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News and Analysis (11/16/06)

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

A different perspective in news now in English:

To ensure the safety of Iraqi university students Maliki suggestion is to, “ban pictures, leaflets, placards or other politically inspired materials from campuses “because the universities shall remain outside partisan politics or sectarian affiliation.”

Qatari Emir tells EU Parliament, “Instead of rewarding the Palestinian people for practicing democracy, something rarely witnessed in our region, they have been punished for it.”

“Although Morocco has been praised in particular by the United States for its tough stance on terrorism it seems the human cost of that approach is mounting.”

News and Analysis (11/15/06)

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

It’s not nuclear disarmament, but at least they agree on something:

Malaki says Release of the hostages is not enough:

Palestinians circumvent the embargo:

But it still won’t recognize Israel:

Et tu, Tony Blair?

Now you can watch Mearsheimer and Walt debate Ross and Indyk from the comfort of your living room sofa:

News and Analysis (11/14/06)

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Annan on the West-Muslim divide: “”The problem is never the faith, it is the faithful and how they behave toward each other.”

Iraqi police stand by and watch over 100 men systematically kidnapped at Education Ministry:

Al-Arian refuses to testify in government ‘witch hunt’:

Protests ahead of Bush’s visit to Indonesia:

Mosque donates city garden to strengthen ties to the community and to showcase Muslim contribution to astronomy:

Bank to close Muslim charity’s accounts despite lack of charges:

News and Analysis (11/12/06)

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Former head of Gaza’s Islamic University gets the nod:

Palestinian Factions Agree Unity Premier (AFP)

A top investigative journalist and a former CIA analyst sort out the ironic appointment of Rumsfeld’s successor:

Defense Secretary Nominee Robert Gates Tied to Iran-Contra Scandal and the Secret Arming of Saddam Hussein

Resigning officials accuse the ruling majority of “monopolizing power:”

Lebanon’s Hariri Probe At Heart Of Hezbollah Walkout (AFP)

Are lyrics like “no more talk of war and of bombs to drop” really “a call to arms?”

Islamic Hip-Hop Artists Are Accused Of Indoctrinating Young Against The West (

Rice defends vote by asserting that the accusation that the Israeli killing of civilians constitutes a violation of international law is “unsubstantiated:”

U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution condemning Israel (Reuters)

Organization of Islamic Conference urges rebels to accept peace offer, but

Thai Muslim Rebels Ignore Olive Branch For Now (Reuters)

“Thousands of successes may add up to a single failure:”

Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete (Washington Post)

The more we procrastinate, the harder to extricate:

Panel May Have Few Good Options to Offer (Washington Post)

Many find inspiration for their blogs in Islam:

New Clicks in the Arab World (Washington Post)

News and Analysis (11/10/06)

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Haniyeh would rather be right than prime minister:

Violations of cease-fire continue:

Rumsfeld acknowledges that the extremists pose “stiff challenges”:

John Pilger asks, why stop at Saddam?

How it’s done:

Hamas resumes talks with Fatah

As we keep saying, it is a conflict WITHIN civilizations:

News and Analysis (11/09/06)

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

And the ‘hoopla’ continues: Kuwaiti parliament votes to cut ties with Denmark:

Thai PM reaches out to Muslim south to end conflict:

The ‘veil controversy’ in the Muslim World: “It’s covering her hair, not her brain. You’re barring her from education for this reason? That’s not empowerment.”

News and Analysis (11/8/06)

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

President says “fresh perspective” is needed at the Pentagon:

Immanuel Wallerstein says nothing will change despite the election; the silver lining being that “one can think of times when the rude shock of the kind that a defeat in Iraq would inflict could have the salutary effect of reviving the best in the American tradition”:

Meanwhile, far away from American troops in Iraq, a real step towards democratic reform:

Eight children and five women among the dead:

Pirates threatened with amputation:

Bombing seen as retaliation for attack on school:

Ahmadinijad calls for privatization with a social-justice twist: turn over state industry to the poor:

News and Analysis (11/07/06)

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

Time to get serious about Darfur and end emotional appeals that lead nowhere:

“We need to liberalize, we need to deregulate and we need to privatize in a big way,” says the Pakistani dictator

Terror breeds terror: In Gaza, after massacre, Palestinian says “If I was against the rockets, now I will encourage people to launch rockets from every spot, from everywhere because rockets are not a pretext for what is going on here. This is an act of terror.”

Tajik President re-elected in flawed vote and could potentially serve until 2020:

“Iraq’s Interior Ministry has charged 57 employees, including top level security force members, with human rights abuses”

Egypt arrests students running in student elections:

Female Palestinian victims of domestic violence hurt by poor justice system and Israeli restrictions on freedom of movement:

International Conference on Progressive Muslims

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Summary Report by Dr. Omar H. Altalib

I represented the Minaret of Freedom Institute at the International Conference on Progressive Muslims held on October 5-6, 2006 in Berlin, Germany, at the offices of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the sponsors of the conference. It was a follow-up to the Progressive Thinking in Contemporary Islam conference held 22-24 September 2005. Ten overseas participants and twenty local participants attended the conference.

Dr. Farish Noor from Malaysia spoke about the difficulty in defining ‘progressive Muslims’ and noted that the issue is fundamentally a political issue. He explained that there are oppressed people on earth and that the way to counter ‘fundamentalist islam’ and support progressive Islam was to get rid of oppression first. The continuation of oppression precludes any attempts at reform of the Muslim community.

Dr. Yudi Latif, rector of Paramadina University in Jakarta, Indonesia, spoke about the progressive Muslim movement in Indonesia. He noted that the late Dr. Nurcholish Madjid, trained under the late Fazlur Rahman at the University of Chicago, was a leader of the progressive Muslim movement and the founder of Paramadina University. Other progressive Muslims in Indonesia include Muis Naharong, Mulyadhi Kartanegara, Qodri Azizy, Azyumardi Azra, Jimly Assidiquie, and Habib Chirzin. Indonesia has a long tradition of progressive Islamic thinking and leads the Muslim world in efforts by progressive Muslims to counter Wahhabi Islam.

Dr. Mohammad Mestiri, head of the office of the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Paris, France, noted that we should not make Islam into a confessional faith. Dr. Yohannes Kandel noted the need to translate the language of salvation into progressive Islam. Dr. Jonas Otterbeck urged progressive Muslims to market themselves better. Dr. Christian Troll emphasized the fact that progressive Muslims need to produce a significant amount of literature that explains their ideas and plans. Cassandra Balkin asked why Muslim intellectuals have ceded the ground to identity politics. Dr. Ralph Ghadban pointed out the nefarious role played the Saudi Arabian government in promoting an anti-progressive agenda.

Dr. Farid Esack worried about the growth of anti-semitism among Muslims worldwide and the need to combat that trend if progressive Islam is to thrive. He proposed that the strength of progressive Islam lies in its emphasis on those at the margins of society, its exposure of religious discourse that appropriates silence and shame, its focus on promoting democracy, and its aversion to state-sponsored Islam. Dr. Omar Altalib noted that tyranny stands in the way of progressive Muslims and that the way to promote an anti-extremist agenda in the Muslim world involves the removal of dictatorships and the expansion of the free market (the free market of goods as well as the free market of ideas).

Overall the conference was an excellent opportunity for a select group of German intellectuals to become exposed to the latest thinking on progressive Islam by progressive Muslims.

News and Analysis (11/6/06)

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Hamas indicates it will name a prime minister selected to “lift the siege imposed on the Palestinians”.

Saddam’s conviction: “Have ever justice and hypocrisy been so obscenely joined?”

She preferred death to employing interrogation techniques…

… interrogation techniques the government prefers we not know:

GWU National Security Archive Director says FOI request reveals that Defense Dept. knew that Iraqi intervention “would have ended up with a failed state even with 400,000 troops on the ground…”

… so now we’re damned if we do …

… and damned if  we don’t:

Count of cases false accounting of soldier deaths now at seven:

ACLU is disturbed “that American citizens can be treated with impunity by American officials without a recognition that the constitution applies;”

David Frum denies being remorseful about Iraq and denies blaming Bush for the developments about which he is not remorseful: