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News and Analysis 3/26/23

Sunday, March 26th, 2023

“Video from the scene showed Muslim men and women praying, shouting at police officers as the officers removed worshipper”:

The U.S. “response to a drone attack earlier in the week that killed an American contractor in Syria,” Iran charges, “hit civilian targets”:

Slahi is smeared purportedly for answering the U.S. call to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan three decades ago, but really for criticizing Israeli apartheid today:

“The arrest and detention of persons for exercising their human rights are arbitrary. There must be accountability and remedy….” —  Mary Lawlor:

“While US media fixated on Russian interference in the 2016 election, an Israeli secret agent’s campaign to influence the outcome went unreported”:

“Tatars considered the peninsula their historic homeland and made up 12% of the area’s population of 2 million before Moscow illegally annexed it nine years ago”:

“It was the third shooting reported within a month in …  a town that has been a focus of Israeli military raids and a settler rampage in recent weeks”:

The rail company has apologized to the man praying in a secluded corner of the station for the guard’s order that he pray outside in the cold:

News and Analysis 3/24/23

Friday, March 24th, 2023

Israeli Ramadan gifts to the Palestinians include murder, home break-ins, breaking up fast-breaking meals, withholding corpses, a plan to ban political parties, and even an attack on a church …

… but at least prisoners will be allowed to break their fast:

“A new report shows the degree to which American financial institutions discriminate against Muslims”:

Blocked by Israel from conducting her investigation in-country, the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights is forced to investigate remotely and from  and nearby venues:

“The portrait of El Sayed’s irascible, outspoken Nana (grandmother) is vivid and memorable, and gives the lie to racist stereotypes of Muslim women as passively oppressed and silent”:

  • Book Review: Young Muslim Woman’s Memoir Deserves Respect and Attention (Vancouver Sun)

“[T]he idea of Palestinians as an ‘invented people’ is a common view among Zionists”:

A “drone strike killed a U.S. contractor, injured five American service members and wounded one other contractor in Syria”:

“There is no greater danger to the regime in Israel than its turning into a democracy” — Gideon Levy:

Israel provided no evidence for its claim that militants were in the area:


News and Analysis 3/20/23

Monday, March 20th, 2023

Jews who consistently oppose apartheid are enraged by those who excuse their past involvement with occupation illegalities with, “We knew what we were doing, and we did not refuse orders”:

While an attorney at Guantanamo, Desantis argued for the legality torturing uncharged prisoners in violated the Geneva Conventions:

Borell says Smotrich’s claim that “there was no Palestinian history or culture and no such thing as a Palestinian people … is wrong, it is disrespectful, it is dangerous, it is counter-productive”:

As Saudi Arabia prepares to launch the first Muslim woman into space, Alighar University celebrates Muslim women’s contributions to science:

“[T]he state of Panama is under American occupation. American and Israeli intelligence are targeting anyone working against imperialist Zionist policies” — Institute VP Sayid Marcos Tenório:

“U.S. criticism of India is rare due to close economic ties between the countries and India’s increasing importance for Washington to counter China in the region”:

Face the facts: the “two-state solution” is dead, Israeli apartheid is real, the “Third Intifada” has begun, and the new Israeli government threatens even Israeli Jews:

News and Analysis 3/18/23

Saturday, March 18th, 2023

A woman tweeted a single call for the release of another woman for campaigning for women’s right to drive; her six year sentence has been raised to 27:

Academia for Equality warns “of the threat to academic freedom from the weaponisation of anti-Semitism by advocates of the apartheid state”:

“[C]lashes erupted earlier this week when police tried to detain him after he failed to show up at an earlier court hearing” on the graft charges:

Extrajudicial killings, bulldozing Palestinian homes to make Israeli parks, and a threat to resettle illegal outposts add to Palestinian desperation …

… and the question arises can the “Special Relationship with Israel” continue if the fascist policies become overt?

Germany targets Palestinians, those who defend them, and those who “look like” them:

“In a first, a designated court here has framed charges against a journalist and a university scholar for writing and publishing a “seditious” article on a news portal”:

Ebrahimi denied allegations “of involvement in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, … with rights groups saying he had only been working as a porter carrying goods from Iraq”:

“Efforts to designate Eid as a school holiday are driven by students”:

“[T]here are actually not many things that Allah (SWT) has forbidden” and what is not haram (prohibited) is halal (permitted):

News and Analysis 3/16/23

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

In no other country an incident like this occur to be met with silence by American media and politicians:

A professor at the Wayne State University School of Law blames the U.S. for a “legal and policing architecture that … governments across the world adopted”:

Israel ignore 36 psychologists to extend the isolation of a man for six more months after seven years of imprisonment …

… and delays another prisoner’s “treatment for a malignant tumor” …

… while releasing an 83-year old after seventeen years during which he relied on fellow prisoners to meet his health needs:

AI accuses “Iran’s intelligence and security forces … [of] committing horrific acts of torture … against child protesters as young as 12”:

Burning villages is an Israeli tradition …

… along with “property and mosque arsons, stone-throwing, uprooting of crops and olive trees, attacks on vulnerable homes, among others”:

“D.C. hawks say American military might brought order to the Middle East, but without U.S. meddling, regional rivals finally made a deal” …

… and economic benefits and other agreements could come quickly, and maybe even progress in Yemen …

… with no harm to U.S.-Saudi relations:

“Palestinian journalist Laila Odeh” was suspended in connection with “her use of ‘pro-Palestine’ terminology on her personal social media accounts”:

The then 21-year-old woman sought “to avoid objectification, that our body is judged according to beauty stereotypes”:

“This is my son’s taqdir. If I kicked him out for being who he is, then I reject what Allah has destined for him, for my family”:

News and Analysis 3/13/23

Monday, March 13th, 2023

Iran’s “Judiciary Chief … said that those involved in the crime would face the charge of ‘corruption on earth,'” which carries the death penalty” …

… while among “82,656 prisoners and those facing charges” pardoned for Ramadan, are over 22,000 arrested during the recent demonstrations:

MbS’s Ramadan gift: bans of donations to mosques, after-sunset meals or children praying in mosques, extended prayers, and broadcast of prayers:

Massacres continue because they are part and parcel of the Zionist enterprise:

What drives the reformist zeal of [MbS and MbZ] is not change because it is the right thing to do … [but] the survival of their autocratic regimes”:

“Straight from the Israeli playbook, India is brutalising Kashmiris, demolishing homes it claims have been built illegally on ‘state land'”:

“In most Western countries, the size of standard prison cells ranges between six and 12 sqm, while in Israel, it is less than 3 sqm”:

Saudi normalization of “relations with Israel … is now possibly off the menu”:

“Executed … by the Franco regime in 1936, Infante is remembered as a martyr for the Andalusian nation and … his sympathies towards Islam are well established”:

With the new President and VP both being Muslims comes a call for Christians as Chief of Staff Secretary to the Government of the Federation:

News and Analysis 2/11/23

Saturday, March 11th, 2023

The U.S. decision to welcome Smotrich should come as no surprise since his genocidal statements only audibly articulate Israel’s founding policies:

“[M]igrants have been attacked on the streets, thrown out of their homes, and suspended or fired from their jobs”:

As settlers attack residents and an unidentified terrorist strikes “a popular nightlife district,” Israel attacks a hospital and the PA attacks a funeral:

” As a proud Muslim woman, I know the transformative change of women’s leadership and the long legacy of examples in our faith community”:

Israel has systematically attacked Palestinian energy sources, for example confiscating “solar panels and systems in Area C of the West Bank”:

MbS embraces a China-brokered deal with Iran even as he seeks an anti-Iran, a pro-Israel deal with the U.S.:

“The assailants claimed that the Muslim man was carrying beef”:

“And if anyone seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he can hear the words of God. Then escort him where he can be secure”:

News and Analysis 2/9/23

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Terrorist supporters of the apartheid state will live and those “with the purpose of harming the State of Israel and the rebirth of the Jewish people in its homeland” will die …

… among the terrorists allowed to live will be these:

[D]raft amendments to digital media guidelines … would essentially allow the government to block any content [the Modi administration] doesn’t like”:

“Pourtabatabaei had criticized the lack of any reaction from the authorities in Qom to the first reported cases of poisoning”:

The Zionist campaign to block Palestinian from from a writers conference reflects a broader problem of racist-based hypocrisy:

The UN looks at the status of women in Islam at its 67th CSW forum:

A “Muslim couple has no way under the [traditional interpretation of Islamic inheritance] law to make someone their sole heirs”:

“[A]ll scheduled flights, including those carrying humanitarian aid, would be rerouted to Damascus and Latakia after the ‘Israeli aggression’, according to state media”:

The fact that he “was urged by his most senior general to agree to a ceasefire with Pakistan in 1948″ challenges the BJP narrative:

The U.S. Ambassador to Israel “stated the U.S. would support Israel no matter what action it took”:

News and Analysis 3/6/23

Monday, March 6th, 2023

Israel is determined to continue its oppression of Palestinians even on Muslim and Jewish holidays, and even if they are American citizens:

U.S. withdrawal from JCPOA bears its inevitable fruit:

Fearing he “would be snubbed by the U.S. administration” over his call for genocide during his upcoming visit to Washington, Smotrich now says he “misspoke”:

“If the poisoning of students is proven, those behind this crime should be sentenced to capital punishment and there will be no amnesty for them” — Khamenei:

There is no end in sight for the nearly daily violence by soldiers and settler:

“The brutality began as an effort to disrupt Muslims praying together but morphed into a protracted effort to punish those who prayed”:

Premodern Muslim scholars accepted that “variety, disagreement, and even outright contradiction are the inevitable outcomes of the human endeavor to comprehend God’s message” …

… unlike today’s Bahraini government that prohibits “discussion and questioning of Islamic law” as mockery:

“Kashmiris have had the colonial concept of ‘state lands’ mobilized against them as [a ploy] to cast Indigenous communities as illegal occupants of their own land”:

News and Analysis 3/3/23

Friday, March 3rd, 2023

ACLU says the court’s decision gives states “time and flexibility to expand the existing legislation” to include “criminalizing boycotts and making them punishable by law”:

He remains in jail despite an Iranian appeals court that cleared him “of all charges and ordered his release on February 15”:

The onslaught continues …

… but the WEF, eager to condemn the killing of Ukrainians, has nothing to say about the massacre of the darker skinned Palestinians:

A girl is denied education because she wears three-quarter-length sleeves instead of short sleeves:

That IDF figures who “come from occupied West Bank settlement/colonies … would stand by when their neighbors attack Palestinians should not be a surprise”:

Author Mustafa Akyol wonders, “Will the Taliban really allow this book to be freely sold and read in Afghanistan?”

Those who shout “Jews will not replace us” are properly called antisemitic. What shall we call Jews who not only boast they will replace Palestinians, but literally displace them from part of their own homes?

Worship together the One Merciful God; acknowledge wisdom of the other; sit with the saints next door; recognize the dignity of all; resist stereotypes:

Is being “crowned champion of the Professional Football League” an act of terrorism?