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News and Analysis (01/13/09)

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

With Israelis seeing themselves as the David in the mismatched struggle, Israel weighs options in Gaza, but:

As if Israel directs US policy on the Middle East,

Turkey remains torn between its desired cooperation with Israel and the developing grassroots outrage over Gaza:

Investing in renewable energy is a smart move for countries where the sun shines year-around:

Highlighting the complexity of Iraqi politics, Nadhim Khalil a former insurgent and Al-Qaeda supporter who was jailed twice now allies himself with US forces:

Protesters achieve victory in battle for freedom of speech:

News and Analysis (01/12/09)

Monday, January 12th, 2009

With the Palestinian death toll exceeding 900 and the Israeli death toll at 13:

Poverty remains rampant under the watch of one of the most politically corrupt governments:

“The tragedy of Gaza is the acceptance on both sides that killing and oppression have more value than negotiation”:

Changes in the political conflict have likely ended any chance for insurgents to regain significant influence through violence:

The only meaningful intelligence gathered points out that attacks are up 45% in the region:

Al Jazeera executive plans to announce its media will become available under the most lenient Creative Commons license, hoping to further distribute its exclusive coverage of the conflict:

Deadly results believed to be caused by a dangerous chemical:

News and Analysis (1/10-11/09)

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

As government leaders debate whether to expand the war, Olmert claims Israel it is “close” to its achieving its ambiguously stated objectives …

… but BBC video tells a different story …

and both sides reportedly engage in rapid adaptation:

If you’re asked to name something the Bush administration did right, try this:

In Afghanistan, Taliban remain confident of their abilities to maintain control and fight US forces:

Although white phosphorus can be legally used as an “obscurant”, its use in such a densely populated area places a higher risk for painful chemical burns:

Mubarak continues to put the power of his regime over the suffering of Gazans:

Targeted by the Israelis, the tunnel from Egypt Gaza remain a crucial lifeline to the outside world:

News and Analysis (01/09/09)

Friday, January 9th, 2009

In the face of IDF harassment …

…while the government continues to ignore the demands of the international community:

The Palestinian ministry of health reports “about 42% of the casualties have been children”:

Petraeus emphasizes the need for economic, diplomatic development, warning against a troop surge as the only initiative:

“If the borders were consistently open, there would be no tunnels. We are not rats.” -Abdul Qadir Yassin, a Palestinian historian:

By abstaining, US leaves its professed desire for a cease-fire unofficial …

…despite worldwide demands for justice

News and Analysis (01/08/09)

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

In a shocking breach of international law, Israeli knowingly denied aid to starving children trapped in a room with corpses, including their mothers:

Both Hezbollah and Israel downplay the seriousness of the event which could start another front in the war:

Breaking its own cease-fire to extend humanitarian aid,

As the Palestinian-Zionist conflict has increasingly been framed as part of a “war on terror” rather than a land dispute,

The amazing effects of selective media coverage and self-deception:

Israelis kill Israelis and Hamas gets blamed: 4 Israelis have died in the ground operation as a result of friendly fire with only two casualties attributed to Palestinians:

Contemplating the consequences of the American withdrawal from Iraq:

News and Analysis (01/07/09)

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

UN denies Hamas was operating out of the school targeted by Israelis…

…Such indiscriminate bombing leaves the question, where can Palestinians seek refuge?

Israel considers an Egyptian-French brokered truce agreement while resuming operations after three hour delay…

…Meanwhile, US continues to uphold a double-standard, requiring Hamas to stop firing rockets but failing to demand an end to the Israeli military operations…

…However, the voice of reason in the US government seeks a more effective plan:

“For the truth to get out, journalists have to get in” — John Ging, operations director in Gaza for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency:

Frustrated by discrimination, women struggle to secure positions in the Afghan police force, consisting of 80,000 men and a few hundred women:

“We may be crazy in Pakistan, but not completely out of our minds. We know full well that terror is our enemy, not India.” -Lieutenant-General Ahmed Shujaa Pasha

News and Analysis (01/06/09)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

The Islamist parties expected to take power in Somalia are described as “moderate and pragmatic, and eager to prove their governmental abilities”:

“[B]rushing aside an intensified effort by European envoys to broker a cease-fire” …

… escalating the suffering of the innocent …

… while Abbas uses force aimed at “crushing recent demonstrations” expressing dissatisfaction with the PA’s lack of support for Gaza,  :

An Iraqi-born US citizen was awarded a $240,000 settlement after he was denied entry onto a plane until he covered his shirt that read “We Will Not Be Silent” in Arabic and English:

A professional Qur’an reader’s boast about knowing how to make a shoe bomb leads to no criminal charges, only “a gantlet of torture, imprisonment and interrogation”:

Prime Minister Singh believes the sophistication, precision and evidence behind the Mumbai attacks indicate “support of some official agencies in Pakistan”:

News and Analysis (01/05/09)

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Israel’s definition of victory is ambiguous, but for Hamas, victory is simply surviving:

US vetoed a UN security resolution ordering a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas:

Spokesman for Olmert, claims “the operation will end only when Israel is assured that ‘the civilian population in the south of the country will no longer be on the receiving end of Hamas rockets’ but Israeli civilians and an anonymous “senior Israeli military official” believe it to be an unrealistic goal:

Pakistan is under increasing pressure to investigate claims of LeT connections to the Mumbai attacks and to establish control over the lawless northwest region:

The most strategic element of Israel’s assault on Gaza was the timing:

The problem with the “two-state solution” is that it focuses on fictitious collective rights of Israelis and Palestinians rather than the property and human rights of the dispossessed people, but neoconservative John Bolton thinks the answer lies in dividing their land among three occupying authorities instead of just one:

The AKP attempts to incorporate Kurdish voters through religious values and “conservative credentials”:

Automated identification of terrorists through data mining or any other mechanism inevitably create false positives and results in “ordinary, law-abiding citizens and businesses” being incorrectly flagged as suspects:

News and Analysis (1/3-4/09)

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Israel believes a ground invasion in the only way to eliminate support for Hamas, …

… but is that strategy realistic?

Regardless of the motivation, Gazan victims are mainly civilians:

“The events in Gaza have brought about an opportunity to suppress and crack down on any human rights activities,” – Khalil Bahramian, an Iranian human rights lawyer

The celebration of Muharram highlights the changing attitudes in Afghanistan towards the Shiite minority:

With the entire world protesting Israeli action…

…US defends its threatened veto a proposed UN resolution against the bloodshed that it calls “unacceptable” and “unbalanced””:

US military is claiming self-defense yet, their “statement did not describe the woman’s behavior or explain why troops deemed it suspicious”:

Moderate televangelism comes to Saudi Arabi, and is criticized from both sides:

News and Analysis (01/02/09)

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

AirTran spokesperson attempts to justify discrimination as happenstance, “At the end of the day, people got on and made comments they shouldn’t have made on the airplane, and other people heard them… It just so happened these people were of Muslim faith and appearance”:

In what is already the “bloodiest conflict” in Gaza since 1967 …

… Israel appears to be preparing for a ground assault:

As Muslim Brotherhood calls for solidarity with Gaza, Egypt restricts freedom of press, speech:

“The real danger is the West remaining bogged down in a protracted military conflict that could last decades and cost billions”:

Transparency International, a German organization that gauges honesty in government rated Afghanistan 176 out of 180 countries in 2008:

Many questions still remain about future of security, stability within Iraq: