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News and Analysis 5/19/22

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

“[T]he Jerusalemite … arrested at his home in the Shuafat area in the early hours of Monday morning … [has] been held in solitary confinement since his arrest”:

What American White supremacists call the “great replacement” theory, Israeli Jewish supremacists call “demographic time bombs” …

… as Israel looks forward to repeat of a demonstration that last year featured marchers “outside one of the entrances to the walled Old City, chanting ‘death to Arabs'”:

The Timesfalsely reported that Al Jazeera and the Palestinian Health Minister said that Shireen Abu Akleh was shot during ‘clashes'”:

Israel “has chosen to prioritise the establishment of Jewish-only settlements and infrastructure in occupied Palestine, which is in itself a war crime”:

American refueling planes will participate in a simulation of an attack on Iran:

Indian “cities are being renamed to erase traces of Muslim history, while Muslims in metropolitan areas face ghettoization on account of structural biases”:

“Even if it doesn’t pass, it becomes a moment of the historical record and it becomes another seed planted,” — Palestinian-American human rights attorney Noura Erakat:

News and Analysis 5/16/22

Monday, May 16th, 2022

“The relative horror expressed over the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh is justified and necessary. It is also belated and self-righteous. Now you’re appalled?” — Gidon Levy:

Old habits are hard to break. Once again Germany bans Jews (this time Jüdische Stimme, a Jewish group that supports Palestinian rights) from speaking out …

… and “arrested and repressed anyone they saw demonstrating support for Palestine”:

“Oz, who would be the country’s first Muslim senator” condemned his opponent’s tweet that “[p]edophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam”:

Iran has arrested some filmmakers and a sociology professor:

Djalali “was sentenced to death the following year after being found guilty of passing information about two Iranian nuclear scientists to … Mossad … that had led to their assassinations”:

After approving crypto mining in 2019 the regime established licensing, regulations, and tariffs that have pushed miners into illegal activity to benefit from electricity subsidies:

India bristles that the OIC is among the many critics of its gerrymandering aimed at disempowering Muslims:

“The City Council voted unanimously in April for the street renaming to honor the city’s large Palestinian community and its contributions to civic life and business”:

The “recently reimprisoned Palestinian lawyer and activist” wants the ICC to investigate “years of persecution and new tactics to forcibly transfer Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem”:

News and Analysis 5/13/22

Friday, May 13th, 2022

“An Al Jazeera livestream captured the moment mourners nearly dropped Abu Akleh’s coffin as Israeli forces beat them”:

ICE “has gone well beyond its immigration enforcement mandate, instead evolving into something of a broader domestic surveillance agency”:

“[A]n all-too-familiar aspect of flying while Muslim”:

The chemistry professor’s dismissal brings to thirteen the number terminated “without an inquiry in the interest of the State’s security”:

“[D]emolitions in the area since last week’s court ruling [are] triggering fears of a mass deportation not seen in two decades”:

Zaghari-Ratcliffe said she had to live “in the shadow” of Johnson’s assertion that she was in Iran on professional rather than personal business:

The U.S. doesn’t share Borrell’s optimism while Iran blames Israel for the bizarre detention of the EU team at the the Frankfort airport on their return from Iran:

What Albaz’s attorney calls opposition to violent attacks on any religious site is in the minds of Israeli prosecutors “praise, identification and encouragement for violent acts”:

News and Analysis 5/11/22

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

Israeli tactics for silencing critical information include murdering journalists:

Clara Muhammad’s “homeschool alternative to what were often substandard inner-city public schools” is part of the “legacy and tradition … that led to the Inner-City Muslim Action Network”:

Israeli censorship in the U.S.: Mark Esper is upset that the passage in his book  on what Netanyahu urged the Trump administration to do has been redacted:

Iran will not cooperate as long as the U.S. refuses to go back to the JCPOA:

A neocon think tank is accused of seeking to equate criticism of the government’s Prevent program with promoting terrorism:

Iran denies that it interested in a swap for an Iranian facing a possible life sentence in Sweden:

“The Supreme Court had issued guidelines for using loudspeakers with prescribed decibel levels from 6 am to 10 pm”:

News and Analysis 5/10/22

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Hindu nationalist Ram Madhav should take the medicine he prescribes:

Israel’s violent rampage continues:

“It is a criminal act and the worst crime as per Islam” — Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi :

“Activists … in repressive, occupying, apartheid, ethnocratic, or totalitarian regimes … [face] a legal system that collaborates, and sometimes even identifies with” government crimes:

A British cyclist finds Persian hospitality consistently prevails over nationalist ideology:

“Punishments for breaking the rule will (for the most part) be inflicted not on the women, but … female employees could also lose their jobs for failing to cover up” …

… while in Louisiana, a sociologist finds found empowerment through modest fashion:

“There should be no objection to loudspeakers put atop temple”:

Months of demonstrations pay off:

Israel’s policy towards non-Jews, crippling for Muslims, means extinction for Christianity in the land of its birth:

News and Analysis 5/7/22

Saturday, May 7th, 2022

Mainstream American churches are not yet united as they were against South African apartheid, but they are increasing uncomfortable about using euphemisms for the Israeli variety:

“They only close Arab and Muslims stores because the mayor has decided to pursue a racist policy against street gang violence rather than to find an effective way to. confront crime”:

The UN resident and humanitarian coordinator in the occupied territories says eviction  amounts to illegal “forcible transfer from their homes and destruction of their communities”:

HRW says that at least 17 of the 38 arrested teachers are still in detention:

Esper warned that the assassination was “fraught with a range of legal, diplomatic, political and military implications, not to mention that it could plunge us into war with Iran”:

The performers had to cancel a “Circus of Joy” tour after they “were shot at and tear gassed leaving the school to get back to are accommodation”:

“[P]olice had reportedly arrested and imprisoned at least 578 people in at least four cities in connection with the clashes”:

A Brown University professor says the current violence differs from past attacks on Muslims and that “India may be entering the stage of the anti-Muslim pogrom” …

… and the life of Muslims in Mahatma Ghandi’s home town has been made so miserable that they are petitioning the government to kill them:

“[W]hen Israeli settlers engaged in terrorist activities against Palestinian civilians under such circumstances, the courts didn’t hold Israel liable to pay for the damage caused”:

News and Analysis 5/5/22

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

“They are kidnapping Muslim children…. They don’t accept that they have other ways to live” — Siv Westerberg, lawyer who won eight cases against Swedish social services:

Arriving an hours after the man had been beaten up, the police then arrested the victim:

“[K]illers hadn’t heard any blasphemous words from the victim herself. They had reportedly heard that one of their relatives saw the blasphemy in her dream!”:

Thanks to a currency conversion error, “world’s most authoritative data on global military expenditure” falsely stated that Iran spends more on military than Israel:

The Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy seeks “just peace, human rights, credible elections, capable autonomous governance, and equitable development“:

“[T]he first gym for Muslim women in Canada … mainly teaches martial arts and self-defense”:

BJP gerrymandering:

“Korea mostly receives news and information about Islam through Western media, most of which have hostile views toward the religion”:

With America’s vacillating regional policy and dubious military commitment Gulf states are following Qatar’s lead and “hedging their bets”:

News and Analysis 5/3/22

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Services in Jerusalem were peaceful, but “[t]hree young men were wounded with live bullets during an army raid in Ni’lin, west of Ramallah, coinciding with Eid prayers” …

… Raids “are conducted with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses in keeping with its sweeping arbitrary powers”:

“[T]ensions have been high in the country after the deaths of at least 20 people … Muslims were attacked by heavily-armed ‘extremist Christians'”:

The Shin Bet accuses Iran of trying “to damage Israel’s ties with Russia by encouraging people to criticise Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine war”:

The JCPOA set the stage for a follow-up agreement on missiles. Trump’s withdrawal threw that away. Renewal JCPOA is the only way to reopen a path to a missile agreement:

“[E]ven in countries governed by Shariah (Islamic) law, the second marriage is permitted only under special circumstances”:

Muslims see Biden’s reversal of Trump’s policy as a “statement that Islam is a welcome part of our nation together with all the other faith traditions”:

Mufti said that disallowing “Eid prayers at the Jamia Masjid … proves that … claims about normalcy in the union territory are ‘self serving lies and contradictions'”:

Hispanic converts are attracted to the direct relationship with a unitary God, but bemoan the lack of an ““Islamic support system of the neighbors, the people who invite you into the home”:

News and Analysis 4/30/22

Saturday, April 30th, 2022

As the Eid approaches, The IDF and the settlers continue their reign of violence:

Despite the absurdity of the excuse that the beach was exclusively used by militants, the Court refuses investigation into the death of pre-teens playing football:

Ahmad and his friends refuse to allow the Israeli wall prevent their religious observance:

A women’s group is demanding that “demanded that the photos be replaced by the use of biometric information, such as fingerprints”:

The complaint alleging “war crimes against journalists … could lead to a formal investigation and prosecution”:

“Israel remains America’s favorite first amendment blindspot” — The Harvard Crimson Editorial Board …

… and Germany’s re-entry point to suppression of speech

A mosque that “appeals to women who are dissatisfied with mainstream American mosques and eager to take on more central roles in their religious development”:

Iran blames the move on “the lack of attention shown by the International Atomic Energy Agency for Israeli ‘vicious operations’ against Iran’s nuclear facilities”:

News and Analysis 4/27/22

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

“Israel has had six months to substantiate its accusations and it has failed to deliver”:

Why should Muslim and Christian Dalits be denied constitutional protection granted to Buddhist and Sikh dalits?

His complains that “in the absence of any member of his family or a lawyer” the boy is sleepless from “long interrogation after midnight”:

“Nearly three-quarters of registered Muslim Americans voted in 2020, according to a new report”:

The dossier “reminded her of growing up in East Germany (GDR) before the fall of the Berlin Wall during which both she and her mother were interrogated”:

“There are currently 579 Palestinians in administrative detention”:

“She’s keeping the peace while keeping her faith, stripping away stereotypes, hoping her story will help us all understand what we’ve never seen a little better”:

“The emerging patchwork of laws and policies codifying the IHRA definition may produce a second dispossession—of the right to speak about Israel’s violence at all”:

“Boxing fans see Tina Rahimi in her hijab and assume she’s an easybeat. It’s proving a dangerous assumption”: