Month: January 2008

  • A Security Analysis of Bush’s State of Union Address

    On January 29, President Bush delivered his eighth and final State of the Union Address before Congress. Various news reports locked on the President’s emphasis on economic policy and the war in Iraq. A Washington Post analysis saw the President’s speech as cementing his legacy as President by “consolidating past achievements and focusing strategically on […]

  • News and Analysis (1/31/08)

    As various think-tanks and NGOs report Afghanistan is becoming destabilized by a resurgent Taliban and looming humanitarian crisis, Canada threatens to withdraw from the NATO coalition unless other countries contribute more battlefield troops: Afghan Reports Offer Bleak Assessments (BBC News) Canada PM Issues Afghan Ultimatum (BBC News) Hamas flexes its political muscles after breaching the […]

  • Ignored by Israel, American Policies Alienate Egypt and Strengthen Hamas

    Yesterday, at the Carnegie Institute of International Peace, I attended a program sponsored by the American Task Force on Palestine and the Foundation for Middle East Peace on the crisis in Gaza. The speakers were Geoffrey Aronson (Director of Research and Publications of the Middle East Forum) and Mark Perry (Director of the Conflicts Forum). […]

  • News and Analysis (1/30/08)

    AG Mukasey comes clean on his waterboarding views, suggesting it “could be used against terrorism suspects once again if requested by the White House”: Mukasey Offers View on Waterboarding (New York Times) In order to stave off expiration of the warrantless wiretapping powers and come to a compromise, Congress passes a 15-day extension: Congress Passes […]

  • News and Analysis (1/29/08)

    Human Rights lawyer Joanne Mariner argues that anti-terrorism laws have led to global trend in restrictions on free speech: Terrorism and Speech (Findlaw) Senators vote down Bush’s plans to make warrantless wiretapping permanent, but seek to give the law a 30-day extension for further debate: Democrats Standing Up to Bush on Warrantless Wiretapping Bill (Raw […]

  • News and Analysis (1/28/08)

    Limits on free expression in secular Turkey demonstrated by 15-month (suspended) jail sentence imposed on liberal Turkish academic Attila Yayla for allegedly “insulting Turkishness”: Academic Sentenced Over Ataturk (BBC News) Iranian officials claim that Cairo and Tehran are close to restoring full diplomatic ties with each other: Iran and Egypt ‘To Restore Ties’ (BBC News) […]

  • News and Analysis (1/26-27/08)

    Bush threatens to veto a wiretap bill denying immunity to telecoms: Veto of Wiretap Measure Is Threatened (Washington Post) Former CIA agent and columnist Phil Giraldi discusses his insider information on VP Cheney’s reassertion over foreign policy and intelligence processes: The Return of Dick Cheney (Huffington Post) FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds claims senior State […]

  • News and Analysis (1/25/08)

    Bush asks Iraq to surrender its fig leaf sovereignty by giving the US wider discretion on military operations and legal immunity to American contractors: U.S. Asking Iraq for Wide Rights on War (New York Times) Turkey’s Islamic-oriented movement acts as the country’s liberalizing vanguard by seeking to ease restrictions on free speech and religious liberty: […]

  • News and Analysis (1/24/08)

    The Padilla trial’s lesson is that the government has omnipotent power as long as it’s the military violating Americans’ Constitutional rights: The Ominous Message in Padilla (Future of Freedom Foundation) Appeals court orders resentencing of convicted “paintball 11” member finding his non-violent crimes did not justify a “terrorism enhancement”: Appeals Court Tosses Va. Terror Sentence […]

  • News and Analysis (1/23/08)

    After being stonewalled by FBI, Justice Department and Congressional officials into her allegations of national security breaches by Turkish and Israeli agents, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds tells her story: Found in Translation (American Conservative Magazine) Study by two journalism organizations count 935 false statements on Iraq in the lead up to the war, with “at […]

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