Month: September 2008

  • News and Analysis (9/30/08)

    Details of the assault at a mosque during prayer remain unclear: Police: No Evidence of Hate Crime at Local Mosque (Dayton Daily News) Afghanistan official claims Pakistan refuses to act against terrorism: Kabul: Islamabad ‘Soft on Terror’ (Al Jazeera) “It’s ironic… but today the Catholic Church is more tolerant of — and knowledgeable about — […]

  • News and Analysis (9/29/08)

    Iraq hopes that recognizing physicians’ right to keep and bear arms will stem the tide of flight over security concerns: Iraq Says Doctors Can Carry Guns (Reuters) Courts uphold restrictions over freedom of the press: Egypt Editor Jailed Amid Press Row (Al Jazeera) India resorts to torture in investigations with no convictions thus far: Indian […]

  • News and Analysis (9/28/08)

    With the Olympics over and the spotlight gone, China prohibits teachers and students from fasting: China’s Muslims Say Ramadan a Time of Repression (Associated Press) “Use your brain, respected sir,” says Bahraini Shi’a Ahmed Noaimi of Qaradawi’s divisive accusations of heresy against the Shi`a: Egyptian Sheik’s Outburst Against Shiites Roils Mideast (LA Times) Syrians blame […]

  • An Open Letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Last Thursday night (Sept. 25, 2008) I attended an interfaith iftar dinner cosponsored by a number of pro-peace Christian churches and the Iranian mission to the United Nations. The theme was the role religion can play in solving the world’s problems and the main featured speaker was the president of Iran. Most of the speeches […]

  • News and Analysis (9/26/08)

    Tensions escalate as US claims “the ground forces fired rounds meant not to hit the Pakistani troops, but ‘to make certain that they realized they should stop shooting’”: Pakistan Warns US Troops After Exchange of Fire (Washington Post) Militant Israelis vow to use violence, even against other Israelis, to protect illegal settlements within the West […]

  • News and Analysis (9/25/08)

    Ashcroft, Rice, and Rumsfeld implicated in approval of torture techniques for al-Qaeda prisoners: Top Officials Knew in 2002 of Harsh Interrogations (Washington Post) War prisoner allegedly denied due process: Guantanamo Prosecutor Quits Amid Controversy (LA Times) Corruption and violence threaten to undermine government’s rule: As Crime Increases in Kabul, So Does Nostalgia for Taliban (Washington […]

  • News and Analysis (9/24/08)

    Diverse group calls for change in failed US anti-terrorism policy: Report Seeks Engagement With Muslims by Diplomacy (NY Times) Incursions continue even as Bush says he “wants to help” protect Pakistani sovereignty: “U.S. drone” Crashes in Pakistan (Reuters) Tax-exempt organization accused of illegal electioneering in targeting swing-state voters with inflammatory propaganda: Muslim Group Seeks Probe […]

  • Muslim Charities in the American Legal System

    What is widely viewed as the flagship case for the US government’s assault on financing terrorism resulted in an embarrassing first act and illustrates the disingenuous practices of the Bush administration. The persecution of the Holy Land Foundation, previously the largest Islamic charitable organization in the United States, highlights the unrelenting efforts of the Bush […]

  • News and Analysis (9/23/08)

    Investors confident in the stability of the West Bank: Unveiled: Massive Investment Plan for West Bank (The Media Line) Negotiations at standstill with dispute over the release of prisoners: Hamas: Israel Reneging on its Promises for Shalit (Haaretz) Tensions rise as Iraqi government moves to incorporate American financed Sunni militia: Friction Infiltrates Sunni Patrols on […]

  • News and Analysis (9/21/08)

    US military continues to violate Pakistani sovereignty: Pakistani Troops Fire on Intruding U.S. Choppers (Reuters) New legal clinic faces several obstacles further delaying the release of Iraqi prisoners: Iraqi Detainees Languish in Clogged Justice System (LA Times) Kidnapping becomes top security concern for Afghans: Scores ‘Abducted by Afghan Taliban’ (Al Jazeera) Afghan Diplomat Abducted in […]

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