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News and Analysis (8/30-31/08)

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

U.S. and Afghanistan will jointly investigate the persisting disagreement over the number of civilian deaths from the coalition strike:

An ominous sign as the sides are deadlocked over key issues:

Seemingly oblivious to the irony, Hamas threatens doctors protesting “the politically motivated firing of at least 50 doctors and administrators,” asserting, “No one … will be allowed to sabotage the [health] security of Gaza’s citizens:”

After recent strike, Pakistan vows to stop offensives during Ramadan and Taliban vows that they won’t:

In Ramadan gesture, Egypt open access to the Gaza strip, while Israel, despite pressure from Rice, still prevents over 90% of Fulbright scholars from leaving Gaza:

An American reporter in Egypt takes takes a superficial look at the intersection of religion and science regarding the beginning of Ramadan:

Rumors over responsibility for militants’ death bodes greater regional instability:

News and Analysis (8/29/08)

Friday, August 29th, 2008

In the face of a resurgent liberal Islamic opposition, the Malaysian government resorts to what is believed to be the first act of censorship “against a non-pornographic website:”

Arrested by Israel on his return, the only Jewish member of the expedition, says things are the opposite of the Israeli perception that all Gazans hate Israelis, but in reality, “there is a basis for peacemaking here:”

The Pentagon denies the U.N. report on the size of the recent “collateral damage” …

… while the first civilian jury to judge an ex-serviceman charged with a combat crime cites “lack of evidence” in explaining its acquittal:

Despite lingering security concerns, the economic resurgence of southern Iraq is encouraging:

The first major oil deal in Iraq goes not to the West, but to China, as the U.S. arrests a close associate of leading Iraqi War advocate Ahmed Chalabi:

Political motives suspected in Yemeni anti-terror measures:

News and Analysis (8/28/08)

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

An Iraqi official says that the U.S. handing control of what was once the heart of the bloody Sunni Arab insurgency to the Iraqi government reflects a dramatic drop in violence across the country …

… but the redeployment of only 1,500 troops raises concerns that Taliban offensives in Afghanistan are over-extending US forces.

As lawyers demand reinstatement of chief justice, insurgents and police targeted in attacks.:

Crowds of people have welcomed home the passengers and crew who were hijacked on a plane diverted to Libya:

India struggles with bad press in the face of the death of Imran Ahmad Wani, and now of two hostages …

… as they continue to use violence to suppress an increasingly non-violent demand for independence:

An armed group in Somalia has released the local UN refugee agency chief who was seized in June near Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, the refugee agency said.

News and Analysis (8/27/08)

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Back in his old seat, the embattled advocate of liberal reform predicts a no-confidence vote as soon as next month, and the Islamist Party has signaled their support:

“If I’d known this would be the result of breaking the law I would never have done it:”

SLM denies connection to perpetrators of “irresponsible terrorist act” …

… while police in Kashmr accuse militants of holding six hostage:

Taliban loss in Pakistan, gain in Afghanistan:

BBC is accused of regurgitating propaganda:

News and Analysis (8/26/08)

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

With the U.N. professing possession of “convincing evidence” over 90 civilians, mostly children, were killed in recent coalition strikes, Karzai demands a halt …

… while a similar controversy storms around Sudanese attacks on a refugee camp:

To the Palestinians the reported doubling of illegal settlements is the tip of an iceberg of grievences, but to the Israeli foreign minister they are just “noise:”

In a stunning twist to the controversial case of Aafia Siddiqui, the U.S. now claims the 11-yr. old boy detained during her arrest is the neuroscientist’s son and a U.S. citizen:

Despite charges pending against the PM candidate, Anwar’s party predicts a landlslide victory:

They might have tried Rushdie’s own technique and called the book a “historical fiction,” but instead the publishers plan to publish the book with the 11 lies deleted:

As new violence in Diyala province where the Kurdish peshmerga withdrew perpetuates questions as to the national government’s ability to establish security, Maliki insists America respect Iraq’s national sovereignty:

News and Analysis (8/25/08)

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Al-Malaki tells his people that the U.S. has agreed to a “fixed date,” but State says the agreement is to a “draft text,” not a “final deal” …

… meanwhile, the leader of a U.S. allied militia-leader and his recently released son are assassinated:

In a bid to bolster Fatah over its Hamas rival, Israel releases 196 political prisoners and 2 militants, but 11,000 more Palestinians remain in detention:

