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News and Analysis 11/28/22

Monday, November 28th, 2022

To date Israeli soldiers have killed 77 children, Palestinian fighters killed one:

“[T]he ‘Hindutva’ (Hindu supremacist) project in India is adding diversity and objectivity to its anti-minority hatred”:

Victims of Israeli detention now include Jewish activists as well as Palestinians:

Khan “denounced numerous alleged incidents of official intimidation, legal harassment, threats and attacks against himself, his supporters, political allies and journalists”:

“Moradkhani called on people around the world to urge their governments to cut ties with the Iranian regime amid protests sweeping the nation”:

MBS shares his father’s “distrust of any independent reform movement”:

Initiatives fail to address how the “criminal justice system subjects Muslims to surveillance, deportation, and detention, that fuel hate crime violence”:

Israeli medical negligence causes one man to lose most of his teeth and the medical issues underlying another man’ s severe body pain are ignored and he is treated only with pain-killers:

News and Analysis 11/26/22

Saturday, November 26th, 2022

As appalling as Israel’s violence against education, trade, and fishermen may be …

… things are about to get worse:

Malaysia’s liberal advocate of Muslim democracy pledges to fight corruption and “uphold the rights of all citizens”:

Khan’s father heard his son’s screams at the police station less than an hour before police delivered the dead body to the hospital:

Israel threatens free speech in America as well as in the areas under its direct control …

… and humanitarian efforts as well:

“The complex interactions between establishment feminists and government institutions explain the former’s [clamor] … on certain … issues and … silence on other[s]”:

“In addition to Ghafouri, two other former soccer stars have been arrested for expressing support for the protests”:

The “pattern of infiltration, investigation, approach, incitement and provision” is not limited to Muslim communities:

In a “forward-thinking community where women have a lot of freedom to make their choices. And one of those choices is to live a religious life and wear religious dress”:

But the American consulate remains closed:

News and Analysis 11/24/22

Thursday, November 24th, 2022

Israeli demonstrators shout “I’m proud to be a racist” and “You should all be in camps,” and a former Israeli police chief says suspicion of Ethiopians is only “natural”:

Somali-American Muslims withdrew their request in deference to their neighbors, but still do not know why the call to prayer should be treated differently than church bells”:

Palestinians and Israelis each kill a noncombatant teenager, making this the deadliest year since 2005:

The school claims to encourage differences of “views, beliefs and opinions” but students who challenged a claim on homosexuality in Islam were “put in isolation and suspended”:

The day before, “Israeli settlers, under army protection, closed the main entrance of Nilin town, west of Ramallah”:

“The three largest Muslim majority countries, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangledesh, have already elected a women president. How many women presidents have we had in this country?”

With the spread of adoption of the flawed IHRA definition of antisemitism, conflation of criticism of apartheid with antisemitism becomes increasingly problematic:

“Fatima’s role as treasurer for that early group of British Muslims was ‘so important’ as women ‘can’t even get into a load of mosques’ boards now, never mind [be] a treasurer'”:

News and Analysis 11/21/22

Monday, November 21st, 2022

Understanding Israel’s cruel response to a nonviolent protestor …

… can help explain why it won’t join “80 states, including the US, UK and France” opposing attacks on civilians …

… and why the settler / soldier terrorism continues:

After journalists are threatened online by presumed militants, Indian police police respond by raiding the homes of … journalists(!):

Better security due to the end of the war frees access to an estimated trillion dollars in resources:

Human rights groups and opposition parties demand “the release of all jailed human rights defenders in the Delhi pogrom UAPA case, calling arrests ‘state witch-hunt'”:

Israel continues to disregard the property rights of Palestinians:

‘Hurriyat Conference expresses grave concern and anguish over the cold-blooded custodial killings of young boys arrested … while in police custody”:

“[A]fter the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces there seem to be no questions about the place of politics in sports, and more specifically in association football”:

“Activist groups inspired by Islamic and pro-environment ideas have the potential to do more to address climate change, if those in charge hear them out”:

Qatar has permitted alcoholic beverage sales “in hotel bars for years” but made a last-minute U-turn on the sale of beer in the stadiums during the World Cup:

News and Analysis 11/18/22

Friday, November 18th, 2022

Neither schools nor the autistic are safe from Israel’s war on children:

A mother complains “Plainclothes forces shot my child. That is it” …

… and a leader tweeted of the government’s responsibility to “family members of those who have been killed or wounded” and “to uphold their rights”:

Israel’s new government will expand the protection given to settlements illegal under international law”

“A’isha, reports how the Prophet (PBUH) kept praising women of the holy city of Medina for their spirit of enquiry and quest for knowledge”:

“Israel’s refusal to cooperate should raise questions about the US/Israeli relationship”:

Many “children of Muslim background in the care sector … suffer from mental health issues, racism, Islamophobia, estrangement …, and a sense of isolation and shame”:

“[E]xtended family members, friends and neighbours” all are subject to Israeli “collective punishment'”:

News and Analysis 11/17/22

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Shouldn’t Elon Musk’s “free speech absolutism” apply to on-the-ground reports of Israeli crimes?

