Month: August 2008

  • News and Analysis (8/30-31/08)

    U.S. and Afghanistan will jointly investigate the persisting disagreement over the number of civilian deaths from the coalition strike: Joint Inquiry Sought Into U.S.-Led Strike In Afghan Town (Washington Post) An ominous sign as the sides are deadlocked over key issues: Agreement on U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq Said to Be in Peril as Maliki Ousts […]

  • News and Analysis (8/29/08)

    In the face of a resurgent liberal Islamic opposition, the Malaysian government resorts to what is believed to be the first act of censorship “against a non-pornographic website:” Malaysia Ban on Anti-government Website Draws Outcry (Reuters) Arrested by Israel on his return, the only Jewish member of the expedition, says things are the opposite of […]

  • News and Analysis (8/28/08)

    An Iraqi official says that the U.S. handing control of what was once the heart of the bloody Sunni Arab insurgency to the Iraqi government reflects a dramatic drop in violence across the country … U.S. Troops to hand back Iraq’s Anbar Province  (Reuters) … but the redeployment of only 1,500 troops raises concerns that […]

  • News and Analysis (8/27/08)

    Back in his old seat, the embattled advocate of liberal reform predicts a no-confidence vote as soon as next month, and the Islamist Party has signaled their support: Anwar to Take oath as Malaysian MP (Al-Jazeera) Malaysia’s Islamists Endorse Anwar in Bid for Power (Washington Post) “If I’d known this would be the result of […]

  • News and Analysis (8/26/08)

    With the U.N. professing possession of “convincing evidence” over 90 civilians, mostly children, were killed in recent coalition strikes, Karzai demands a halt … U.N. Says Has Evidence Air Strikes Killed 90 Afghans (Reuters) Afghanistan Demands End to Nato Air Strikes on Villagers (Guardian Unlimited) … while a similar controversy storms around Sudanese attacks on […]

  • News and Analysis (8/25/08)

    Al-Malaki tells his people that the U.S. has agreed to a “fixed date,” but State says the agreement is to a “draft text,” not a “final deal” … Iraq Seeking 2011 Troop Pullout (BBC) … meanwhile, the leader of a U.S. allied militia-leader and his recently released son are assassinated: Suicide Blast Kills 25 At […]

  • News and Analysis (8/23-24/08)

    As the S.S. Liberty and SS. Free Gaza successfully defy the Israeli blockade of Gaza, Israelis raids an Islamic charity established to defend Jeruslaem’s Old City mosque from nearby construction on accusations that they support Hamas: Protest Boats Reach Gaza Strip (LA Times) Israel Police Raid Islamic Movement (Al-Jazeera) Under pressure from the Afghan President […]

  • News and Analysis (8/22/08)

    With an Orwellian vocabulary, the Israeli foreign minister warns that pursuing peace is the path to war … From Israel, a Call for Patience:Rushing Peace Process Invites Violence, Foreign Minister Says (Washington Post) … while a drought highlights how Israeli delays and denials of permits choke off Palestinians from their own water while illegal settlers […]

  • News and Analysis (8/21/08)

    Press conference boasts agreement on “aspirational time tables” but U.S. troop immunity, Iraqi election law, and an actual timetable remain in contention … Deal on US Troops in Iraq ‘Close’ (BBC) … as the U.S. releases a journalist held, for the third time, three weeks without charge: U.S. Military Frees Reuters Cameraman in Iraq (Reuters) […]

  • News and Analysis (8/20/08)

    While the U.S. presses European allies to increase their commitments to the fight in Afghanistan, the Taliban execute a “surge” of their own; Sarkozy says the French will not be deterred: Taliban Escalate Fighting With Assault on U.S. Base (NY Times) For a pilot, the charge of “flying while Muslim” can be a career-killer: PA […]

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