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News and Analysis (6/30/08)

Monday, June 30th, 2008

U.S. claims of concern for Iraqi sovereignty are overshadowed by the perpetual need to prop up Iraqi forces…

…and government involvement in oil field development contracts…

…meanwhile cushy oil revenues in Iran have made elected officials comfortable with overspending despite rising inflation rates:

Morocco’s journalists follow the scuffle between major Arabic news media and the government it is critical of:

Stopping short of setting the price of bread itself, the Lebanese economic ministry promises flour subsidies, even though rising commodity prices is a global issue:

With political changes in Islamabad affecting US-Pakistani relations, American officials squabble over approving special operations forces to target terrorists:

A massive aerial exercise simulating an attack on Iran illustrates Israel’s intention to preserve its nuclear monopoly in the Middle East:

A French company and a local NGO team up to provide training for teachers to motivate students still recovering from historic tsunami:

News and Analysis (6/28-29/08)

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Despite the emphasis on negotiations in its new counterterrorism strategy, Pakistan launches its first offensive since the new government took  power two months ago:

Anwar Ibrahim flees to the Turkish embassy as the Malaysian state resuscitates the politically motivated accusations used to justify the opposition leader’s previous detention and torture:

Jakarta Post editorial argues Indonesian surveys on so-called shari’a reveal complexities of the issue:

Former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi makes the legal arguments for impeachment in his book “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”:

India’s traditional Sufi-influenced Islamic traditions come under attack as a consequence of  injustice by the Indian state and the growth Wahhabism:

Despite the rising voices of civil society and local religious leaders, poverty and tribal custom perpetuate the practice of child marriage:

News and Analysis (6/27/08)

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Despite a spotless work record, Department of Energy revokes a Muslim American’s clearance, using the pretext of “national security”, for his antiwar views:

Continuing its campaign of political persecution, DoJ officials slap Sami al-Arian with criminal contempt charges despite already completing one other post-plea bargain sentence:

Saudi Sunnis make an unprecedented gesture of solidarity with the Shiite minority at Jum’a prayers:

With the blessing of the state, Iranian civil society organizations attempt to openly tackle the country’s massive opium addiction problem: Law enforcement officials seek to prosecute four for alleged involvement in the JFK terror plot despite no allegations of “explosives, money or an executable plan”: Broad coalition of at least 200 “national security advisers, retired military leaders, counterterrorism experts, and religious leaders” release statement denouncing torture: Despite massive crackdowns against alleged Al-Qaeda operatives, arbitrary arrests and state-sanctioned interpretation of Wahhabism keep the criminal organization robust: Despite its opposition to Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, Hamas seeks to stay faithful to its ceasefire by reining in other militant groups in Gaza:

News and Analysis (6/26/08)

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

In a major political breakthrough, Bush seeks to end North Korea’s pariah status despite allegations that the country helped in the creation of a secret Syrian nuclear reactor. However, ongoing saber rattling with Iran could prompt Tehran to take “drastic steps”:

Supreme Court upholds Second Amendment’s individual right to bear arms:

Spy bill eviscerating the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law bypasses a Congressional procedural vote, while a New York federal judge says the NSA doesn’t have to disclose whether it violates attorney-client privilege:

Militants lash out at government institutions and Sunni tribal “awakening” militias, killing at least 30:

In Lebanon’s second largest city, Shi’a/Sunni tensions are stoked by rumors of foreign intervention on both sides:

Radio Free Europe analyst Dan Kimmage argues that Al-Qaeda’s appeal can be fought by supporting greater Internet freedom in Muslim-majority countries:

News and Analysis (6/25/08)

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Concerned about an American electoral regime change, Israel urges Washington to strike Iran now, while the U.S. continues to keep Syria in pariah status, despite its recent efforts to break out of international isolation:

U.S. military leadership’s answer to more sophisticated attacks is to propose an increase in troops rather than a change in policy:

Seeking to be hip and holy, glossy publications cater to a new generation of the faithful while providing non-Muslims a glimpse of Muslim-Americans’ lives:

Musharraf-appointed court’s decision on election disputes could strain the opposition’s alliance:

Underemployed Iraqi professionals sacrifice economic security for personal security following sensitive contract work with U.S. authorities abroad:

Insecurity and inaccessibility of Somalia hides horrible conditions following drought and civil war:

Activists hoping to challenge Indonesian government’s fuel price hike policy were met by police water cannons:

News and Analysis (6/24/08)

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Ruling that Uighur Muslim is not an enemy combatant could force reassessments of other detainees:

National security courts in Tunisia and Sudan come under fire for unfair trials:

Terrorists effectively use the Internet to propagandize and address concerns from followers:

One major party candidate’s campaign adviser, at times registered as a foreign agent, recognizes his political blunder…

… while Muslims try to parse a “very tightly wrapped message” from the other major party candidate:

While the U.S. leans on a dysfunctional government, Pakistani military and intelligence forces increasingly pursue their own policies:

North and South agree to send their argument over an oil-rich border region to The Hague for a resolution:

News and Analysis (6/23/08)

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Nearly 100,000 Iraqis have charges dropped and/or are freed from jail under new sweeping amnesty law meant to promote reconciliation:

Government-forced Arabization programs after years of French colonization leads to religious and social schizophrenia among Algeria’s youth:

Competition offers better programming and reporting than American state-funded broadcasting:

Consumer taste and security costs account for decline in coverage of the Iraq occupation:

Politics escalate religious tensions between China’s minorities:

Despite new unity government, politico-sectarian clashes continue in Lebanon:

Indonesian faith-based civil society steps up its youth programs to counter increase in religious violence:

News and Analysis (6/21-22/08)

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Denunciations by former militants and mainstream Islamists have Al-Qaeda on the defensive:

Writer Becky Akers decries the invasiveness of new scanning technology that subjects people to a virtual strip search and does nothing to add to security:

Non-coercive interrogation nets a treasure trove information from alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

300 political prisoners forgo food to protest being “parts of mass trials and [getting] long sentences, even though there had been no evidence”

Opposition-led parliament seeks to reduce prisoners’ sentences from death to life in jail and reduce others’ terms by 3 months…

…while residents in Swat anxiously await whether or not a peace deal can be struck and what it means for them:

Despite the likely court closure of the AK party, the expected ruling exposes the crumbling secular elite:

News and Analysis (6/20/08)

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Congress acts again as an enabler for Bush’s imperial foreign policies…

…meanwhile, it also receives scorn from civil libertarians for capitulating on an invasive bill with telecom lobbyists’ fingerprints all over it:

Israel continues its saber rattling with Tehran, completing a major simulation of a strike against Iran:

Indonesia’s local governments increasingly prefer taking their own tack on issues of development, rather than obeying the central government:

120,000 Bahraini Shi’a peacefully hit the streets to voice indignation at a Sunni MP’s inflammatory remarks toward one of the island’s top clerics:

News and Analysis (6/19/08)

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Transparency International finds massive arrest campaign of Bangladesh’s military government increases graft:

Sunni Muslim religious board and political bloc condemn the recent Baghdad bombing while Mideast expert Juan Cole finds US evidence for blaming rogue Shi’a militias for the blast is scant:

Investigative journalist Mark Benjamin provides a timeline for the Bush administration’s early and deliberate sanctioning of torture:

Kuwait’s new hardline Islamist-tribal alliance seeks to refashion society in a much more conservative mold:

Muslim scholars and civil society activists slam mainstream religious and political bodies over its inaction to deal with violent vociferousness of extremist groups:

Uganda’s president makes passionate appeal to the OIC to end the conflict in Sudan and reminds them of his country’s support for Palestine: