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News and Analysis (5/9/07)

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Secularists’ real fears of a growing public manifestation of Islam in Turkey are at the local level, not the national level:

Young democracy activists from American and Egypt agree on little from the public role of Islam to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict:

Iran shoots itself in the foot, indefinitely detaining Iranian-American academic who brought in other experts favoring diplomacy over military muscle:

While the US apologizes to families of 69 Afghans killed or wounded in March incident, 21 other Afghan civilians die in air strike from American-led NATO forces:

Living in the midst of a lack of security and foreign military occupation from Ethiopian troops, Somalis are further angered by government soldiers confiscating and burning face veils worn by women:

News and Analysis (5/8/07)

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Although Muslim women suffer under sexist and culturally skewed interpretations of Islam, nascent Muslim civil society institutions are stepping in to address and prevent domestic violence: 

Suddenly evicted from his home in Anbar province, a shaykh periodically visits his home and patiently waits for the American and Iraqi soldiers to eventually leave his private property: 

Minority Sunni Arab activists flee Iran for Syria, but find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place 

Meeting between EU and Gulf leaders commence, free trade and regional security are the main discussion topics: 

Iraq news compilation by Middle East expert Juan Cole includes Sunni threats to pull out of the government, rampant sectarianism dominating the minds of tribal leaders of Anbar in spite of its so-called stabilization, and what are the real issues behind the Iraqi oil bill: 

Selfless act by Muslim student at Virginia Tech gave his life to save others’: 

News and Analysis (5/7/07)

Monday, May 7th, 2007

While Fareed Zakaria quotes Abdullah Gul asking if his party’s harmonization of Turkish law with European standards of human rights is the “sharia” feared by the Turkish secularists …

… Daniel Hummel compares tensions between Secularism and Islam in Turkey with those in Indonesia:

One of the few civic institutions functioning and holding the nation accountable, Afghani media faces severe threats from authoritarian measures of the government and violence from tribal extremists:

Pakistan’s Supreme Court suspends politically motivated probe into outspoken former Chief Justice:

France’s newly elected Prime Minister has French Muslim groups worried, calling for “reassurance” and policies that “serve the interests of the whole of French society”:

Security experts argue why the security and privacy flaws of a national identification card and other post 9/11 big brother measures need to be debated:

News and Analysis 5/06/07

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Ruling Islamic-oriented AK party withdraws its candidate for Presidency after Turkish Parliament failed to reach a quorum:

New York Times editorial criticizes Bush administration’s lack of support for Democracy in Egypt:

Using an article blaming Islamic values on blocking development as its excuse, a putatively secular nation whose president is on the Reporters Without Borders watchlist of “predators of press freedom” increases the number of journalist critics of the regime in prison to five:

Strong support shown for Pakistan’s former Chief Justice, seen as test of strength for opposition and Musharraf:

Human rights groups detail torture methods used by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian detainees:

News and Analysis (5/4/07)

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Grassroots engagement and successful economic policies that helped significantly lift Turkey’s economic welfare make the Islamic-oriented ruling party popular among many Turks:

At Iraq conference in Sharm El-Shaikh Rice discusses bilateral issues with Syrian, counterpart, Iran’s Foreign Minister issues a strongly worded statement denouncing American-led occupation of Iraq:

Sectarian warfare and government heavy-handedness earn Iraq a spot on the religious freedom violators “Watch List”:

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and Pope Benedict XVI and discuss how dialogue “very deep” wounds can be healed between Christians and Muslims:

US pushes Kenyan government to pass big-brother legislation giving security minister powers to declare an individual or organization a terrorist:

News and Analysis (05/03/07)

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

After flawed elections, is there still hope for Nigeria?

Breaking the ice: the US and Syrian top officials finally meet to talk about Iraq:

Protests in Pakistan as Chief Justice has his day in court to hear the charges against him:

Early elections announced in Turkey, as well as potential reforms allowing the public to directly elect the president:

Government incompetence potentially loses radioactive material, so it places ad in its search for lost items:

News and Analysis (5/2/07)

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Turkish Constitutional Court strikes down Islamic-oriented party’s presidential bid, described by some constitutional law experts as “unfortunate” and denounced by Prime Minister Erdogan as a “bullet fired at democracy”:

“Instead of improving ourselves, we are returning back to the Stone Age.”–Um Mohammad, Baghdad resident

“We can no longer accept civilian casualties. It is becoming a heavy burden…”–President Hamid Karzai

New York Times editorial slams Bush administration’s withdrawal of its voluntary–not legally mandated– decision to get a court warrant before electronically spying on Americans:

Homeland Security Secretary Mike Chertoff advocates for an immoral and ineffective race-based approach to preventing UK-based terrorists from infiltrating America:

News and Analysis (5/1/07)

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Amid reports of the alleged death of Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub Al-Masri, US National Counterterrorism Center releases annual report showing a 91% increase in terrorist attacks inside Iraq:

While the legal standoff over the Turkish Presidential goes directly to the courts, a CSM editorial argues that secularist should be pushing for greater checks and balances in government and electoral reforms, not banning public religious practice and the Washington Post argues that “the principal threat to democracy in Turkey comes not from the AK party but from its opponents”:

Issues of religious freedom and profiling, competing with the need for security are at the heart of discrimination case brought by Imams to US Federal court: