Month: September 2006

  • MFI News and Analysis Update (9/06/06)

    Peace accord between Pakistan and pro-Taliban forces worries Afghanistan’s government Pakistan Reaches Peace Accord With Pro-Taliban Militias (Washington Post) Danish court cautious in allowing long-term detention of terrorist suspects 2 of 5 Terror Suspects Jailed in Denmark (AP/Chicago Tribune) Shiites in Saudi Arabia hold public protest: Shiites Protest Their Treatment by Officials (LA Times) US…

  • News and Analysis (9/05/06)

    Former Iranian President urged American Muslims to rescue public opinion “from the grips of ignorance and blunder…through active participation in the social arena” Khatami: U.S. Policies Trigger Terrorism (AP/Washington Post) “To the government, they were a terrorist risk in the Washington area. To local Muslims, they were unfairly singled out for prosecution and severe sentences…

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