survivor, Farid Aziz, launched his project Walk for Peace; walking to Mecca on foot hoping to ” inspire the ‘young generation” to persevere in leaving their ‘fingerprint on the planet'”:

New and Analysis (2/22/20)

February 22nd, 2020

Given that the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to declare war, it is counter-intuitive to think the President can veto a bill preventing him in engaging in acts of war:

The common wisdom is that Donald Trump prefers to be surrounded by lackeys, but when it comes to immigration, Stephen Miller has made Trump his lackey:

The boy was locked up after leaving home to buy medicine last August. He is only one of hundreds of Muslim residents detained, many of whom “have been moved to jails across India”:

The former deputy warden denies that the “meme of two black garbage bags next to a Muslim woman and child in black burkas and a caption saying the woman had three beautiful children” represents his own views:

“The chief executive officer of Ryanair has called for the profiling of Muslim men at airports, claiming “bombers” will “generally be of a Muslim persuasion”:

Emgage’s CEO credits Sanders with building “a historically inclusive and forward-thinking movement” representing an America “grounded in the belief that all humans are equal and worthy of a dignified life”:

The effect on turnout of the disqualification thousands of< reform candidates is not yet known, but “conservative allies of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are likely to gain a sizeable majority based on partial results”:

News and Analysis (2/19/20)

February 19th, 2020

Bloomberg’s apologies for his stop-and-frisk program ring hollow absent apologies for his Stazi-style surveillance on Muslims:

India cracks down on Virtual Private Networks and journalists:

A Kokomo councilman Greg Jones resigned Jan. 17 over Islamophobic comments; now, his successor Roger Stewart is under fire for anti-Muslim post:

In response to criticism about Iran coming parliamentary election, Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that US must focus on fixing their electoral fraud system:

By adopting China surveillance system and controlled media, Pakistan insults as well as injures Islamic prohibitions on spying:

“In pushing for regime collapse in Iran, US officials should at least be aware of what they’re courting. Even if their policy is successful, it could be more disastrous than what they’ve ever imagined”:

Macron wants “to end practice allowing foreign imams to teach French Muslims, saying Turkey is yet to accept rules”:

News and Analysis (2/16/20)

February 16th, 2020

The appeals court refused to buy the lower court’s ruling that the men, prevented from flying because they refused to become spies, had no standing to sue because they were taken off the list after filing suit:

“AIPAC is the main instrument of such Israeli policy pushes in the United States, and has never been forced to register as the agent of a foreign state, as US law requires”:

James Dorsey notes that a commercial enterprise showed more courage than a university against leaders that threaten democratic civilized societies:

“As the [Syrian] regime draws closer to Idlib, as another 1m civilians prepare to flee, the UN has staked time and prestige on an effort that was doomed from the start”:

In a labor election husting in Glasgow, candidate Lisa Nandy, who is backed by the Jewish labor movement, endorsed pledges that recognize Palestinians’ “right to self-determination and to return to their homes”:

Is Iran and Saudi Arabia closer towards a dialogue after Saudi Foreign Minister called on Iran on Saturday to change course of actions?

Oman’s optimism regarding the possibility of talks seems unwarranted unless President Trump can summon the courage to meet Iran’s main condition: that the U.S. abide by the agreement it previously signed …

… yet the continuing stalemate “could benefit ISIS amid growing signs the terror group still poses a significant threat in the Middle East”:

Iran says, “We want more than anybody else to know what’s in the black box, to know what actually happened,” but Canada says it is impossible “for the equipment needed to decode the box to be transported to Tehran”:

SMU Professor of Old Testament Susanne Scholz calls Fundamentalist claims that Shiloh is the capital of ancient Israel “utter nonsense” (like their claim that the universe is 6,000 years old?):

News and Analysis (2/14/20)

February 14th, 2020

“Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti said the report provides critical information that shows these companies are willfully operating their businesses in violation of international laws:

The UAE Foreign Minister, urges on Tuesday reaching a political solution and de-escalation with Iran:

“[T]hanks to never-ending violence and oppression, we hardly attend school”:

Trump pushes Sudan for normalizing ties with Israel by offering incentives in an effort to counter Iran:

Thousands of women have been protesting every day since India passed the Citizenship Act:

After the killing of Gen. Soleimani last month, Senate, on Thursday, passed war resolution to curb Trump unilateral authority to go to war with Iran:

Mnuchin’s comments suggests that “if the Trump administration is trying to starve the Iranian regime into submission, bitcoin (BTC) may give the Islamic Republic a lifeline”:

“[M]oderates and reformists have championed improved ties with the West and expanded social freedoms, but they suffered major setbacks since President Donald Trump’s election” …

… and now confront Iran’s Revolutionary Guard moving into propaganda by funding “reality shows, comedies, documentaries and feature length films”:

Abbas and Netanyahu’s opposing positions on the Kushner plan underscore that it would conclude any peace process with a formalization of apartheid:

News and Analysis (2/11/20)

February 11th, 2020

Kamal’s latest book sheds light on the problem of imitative traditions opposed to deriving Islamic rulings from divine sources to address our contemporary realities:

The number of casualties keeps rising:

Pressed on the issue, Yang takes back his campaign’s assertion that Israel should obey international law, and humbly thanks those who called him out for his departure from the Israeli party line:

With four Republicans on board already, both the bill’s Democratic sponsor “and the chief Senate Republican vote counter … suggested Democrats could pick up additional GOP votes, depending on the final language”:

Leaders of a Long Island Islamic Center and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County “opened a joint exhibit Sunday called Never Again is Happening Again: The Persecution of Muslims in Asia”:

On Sunday, thousands of people including political leaders marched in Morocco to oppose Trump’s peace plan, and condemn Moroccan Foreign Minister for approving the plan:

After sanction, Iran and India are trading through rupee-based bank, Iran has become the biggest buyer of Indian tea:

Israeli interrogators left one man with “kidney failure and 11 broken ribs,” another “nearly unrecognizable to his wife when he was wheeled” into court and a third “stitched up after being attacked by a security dog”: