Month: June 2006

  • Modest Beginning for a Global Student Movement

    The Minaret of Freedom Institute’s Program Assistant Sarah Swick has won second prize in an essay contest in which she imagines a Washington Post article four years from now describing the rise of a student movement for liberty in the Middle East. Here’s the link to the page with the winners of the essay contest. […]

  • Martyr or Murderer? [Guest blog by Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan]

    The question for Muslim observers around the world regarding the successful targeted killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is how should we view this individual (according to Qur’an and Sunnah) — as a revered martyr or a reviled murderer? In this brief commentary I will share my own humble view. Any informed and objective analysis of […]

  • Is Forcing Children to Engage in Religious Ritual Education or a Mockery?

    In the past there have been numerous false allegations of government schools forcing children to play-act at being Muslims under the cover of teaching world culture or religion. These allegations have usually been blatantly false. An amicus brief filed by the CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION and NATIONAL SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION suggests that the case of […]

  • Who is Ultimately Responsible?

    The recent news of three deaths in Guantanamo has once again drawn attention to the prison facility and its role in the ‘War on Terror.’ A number of articles published in several different newspapers explore from different angles the causes and effects of these deaths. Ultimately, they raise the questions: what caused the death of […]

  • Smart Bargaining: the New Approach to Iran and Somalia

    The United States has signaled a significant shift in its approach to relations with Muslim countries with which it has had hostile relations. After decades of shunning Iran, the government seems to have realized that the recent approach towards a potential Iranian nuclear weapons program has led nowhere positive. This has prompted the Bush administration […]

  • Bridging the Divide?

    The Role of the American Muslim Community in U.S. Relations with the Wider Islamic World Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad Minaret of Freedom Institute [published in the April 2006 issue of the Muslim Public Affairs Journal] What is the role that Muslims can and should play in America’s relations with the broader Muslim world? This is a question […]

  • Defending or imposing the Veil?

    In today’s Washington Post an article appears entitled “Saudi Women Rise in Defense of the Veil.” The article chronicles the opinions of several ‘conservative’ Saudi women who are upset with what they see as an erosion of traditional values. There are a couple positive signs in the article. First, it refutes the stereotype of Muslim […]

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