Month: January 2007

  • Breach of Law, Breach of Security – NSA Wiretapping

    Note: This entry is the first in a Minaret of Freedom Institute mini-series called, ‘Breach of Law, Breach of Security’, highlighting the necessity of fighting terrorist networks through the use of the rule of law. Leaks about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) domestic wiretapping program – also known as signals intelligence operations, or “SIGINT”– first […]

  • News and Analysis (1/31/07)

    Ivan Eland sets the record straight as to the real motivations behind the 9/11 attackers: Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship (Independent Institute) Why following the rule of law is necessary: CIA agents, not Al-Qaeda agents may end up behind bars Warrants Issued for 13 CIA Operatives in Germany Kidnapping (Washington Post) King Midas’ touch – missing […]

  • News and Analysis (1/30/07)

    Reenacting the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Husayn: Bombs Kill Dozens of Ashura Pilgrims (Washington Post) It’s back to 1979: With Iran Ascendant, U.S. Is Seen at Fault (Washington Post) EU rejects US efforts to impose further economic and diplomatic isolation on Iran: Europe Resists U.S. Push to Curb Iran Ties (New York Times) […]

  • News and Analysis (1/29/07)

    US State Department report: Israel ‘likely’ violated Geneva conventions summer war against Hezbollah: US: Israel Likely Violated Cluster Bomb Agreement During Hezbollah War (Voice of America) Shiite Shrines become flashpoints for further sectarian-inspired violence: Samarra Mosque is Again a Catalyst (Los Angeles Times) Fighters for Shiite Messiah Clash with Najaf Security, 250 Dead Over 60 […]

  • News and Analysis (1/27-28/07)

    King Abdullah offers Palestinian factions an opportunity “to discuss their differences without any intervention from outside parties:” ·        Palestinian Rivals Welcome Saudi Talks To Halt Violence (AFP) “[S]ome of the worst clashes last week were between Christian groups:” ·        Lebanon Faces Prospect Of Civil War: While Beirut Was Quiet Sunday, the Threat of More Sectarian […]

  • News and Analysis (1/26/07)

    Mission not-yet accomplished; 11 billion more and a four-month tour of duty extension announced: ·        US Urges Aggressive NATO Action Against Taliban (AFP) The conditions imposed on Iraqi government seem to have been dropped: ·        Gates Working to Accelerate Deployment (Washington Post) Gates says, “We are not going to simply stand by and let people […]

  • News and Analysis (1/25/07)

    Cheney strongly defends the “successes” in Iraq: Defending Iraq War, Defiant Cheney Cites ‘Enormous Successes’ (Washington Post) U.S and Iran: Poll comparison reveals interesting results: Americans, Iranians Agree on Some Issues (Washington Post) Call for calm as violence erupted among students in Beirut: Curfew Follows Fatal Beirut Clashes (Al Jazeera) Positive steps towards peace as […]

  • News and Analysis (1/24/07)

    Bush’s State of the Union speech, the Democratic Party’s response and analyses: Bush: State of Union is Strong (CNN) Transcript: Webb Says Bush Took U.S. to War ‘Recklessly’ (CNN) Bush Seeks Compromise, Except on Iraq Strategy (Los Angeles Times) Media Dismisses Bush’s Plea for Iraq (US News and World Report) Iraqi Politicians: Bush Ideas Not […]

  • News and Analysis (1/23/07)

    Plans to build holocaust museum on top of Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem could inflame passions: Museum of Intolerance? (Los Angeles Times) Lack of unity and political unease from non-Arab/non-Muslims bar Arab-Americans from gaining political office in Dearborn: In Arab Capital of U.S., Ethnic Divide Remains (New York Times) Somali government shows resistance to being inclusive […]

  • News and Analysis (1/22/07)

    “We have to know the real Sharia; we have to be able to point to passages in the holy Koran and say, ‘Here, read this…. In Islamic history, men have been the boss. They want to be the boss forever…but that is not Islam; that is cultural tradition.”–Rahala Salim Afghan Women’s Quiet Revolution Hangs by […]

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