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  • News and Analysis 5/30/23

    Arrest of his main rival, his grip on the media, a monopoly on election reporting, and memories of the opposition’s persecution of religion contributed to Erdogan’s victory: Free but Unfair Election: How Erdogan Held onto Power in Turkey, and What This Means for the Country’s Future (Informed Comment) The soldier/settler violence continues: Palestinian Authority Officer […]

  • News and Analysis 5/26/23

    “University heads argue that the aim of the legislation is to ‘turn academic institutions into branches of the Israeli Police and the Shin Bet’”: Israel’s University Chiefs Slam ‘Fascistic’ Bill Outlawing Palestinian Flag, Warn of Academic Boycott (Haaretz) They face death on charges of criminal collusion “against national security, and … propaganda activities against the […]

  • News and Analysis 5/24/23

    “Barak … said this was a symbolic step that should continue with the Israeli government returning to Palestinians their lands, rights, respect, independence, freedom and security” … Former Israeli Soldier Returns Al-Aqsa Mosque Keys 56 Years After Stealing Them (Middle East Eye) … but the oppression escalates to the point that not only the EU […]

  • News and Analysis 5/21/23

    Iran “has pointed out that a similar Iranian naval presence in the Gulf of Mexico would be unacceptable to the US government”: Western Navy Commanders Transit Strait of Hormuz in Provocation to Iran (The Cradle) “[M]ore than 20 mayors from across New Jersey … [are] demanding the White House … disband the discriminatory watch list […]

  • News and Analysis 5/19/23

    Israel moves to ban the Palestinian flag even as it shoots down Palestinians peacefully protesting the Israeli flag … Israel Pushes Law Banning Palestinian Flag (Middle East Eye) Israel Fires on Palestinians Protesting ‘Flag March’ in Gaza (Aljazeera) Israel Shuts Down Palestinian Life in Jerusalem for ‘Flag March’ (Aljazeera) Israeli Crowds Chant Racist Slogans, Taunt […]

  • News and Analysis 5/17/23

    “[T]he parade, which celebrates the capture in 1967 of East Jerusalem and its subsequent occupation”: What Is ‘Flag Day’ in Jerusalem and Why Is It So Controversial? (Aljazeera) “[P]roviding people in authoritarian regimes with a false sense of public opinion while doing their leaders’ bidding hardly helps foster civil liberties.”: Twitter Caved to Censorship Requests […]

  • News and Analysis 5/15/23

    The cease fire that to Israeli-provoked violence that killed 33 Palestinians and two Israelis is mostly holding … Ceasefire Ends Five Days of Gaza Escalation (Electronic Intifada) Gaza Ceasefire Largely Holds as Palestinians, Israelis Count Deadly Cost (France 24) What Is Behind the Latest Israel-Gaza Violence? (Israel-Palestine News) … but Netanyahu has plans for new […]

  • News and Analysis 5/12/23

    “It brought the total number of Palestinians killed in this week’s bombardment to at least 33, including several children” … ‘Constant Fear’ in Gaza as Israel Continues Assault for 4th Day (Aljazeera) … and Israel claims that even though the homes they destroy at night are not used for any military activity the innocents in […]

  • News and Analysis 5/10/23

    “Khan supporters blocked streets … and major highways across the country,” and “police went on high alert and banned public gatherings”: Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Arrested, Stirring Nationwide Violence (Reuters) Israelis murderous policies do not spare civilians, children, or journalists … The Killing of Diyar Omari Is ‘the Result of State Policy,’ Say Palestinians […]

  • Jihad: What Everyone Needs to Know (Book Review)

    Asma Afsaruddin, Jihad: What Everyone Needs to Know (New York: Oxford University Press 2022). Asma Afsaruddin’s scholarly 370 page book Striving in the Path of God: Jihad and Martyrdom in Islamic Thought was published in 2013. Her most recent 208 page book, Jihad: What Everyone Needs to Know is aimed at a more general audience. […]

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