Twenty-one “detainees have been charged with security-related offenses that are punishable by death” …

… but propaganda that thousands of protestors will be executed is false:

As if to demonstrate the danger, Palestinians will not be allowed to discuss the effects of conflating criticism of Israel with antiSemitism:

Developed countries have imposed an “externality” on poor countries through CO2 emissions, but Pakistan’s “solution” of reparations to corrupt governments is problematical:

“The law … prohibits public school teachers, police officers, government lawyers and a host of other civil servants from wearing religious symbols at work”:

The prize jury in Germany “withdrew a Lifetime Achievement Award from renowned British playwright Caryl Churchill over her support for Palestinian rights”:

Symbolic, yet unprecedented, a “pressure campaign from Democratic members of Congress pushing a Democratic administration to take a firm stance against Israel”:

Israeli soldier / settler violence continues:

Most experts doubt Iran has plans to build a bomb but “[f]ew doubt that Iran would reduce its breakout time … to mere weeks … if the deal were not restored”:

News and Analysis 11/14/22

Monday, November 14th, 2022

As the UN asks the ICJ for an opinion on Israeli human rights abuses, the occupier state is angered by Ukraine’s lack of hypocrisy on illegal occupation:

To understand why no Pakistan PM has never managed to complete a five-year term … it is crucial to focus on Pakistan’s army”:

School buses fear to tread on the roads Israel refuses to maintain:

Although the Qur’an makes no explicit mention of transgender, transsexual, or nonbinary persons, it “clearly recognizes … people neither male nor female”:

Israel bans harming animals in “natural reserves,” so Palestinian farmers are at the mercy of the wild boars that destroy their crops, animals, and kill the farmers:

“Iran’s Revolutionary Court issued the sentence to a protester who allegedly set fire to a government building”:

Israel continues its unprovoked murder spree which is now victimizing Israelis as well:

News and Analysis 11/12/22

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

As the U.S. and Israel object to a U.N. request for an ICJ opinion on Israeli human rights practices …

… the settler/soldier onslaught continues:

“We will not allow this Nevada prison to ignore a federal court’s order” CAIR Staff Attorney Kim Noe-Lehenbauer:

A film festival organized by JCC Manhattan aims “to illustrate that criticism against Israel was not to be conflated with antisemitism” …

… while one in Ramallah organized by Film Lab: Palestine serves an “audience [that] cannot travel freely”:

Naga believes he was dismissed in retaliation for a suit alleging that a committeeman used “an obscene phrase offensive to both Blacks and Arab Muslims”:

“State Representative-elect Ruwa Romman and state Senator-elect Nabilah Islam will be the first Muslim women in their respective chambers”:

“The course prepares students to critically engage with … the recurrent misogynistic and Islamophobic ways” in which the Middle East and Islam are represented:

The U.S. calls on India “to restore local elections and political rights in all the regions across the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir“:

News and Analysis 11/10/22

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

As the tacit acceptance of the Israeli electorate’s embrace of open fascism by some American Jewish leaders embarrasses Biden and many Jews …

… Israel continues its violent rampage against children, the sick, imprisoned people, women, and human rights activists …

… and analysts foresee a backlash:

A performance outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and a strike in Iran commemorate the 40-day anniversary of “the deadliest killing since protests began”:

A “handful of countries have diplomatic missions in Afghanistan and have been cultivating relations on the back channel for years”:

The U.N. begins its inquiry into Israeli human rights abuses with the banning of human rights groups and the murder of a journalist:

“Perhaps the most important matter that the Conference called for was to reinstate the PLO as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people”:


News and Analysis 11/7/22

Monday, November 7th, 2022

“Pakistan will lead a bloc of more than 100 developing nations insisting on compensation for the irreversible harms of climate change” at COP27 …

… while the Egyptian government hopes the prestige of hosting the conference will distract international public opinion unjust imprisonment of their own people:

Iran insists the drones were sent to Russia before the invasion of the Ukraine, but Zelenskyy accuses them of “lying”:

The Taliban pursuit of women’s education to advance gender segregation follows the model of their mentors, the Saudis:

Israeli settlers and soldiers continue their rampage:

“237,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated … by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja in person”:

“[H]is rare comments about Islam — including a warning about Shariah law in the United States, which no group has ever proposed — have been viewed by fellow Muslims as Islamophobic signaling”: