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News and Analysis 4/11/21

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

The arrest of choreographer Ata Khattab the depth of Israeli fear of Palestinian culture:

“Attacks against Muslims are attacks against the Republic” — Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin, “the main sponsor of legislation passing through parliament which the government says is designed to tackle what it describes as encroaching fundamentalism that is subverting French values … [which] some critics say … points the finger at Muslims”:

Iran is calling on the international community (including the International Atomic Energy Agency) to confront Israel’s “nuclear terrorism”:

Ashraf Abu Sorour “had been subjected to severe torture” and “was later sentenced to life imprisonment”:

A British think tank accused of Islamophobia as well as collaborating with the far-right to demonize Muslims in the UK, shut down abruptly  on Friday due to lack of funds:

Blinken “called on governments around the world, including the United States, to take ‘concrete actions’ to ensure that no companies are providing China with products or services that facilitate its repression of the Uyghur population”:

Former Conservative FM Sir Alan Duncan expressed his shame over British government submission to Zionist “pro-settlement propaganda’,” calling it “a sort of buried scandal that has to stop”:

News and Analysis 4/9/21

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Amidst almost daily human rights violations …

… Israel refuses to recognize the authority of the tribunal, which plans to investigate “war crimes in the Palestinian territories”:

“What we’re saying in the lawsuit to Facebook is, ‘Do one of two things: Stop lying, or have your actions conform to your statements'” — Muslim Advocates lawyer Mary Bauer:

As talks of rejoining the nuclear deal and removal of U.S sanctions on Iran continue …

… an Iranian vessel was attacked amidst what seems to be an escalating maritime war between Iran and Israel:

Demonstrations broke out as Indian soldiers damaged a mosque in which militants had sought sanctuary …

… and journalists protest attempts by Indian police to suppress news coverage:

Amid a Muslim exodus over past violence a Hindu priest is called out for insults deemed likely to provoke further violence:

Military officials are frustrate by Biden’s failure to make a decision on the future of U.S troops in Afghanistan three weeks from the withdrawal deadline:

Another “senior leader of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group has been convicted on ‘terror’ charges and sentenced to life in prison”:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the United States of blocking Iran’s access to 10 million doses of the vaccine “by pressuring the companies involved in supplying the vaccine to Iran”:

“A bid by the French Senate to ban girls under 18 from wearing the hijab in public has drawn condemnation, with the hashtag #HandsOffMyHijab circulating widely on social media”:

News and Analysis 4/6/2021

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

On Monday, Israeli soldiers opened fire on a Palestinian couple, killing the man and wounding his wife with bullets. “They began shooting at us, my husband fell into my lap and was killed”:

After indirect talks at Vienna, the U.S and Iran have agreed to try and synchronize “Washington’s lifting of sanctions” and “Iran’s limiting of uranium enrichment;” …

… Smashing Trump’s “sanctions wall” will be politically costly for Biden, but “failing to do so, Biden risks war with Iran or acceding to an Iranian nuclear program on steroids”:

“Just a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have 12 members of Congress refer to Israeli occupation as colonialism, so I have no doubt that the needle on Palestinian human rights is moving” :

Palestine urged the Middle East International Quartet to pressure Israeli into allowing elections in line with “international law and the signed agreements”:

Post editors did not incorporate multiple reports indicating that “[t]he Government of Israel destroyed multiple Palestinian COVID-19 clinics, materials and testing sites, and prevented medical care to Palestinians in the reported sites of Jenin, Hebron, Khirbet Ibziq  and Silwan” into articles otherwise “lauding Israel for its COVID-19 measures”:

News and Analysis 4/4/21

Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Reports state that two groups of settlers beat a Jalud resident with “sticks and rocks”,  to the extent that he required immediate medical attention, then “two Israeli soldiers who reached the scene fired stun grenades at the Jalud residents who came to the Palestinian’s aid”:

Can diplomatic choreography sidestep the “you go first impasse” for a return to JCPOA?

As Lebanon finds itself on the brink of economic collapse, one can only hope that it makes it to the 2022 parliamentary elections so that new leadership can put the country on a new, sustainable economic trajectory:

Jordan’s Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein, the half-brother of King Abdullah II, said Saturday that he’s been placed under house arrest as the government arrested “more than a dozen individuals — including high-profile members of the Kingdom” over an alleged plot to overthrow the king:

The Biden administration has “has offered few concrete details on its plan to end the United States’ support for” the illegal and cruel war that Saudi Arabia and its US-backed allies have waged on Yemen” or the arms sales that support it:

A biker converts to Islam and, turning his back on street fighting, forms a new kind of motorcycle club that fights brush fires, saves lives, and provides young people an alternative to “a life of crime and vice”:

The Iranian fictional spy show is so hostile to Iran’s moderates that FM Javad Zarif has branded the second season a “lie from beginning to end”:

Palestinian electoral commission has announced the list of candidates who are approved to run for next month’s legislative elections. With this vote, many hope “to boost international support for Palestinian governance”:


News and Analysis 4/2/21

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

U.S. and its allies started the “illegal, undeclared, and criminal” war against the Yemen. Now, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken calls on “’all parties’ to allow unhindered import and distribution of food and fuel” even as U.S. naval blockade prevents “food and fuel from reaching those 20 million Yemenis”:

The textbook publisher has paused distribution of books that UK Lawyers for Israel pressured it to adulterate. Among the many facts deleted “that during the first intifada of 1987-93 the arms and fingers of Palestinian child stone throwers were broken by Israeli soldiers” …

.. while in the U.S., Butler University students say Zionists pressured the SGA to block civil rights icon Angela Davis from campus “because of her support … for nonviolent economic pressure against Israel’s illegal military occupation of Palestine”:

The Biden Administration will grant a meagre $15 million in humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, less that 5% of the aid given before Trump stopped it 2018 and about 1/2% of the annual military aid given to Israel to perpetuate the occupation:

The entry of the popular armed resistance leader currently serving five life sentences in an Israeli prison has the potential to “severely weaken President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party and help its militant Hamas rivals”:

Iran’s FM confirmed on TV that “participants had agreed to meet in person in Vienna on Tuesday after ‘frank and serious’ talks”:

“It was unclear what prompted the two militaries to adhere to the accord they had largely ignored for years”:

News and Analysis 3/31/21

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

A U.S federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the JNF and other Zionist lobbies accusing the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) of engaging in “material support for terrorism” over their support for the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement:

Documenting the IDF’s daily crimes leads to routine harassment:

Released and reunited with his wife, son, and daughter after spending 20 years in Israeli jails for membership in the PFLP, Barbar was arrested again a raid on his home in which twelve people were reportedly “wounded by rubber-coated bullets, tear-gas suffocation and beatings”:

Tareq Alaows, a 31 year old Damascus born refugee, made headlines when he announced his intention to run for German parliament. However, racism and extreme threats have led him to end his bid:

As Israeli elections come to a close, extremist religious and settler parties now make up a firm majority of Israel’s parliament. Netanyahu can’t cut a deal with Arabs because his most extreme right wing allies would desert him:

The Biden administration continues to feign ignorance that Iran demands that Washington lift all sanctions before Tehran resumes compliance:

News and Analysis 3/29/21

Monday, March 29th, 2021

The U.S. claims an “alarming” systematic indoctrination to ISIS ideology is taking place in civilian camps housing “the wives, widows, children and other family members of IS militants” and run by Syrian Kurdish officials:

As Israeli courts continue to rule in favor of settler organizations in East Jerusalem,  hundreds of  women and children are being forcibly evicted and displaced from their ancestral homes:

French legislators push for a bill that many consider a direct attack on freedom of association paving the way for state abuse in the dissolution of civil society organizations:

A report finds that Muslim groups lose tax status for hosting speakers that espouse views that speakers at Christian groups espouse with impunity:

The Court’s ruling support’s the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’s charges that the theatre’s refusal twice to screen the film exposing Israeli apartheid “amounted to unlawful discrimination on the prohibited grounds of ‘conscience and belief””:

On Saturday, China and Iran signed a 25 year long agreement, providing Iran with a lifeline amid US sanctions as it secures “$400 billion in Chinese investment” in the coming years. “Relations between the two countries have now reached the level of strategic partnership and China seeks to comprehensively improve relations with Iran”:

Niveen Gharqoud of Gaza has “submitted 5 exit permit requests” to Israeli authorities in hopes of reuniting with her husband and children in the Israeli occupied West Bank”:

The exiles agreed to leave their homeland “as part of a deal to free … a Jew who was captured by the Iran-backed group’s intelligence around six years ago” for his part in smuggling to Israel an antique deerskin Torah scroll deemed by the Houtis as a national treasure:


News and Analysis 3/27/21

Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Even as Muslims raise funds for victims of the Boulder shooting …

… the chairman of the Islamic Center of Boulder said that “even though the suspect never set foot in their center, they decided to close their prayer room to keep their members safe” because the alleged shooter has a Muslim name:

The Niqab-wearing dog-lover is joined i her fight against stereotypes about Islam and dog’s by a neighboring Muslim teacher who quotes the Islamic teaching:  “The heart of a person who hates dogs without any reason is even more impure than the dogs themselves”:

Making “Israel synonymous or coextensive with ‘all Jews’ … is deeply problematic because in effect it essentializes and homogenizes all Jewish persons”:

“Facebook, Instagram and Twitter [continue to remove posts, block videos and shut down accounts trying to shed light on the dire situation in the region” even as “the Indian government has partially lifted the lockdown on Kashmir”:

A U.S. “presence would most likely prevent a collapse of the nation’s own security forces and allow the government in Kabul, the Afghan capital, to retain control of its major cities, but the Taliban are still likely to gradually expand their power in other parts of the country”:

“Muslim girls are powerful; we were raised to act appropriately which in turn gives us a preparedness for the business world that our peers do not possess. We were raised to stand for what we believe in, giving us a confidence in ourselves that most can’t even comprehend”:

“There are people, to this day, that still refuse to look at me, refuse to talk to me in this building. That was something that I had anticipated, but I didn’t think it would feel how it does”:

Netanyahu needs the sell-out Muslims party to form a majority, but if he includes them he will be denied that majority by the abandonment of far-right parties that refuse to be in a coalition with Arabs:

The IDF injured “a child with a stun grenade in his foot” and inflicted “suffocation from gas inhalation” on “many others”:

News and Analysis 3/25/21

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

It is becoming increasingly clear that Netanyahu must turn to Arab votes to maintain his power:

After years of Israeli strikes that have “several dozen Iranian oil tankers, which caused Iran cumulative damage of billions of dollars,” Israel accuses Iran of striking an Israeli ship, which Iran denies:

Reports indicate that senior Saudi official twice threatened UN investigator Agnes Callamard in a meeting with other UN officials, wanting to have her “taken care of”:

Malik says, “We are not a monolith. … I hope [audience members] walk away with stereotypes shattered and seeing that Muslim women are their sisters in humanity”:

A female Palestinian anthropologist “was demonised by a broader Zionist public with racialised and gendered epithets steeped in Orientalist discourse,” which she understands as a “form of ethnographic knowledge that speaks to the gendered aspects of Zionist repression and the urgency of understanding Palestine as a feminist issue”:

The judge said she “was sympathetic to the submission made on the mother’s behalf, that whilst she appreciated that the male counsel acting would wish to see her face, it was not necessary for all other participants to the hearing to see her”:

“Abdul Bari Naik’s family says he is paying a price for exposing corruption by officials and raising concerns over village land being taken over by the army”:

“Qatar has quickly moved to take advantage of the greater diplomatic margin of manoeuvre created by the Al-Ula summit to enter a race with other Gulf nations for closer ties with Iraq driven by different or conflicting intentions and calculations”:

As the U.S. fails to make progress, China’s FM wants to take the lead on Middle East peace:

News and Analysis 3/23/2021

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged to reestablish the transatlantic NATO military alliance before discussing “any possible withdrawal from Afghanistan” …

… but Washington should not delude itself into believing that there is potential for any meaningful change in Afghanistan by extending the withdrawal deadline:

“An unwavering faith in the justness of God is what sparks our reformist flames as we return to researching, reading and interpreting the scripture ourselves, instead of blindly following the centuries old canonised Islamic literature that was primarily compiled and commentated on by men”:

In Islamic law the groom is supposed to give the bride a gift and Muslim jurists and judges are refusing to solemnize marriages in which the  groom’s family demands a Western style dowry after physical abuse by one groom and his family ended in the bride’s suicide:

A political scientist calls the District Development Council elections in Kashmir “chaotic” and “farcical” and predits “that the crisis of legitimacy will continue to prevail in Kashmir”:

43-year-old Palestinian prisoner Maher Abu Rayan announced that he was going on a hunger strike due to the Israeli Prison Service delaying needed surgery for “which he has been waiting for more than two years”:

After almost 6 years of war and severe famine, Saudi Arabia finally offered a cease-fire deal in Yemen amid the possibility of political negotiations with the Houthis:

Calgary Muslim call for increased “efforts to ensure the safety of racialized and religiously diverse residents after a girl was beaten and her hijab torn” during a walk in the park:

Israel has refused to comment on its apparent move to sabotage the ICC investigation into its war crimes:

The Malaysian government may let nurses decide for themselves whether or not to wear a headscarf at work: