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  • MPAC Youth Summit

    Last week I had an opportunity to participate in the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s (MPAC) National Muslim American Young Leaders Summit. Along with 24 other Muslim American delegates, I finished up a three-day program of faith-based civic engagement in Washington DC. We talked with some of America’s most prominent policymakers inside the Beltway, including civil […]

  • News and Analysis (6/30/08)

    U.S. claims of concern for Iraqi sovereignty are overshadowed by the perpetual need to prop up Iraqi forces… U.S. Forces to Hand Over Hard-Won Anbar Province (Christian Science Monitor) …and government involvement in oil field development contracts… U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals (New York Times) …meanwhile cushy oil revenues in Iran have made […]

  • News and Analysis (6/28-29/08)

    Despite the emphasis on negotiations in its new counterterrorism strategy, Pakistan launches its first offensive since the new government took  power two months ago: Pakistan Launches Strike at Taliban Hideouts (AP/Wiredispatch) Anwar Ibrahim flees to the Turkish embassy as the Malaysian state resuscitates the politically motivated accusations used to justify the opposition leader’s previous detention […]

  • News and Analysis (6/27/08)

    Despite a spotless work record, Department of Energy revokes a Muslim American’s clearance, using the pretext of “national security”, for his antiwar views: Muslim Physicist Says Feds Retaliated Against Him (AP/Wiredispatch) Continuing its campaign of political persecution, DoJ officials slap Sami al-Arian with criminal contempt charges despite already completing one other post-plea bargain sentence: Former […]

  • News and Analysis (6/26/08)

    In a major political breakthrough, Bush seeks to end North Korea’s pariah status despite allegations that the country helped in the creation of a secret Syrian nuclear reactor. However, ongoing saber rattling with Iran could prompt Tehran to take “drastic steps”: Bush Administration Lifts North Korea Sanctions (AP/Wiredispatch) Time Running out for Nuclear Program Talks, […]

  • News and Analysis (6/25/08)

    Concerned about an American electoral regime change, Israel urges Washington to strike Iran now, while the U.S. continues to keep Syria in pariah status, despite its recent efforts to break out of international isolation: Israel Prodding U.S. to Attack Iran (CBS News) Can Syria Avoid Sanctions With A U.N. Nuclear Inspection? (Christian Science Monitor) U.S. […]

  • News and Analysis (6/21-22/08)

    Denunciations by former militants and mainstream Islamists have Al-Qaeda on the defensive: Special Report: Is Al Qa’ida in Pieces? (The Independent) Writer Becky Akers decries the invasiveness of new scanning technology that subjects people to a virtual strip search and does nothing to add to security: Get Ready to Strip At Reagan National (Washington Post) […]

  • News and Analysis (6/20/08)

    Congress acts again as an enabler for Bush’s imperial foreign policies… House Approves $162 Billion War-Spending Bill (San Francisco Chronicle) …meanwhile, it also receives scorn from civil libertarians for capitulating on an invasive bill with telecom lobbyists’ fingerprints all over it: George Bush’s Latest Powers, Courtesy of the Democratic Congress ( Feingold: Wiretap Deal ‘No […]

  • News and Analysis (6/19/08)

    Transparency International finds massive arrest campaign of Bangladesh’s military government increases graft: Bangladesh ‘Losing On Corruption’ (BBC News) Sunni Muslim religious board and political bloc condemn the recent Baghdad bombing while Mideast expert Juan Cole finds US evidence for blaming rogue Shi’a militias for the blast is scant: IAF, Muslim Scholars Association Condemn Baghdad Bombing […]

  • News and Analysis (6/18/08)

    The Department of Defense with the advice of the CIA pursued torture techniques that violate the law… CIA Played Larger Role In Advising Pentagon (Washington Post) …immorally inflict severe physical and psychological damage… Report: Exams Prove Abuse, Torture In Iraq, Gitmo (Washington Post) …and act as a recruiting tool on behalf of Al-Qaeda: Militants Found […]

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