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News and Analysis (8/19/08)

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

In Pakistan, the process of nominating the new president is paralyzed due to the complication and disagreement on the issue of the judiciary among parties …

“Saudi family members are allowed to speak annually to those detained as ‘enemy combatants’ by the US:”

Its the laregst attack since the 1990s, but not even al-Qaeda (which claimed responsibility for ither recent attacks) hasn’t claimed it:

In Afghanistan, Western and Afghan officials report an increase in the number of foreign fighters in the Taliban’s fight …

… while government intimidation and harassment of Afghan increases:

Nabil Hussein takes the words out of our mouth in his comment on John McCain’s hypocritical assertion that “In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations:”

News and Analysis (8/18/08)

Monday, August 18th, 2008

We won’t have Pervez Musharraf to kick around anymore:

Although Saudi women can’t compete in the Olympics because of Wahabi objections to the athletic clothing standards, one Saudi woman parlays her equestrian talents into a positrion on the Saudi Olympic Committee:

Asra Nomani, though saddened by the canceled publication of The Jewel of Medina, is encouraged in the civilized tone of the debate and in the fact that Muslims are taking care to separate their critique of distortions from a desire for censorship:

The U.S. claims Iran’s dummy satellite launch was a failure, but …

Contractors in Iraq cost about the same as troops would, but critics “say the real problem is flexibility and command-and-control over private workers” like the allegations that Blackwater guards illegally “opened fire in a busy Baghdad intersection last September:”

Taliban takes boasts of violence that kills 9 Afghan civilians while asserting that the country is occupied by “cruel crusaders:”

News and Analysis (8/16-17/08)

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Sauce for the American gander in far-away Iraq is not for the Russian goose on its border:

As the trial of accused murderers of Americans begin in Sudan …

.. the Americans accused of murdering Iraqis get notice of the approach of their trial:

A Muslim nation joins the space race:

Egyptian women turn to veiling as protection, but it doesn’t seem to help, and Britain claims “more female British tourists were harassed and assaulted, even raped, while in Egypt than in any other country: ”

Hamas accuses Israel of planning to release Abbas loyalists in order to fuel intra-Palestinian quarreling:

Despite sweeping claims of a successful surge, the transfer of Anbar to Iraqi authorities indefinitely postponed last July still is not in site …

… and in Afghanistan, where NATO troops have killed four more civilians, Independence Day will be held in secret due to security concerns:

The army says it will not take sides as Musharraf is given two days to resign before impeachment begins:

News and Analysis (8/15/08)

Friday, August 15th, 2008

As Musharraf seeks a face-saving exit …

… an estimated 135,000 Pakistanis flee their homes:

The Iranian president remains optimistic despite delays in concluding an agreement and the threat of American sanction on Turkey:

A hearing on autonomy for Philipine Muslims begins as a farmer complains that the violence has “been like this as far as I can remember:”

As ettlement clears the way for full diplomatic relations:

Georgia’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq reduces coalition forces by 2,000:

News and Analysis (8/14/08)

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

In response to a report that Israel would allow a paltry 20,000 Palestinians to return to the homes over a ten year period, Olmert announces he would not allow a single Palestinian his right under International Law:

Hamas condemns groups firing rockets on Israel in violation of the hudna as traitors …

… while Reuters is “deeply disturbed” that Israel has decided that it forces were “justified in firing a shell packed with darts that killed [a cameraman] and eight other Palestinians aged between 12 and 20:”

The military victory puts a nail in the coffin of the Arroyo government’s agreement to establish a Muslim homeland in a mostly Christian province:

A project co-operated by a Sufi relief group becomes the model for a path to a better life  for Iraqi youth:

“The terrorist act will not block the launch of our new government,”–Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora:

Convicted militants ask to be beheaded rather than shot to death on the grounds it  is more humane:

International Rescue Committee calls it quits after the murder of a driver and three female workers blamed on the Taliban:

While U.S. and Pakistan deny knowledge of a fatal attack …

… Musharraf starts clutching at straws:

News and Analysis (8/13/08)

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Who benefits fron the War in Iraq?

160,000 displaced in fighting between government and rebels raises question: Is North Cotabato another Darfur in the making? :

While al-Qaeda continues to lose support in Iraq …,

…in Pakistan the cycle of violence strengthens their foothold and the Taliban strike an “immediate and costly” retaliation against the government …

… and al-Qaeda is suspected to have inspired a bombing in Ledbanon:

The attacker of the Diyala governor turns out to have been a man in an abayya:

News and Analysis (8/12/08)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

A Muslim land that has recently been a model of good governance and entrepreneurship, now looks forward to a university built by civil society:

The rupee sets “a new low for the second consecutive dayand violence continues as impatience with Musharraf grows:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for U.S. sanctions on companies advancing Israel’s nuclear program:

Although Ahmadinijad’s visit is criticized by America and Israel, analysts say is “about ensuring centuries-old ties during a period of global tensions…”

While a Sunni monarch’s visit to the Shia dominated country seen as a glimmer of hope has a backdrop of violence:

As democracy takes infant steps in Kuwait, the world watches to see if the royal family is above the law …

… while in monarchist Saudi, walking your dog is a punishable offense:

Officials say what Muslim protestors call “an economic blockade by Hindus over a land row began to morph into independence calls” as police fire “across Kashmir a day after a separatist leader was killed by police while trying to lead Muslim traders into Pakistan:”

News and Analysis Update (8/11/08)

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Rather than expand the free market American intervention has further increased the roll of government spending:

The women in Roqaya Al Ghasara’s home town in Bahrain are so proud of their pioneering Olympic sprinter that …” they sewed “tailor-made aerodynamic veils for her to run in.:”

The transformation of the Mahdi Army militia into a broad “social and political network” continues:

Coalition pleads ignorance of civilians in target:

“Even some of the unpopular leader’s allies are urging him to quit:”

Welfare officials call spread of fighting “a potential humanitarian disaster:”

News and Analysis (8/9-10/08)

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Authorities promise to “work to stop the economic blockade of a Muslim-majority region by Hindu protestors:”

“To hold a man who has been judged to be of minimal risk to the country would make a mockery of the legal proceedings just completed:”

Xinjiang separatists destroy two police vehicles …

… while al-Qaeda attacks in Algeria are topped by new violence:

Sudanese agriculture grows towards self-sufficiency by exporting food to the highest bidders, but critics want it to give the food to the people of Darfur, now fed by foreign aid:

News and Analysis (8/8/08)

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Restoration of fired judges in Pakistan would have prevented a chaotic impeachment of Musharraf, says leading lawyer:

Iraqi central government power more dispersed as upcoming elections heighten the importance of regional politics…

… while Shiite militia looks to restructure into a large civilian cultural section and a smaller group of fighters:

Tensions between Muslims and Hindus over disputed Kashmir region have escalated in the last two weeks:

Thousands of miles away from the Beijing Olympics, police close an East Turkestani bazaar in response to group’s warning to Chinese Muslims to distance themselves from public transportation:

Relatively short sentence dismisses some claims against military court’s unfairness, but Hamdan could still be held indefinitely, or until the end of the “War on Terror”:

East African immigrants from war torn regions make the perilous sea journey from Libya in hopes to reach Europe:

Dissident economist who was held after comments during Syria’s brief stint in freedom of political expression seven years ago is released: