Month: July 2008

  • News and Analysis (7/31/08)

    Islamic organization complies with requests for publicly-available evidence in a monumental lawsuit over the national surveillance program’s legality: Muslim Ex-Charity Has Evidence It Was Spied On (San Francisco Chronicle) Politically-charged AKP trail ends in financial sanctions rather than disbandment of the ruling party, avoiding what could have been a political and economic crisis in Turkey: […]

  • News and Analysis (7/30/08)

    Greater focus on military operations than reconstruction in Iraq creates a poor job market outside of the government and police force: Iraqis More Secure, But Few Are Finding Jobs (Christian Science Monitor) Sons of Iraq Made Iraq Safer. What’s Their Mission Now? (Christian Science Monitor) Turkish military uses Istanbul explosions as an excuse to strike […]

  • News and Analysis (7/29/08)

    Following a weekend of terrorist bombings which India accused Pakistan of involvement, skirmishing at the Kashmiri Line of Control brings about urgent talks: Kashmir Rivals to Discuss Firing (BBC News) Columnist Eugene Robinson denounces White House memos calling for a sort of “middle ground on torture” as a “hideous affront to this nation’s honor and […]

  • News and Analysis (7/28/08)

    Reversing original statement claiming small-arms fire, the U.S. military admits soldiers panicked and fired upon a car speeding to work in secure zone: U.S. Concedes Victims Were Law Abiding, Not Insurgents (McClatchy) Sunni attacks in Iraq continue to demonstrate upheaval over the Shiite prominence and Kurdish claims to Kirkuk: Suicide Attacks Kill 57 in Baghdad, […]

  • Averroes Would Be Appalled

    [Charles Butterworth, a member of the Minaret of Freedom Institute Board of Advisors,  submitted the following letter to the Washington Post, which it did not publish. We present it here as a guest blog.] July 5, 2008 Letters to the Editor The Washington Post 1150 15th St. NW Washington, D.C. 20071 To the Editor, […]

  • News and Analysis (7/26-27/08)

    At the Hamdan trial, they just pretend the CIA doesn’t exist: The Agency Name that Dare Not be Spoken (LA Times) Without evidence, India accuses Pakistan with complicity in bombings … India on Alert After Two Days of Bombings Kill 46 (Reuters) … while protests over land theft underscore that Kashmiris seek independence from India, […]

  • News and Analysis (7/25/08)

    Guantanamo detainee who provided information is now charged by the US in a court that does not recognize the right against self-incrimination: Hamdan Case is Built on His Own Words (Los Angeles Times) As sectarian strife continues, new unity government in Lebanon tackles the issue of militia weapons: Fresh Clashes Shake Lebanese City (BBC News) […]

  • News and Analysis (7/24/08)

    Britain would like the current Hamas-Israel ceasefire to inspire major world powers to engage in dialogue with the militant group: UK MPs Call for Talks with Hamas (BBC News) China’s has exaggerated Olympics terror threat to justify harsh control in Muslim Uighur territory: China Says Breaks Up International Terrorist Cell (New York Times) Muslim Brotherhood […]

  • News and Analysis (7/23/08)

    Sectarian disputes over the oil-rich Kirkuk province paralyze the Iraqi electoral process… Talabani Denounces Election Law (BBC News) … meanwhile the US ignores the underlying political and socio-economic problems, using military gains as a standard for success in the country: U.S. Military Says Iraq Troop “Surge” Has Ended (Reuters) Faced with the real-world situation in […]

  • News and Analysis (7/22/08)

    Regardless of the next American administration, Arabs do not expect a change in US Middle East policy: Mideast Sees More of the Same if Obama Is Elected (New York Times) Recent ceasefire provides a window of opportunity to address Gaza’s deteriorating waste infrastructure: Israel-Hamas Standoff Deepens Water Woes (Christian Science Monitor) Residents fear Fallujah leaders […]

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