As Kashmiri separatists effectively use “peaceful but massive demonstrations for freedom,” their leader is arrested after predicting failure for India’s repressive reponse:

“U.S. counter-terrorism efforts have alienated many Somalis, and a leader of the hard-line Islamic group Shabab says it is ready to unite with Bin Laden’s organization:”

The PPP fears the return of judges dismissed by Musharraf “would leave Mr. Zardari open to prosecution on long-standing corruption charges:”

Attempts to encourage native human resource development by mans of quotas (instead of cutting their people off of their oil revenue dependence) are failing:

News and Analysis (8/23-24/08)

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

As the S.S. Liberty and SS. Free Gaza successfully defy the Israeli blockade of Gaza, Israelis raids an Islamic charity established to defend Jeruslaem’s Old City mosque from nearby construction on accusations that they support Hamas:

Under pressure from the Afghan President they installed, the U.S. will investigate charges that there were 60 children, 19 women, and no evidence of any Taliban among the dead:

A Bahraini woman refutes the conventional wisdom that modest dress is incompatible with gold medal athletic performance:

A Freemarket and civil society advocate may be on the next prime minister:

The failed attempt to fihgt terrorism through laws that undermine financial freedom and privacy demonstrates “a complete disconnect” from “the underlying reality of how terrorism is funded:”

Russians are unsurprised by Chechnyan rebel attacks after their military incursion into neighboring Georgia:

Even where sectarian killings are down, distrust of neighbors and guards over hostility bred by the invasion and occupation prevent the displaced from going home:

News and Analysis (8/22/08)

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

With an Orwellian vocabulary, the Israeli foreign minister warns that pursuing peace is the path to war …

… while a drought highlights how Israeli delays and denials of permits choke off Palestinians from their own water while illegal settlers have easy access:

The presidential election is set for Sept. 6, but Sharif accuses his senior partner in the shaky ruling coalition “of failing to respect an agreement to bring back the justices within 24 hours of Musharraf’s resignation:”

Armed Islamists “have taken control of Kismayu and the situation is now calm:”–local resident:

For the Sudanese, the ethno-racial labels used to “explain” the Darfur violence are fuzzy at best and malicious at worst:

A land dispute has “snowballed into full-scale anti-India protests this month, boosting separatists who want India’s only Muslim-majority region to secede:”

An alleged student break-in to the house of resident neighbor escalates into an eviction of the evangelical school from its campus of 20 years:

Islamic law prohibits consummation of marriage before pubescence and requires the consent of both parties to a marriage, nonetheless:

News and Analysis (8/21/08)

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Press conference boasts agreement on “aspirational time tables” but U.S. troop immunity, Iraqi election law, and an actual timetable remain in contention …

… as the U.S. releases a journalist held, for the third time, three weeks without charge:

Militant boasts of infiltrators in security forces and intelligence agencies are given credence by Taliban attack on munitions plant against the backdrop of an unraveling governing coalition:

U.S. claims killing 30 insurgents, but 21 civilian deaths exacerbate the “rift between Afghanistan and its Western backers: ”

“Judges order handover of secret information that could support claims of UK resident held in Guantánamo Bay that he was tortured:”

Under Christian pressure, the government reneges on its agreement and the Muslims refuse to renegotiate:

Sayf al Islam Gaddafi, whose past political interventions have been credited with reforming Libya’s reputation, says its time for Libya’s emerging civil society to finish the job:

News and Analysis (8/20/08)

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

While the U.S. presses European allies to increase their commitments to the fight in Afghanistan, the Taliban execute a “surge” of their own; Sarkozy says the French will not be deterred:

For a pilot, the charge of “flying while Muslim” can be a career-killer:

The 120 Saudis released from Guantanamo have been ben greeted by a committee of clerics, psychologists, social scientists, and and security people who use “a mix of forgiveness, reeducation, counseling, prison time, and cash” to disabuse them of “‘deviant’ or ‘misguided’ beliefs:”

“No Arab country has had an ambassador permanently stationed in Baghdad since Egypt’s envoy was kidnapped and killed in 2005, although several have named ambassadors this year who have yet to arrive:”

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front warns that the government’s threat of “an all-out offensive in the country’s south” would be “the most serious blunder that this sitting regime could commit:”

As violence continues in Algeria, still no one claims responsibility, though outsiders are suspected: