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News and Analysis (4/11-12/09)

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Highlighting the state of individual rights in Iraq, a terrorism suspect can be detained with “no visitors, no lawyers, no sun” for months:

Under the pretext of exempting them from the prevailing Hanafi law, the government will  force the Shia to abide by one particular interpretation of their flexible legal system …

…while some Afghanis say Obama’s words and actions are “mixed signals” about the U.S. commitment to democracy and human rights:

Election mishaps will further encourage political instability in Afghanistan and may even compromise the current constitution:

Fear of foreign soft power is their excuse for suppressing free speech:

The report is sketchy, but capital needs seem to be the incentive as

The drone attacks are also compromising Britain’s image:

News and Analysis (4/10/09)

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Built on virtual slave labor, excessive debt, “rent-seeking” from  foreigners, “company store” policies, and environmental recklessness, Dubai is no free-market utopia:

As the new administration overturns one  Bush era policy …

…Meanwhile, Obama perpetuates another, “supplemental funding,” to obtain $83.4 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

“For every militant killed by a U.S. Predator drone, [one young man] says, 10 more will join the insurgent cause”:

US General admits to reading the Qur’an in his efforts to reach out to the local Afghani populations…

… However, simply avoiding the slaughtering of civilians wouldn’t hurt:

A cool response to Iran’s developing capabilities may indicate progress in Iran/US relations:

News and Analysis (4/9/09)

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

While Indonesian Muslims revere Islam in their personal life, Islamist parties are anticipated to lose votes due to backlash against past local victories and co-option of their positions by mainstream parties:

Obama’s plan for Afghanistan hinges on the US’s ability to break the cycle of corruption:

MEK members argue their cooperation in disarming entitles them to remain in the communities they built:

Iranian government continues to oppress journalist, academics under the guise of espionage:

… meanwhile, under the guise of investigating whether Hezbollah authorized a 49-person cell to carry out attack from within Egypt,

Another critical step towards restoring diplomatic with Iran:

News and Analysis (4/8/09)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Israel’s attempt to create a militarized atmosphere hinders the reconciliation effort between the Iran and the US:

Chief justice Chaudhry defends the rule of law, demanding the victimized woman appear in court to testify:

In his surprise trip to Baghdad, Obama emphasizes the need for differences to be resolved through “political accommodations” and “constitutional means and legal means”:

Goldstone promises to uphold the integrity of the investigation by looking at “all violations of international humanitarian law before, during and after the Israeli assault”:

Eight Palestinians injured when armed Israeli settlers initiated violence in the West Bank:

With much of the economic improvements tied to international aid, promoting entrepreneurship must be a top priority in stabilizing Afghanistan:

Al-Zeidi’s lawyers praise the decision as sign of the “independence and the integrity of the Iraqi judiciary system”:

News and Analysis (4/07/09)

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

According to his public defender, “to deport him based solely on the same grounds for which he was acquitted”:

Reminiscent of the “Red Scare,” Obama has greatly exaggerated the size, influence, and threat of al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan …

… Perhaps ending America’s ignorance towards Islam is the answer to the al-Qaida threat:

If Iran wishes to adhere to the principles of Islam and the Qu’ran, an open dialogue for peace must be established with the US…

… but as Mousavi promises to curb the “morality police” and promote freedom of speech, he does not mention any changes in foreign policy:

Rising violence threatens to complicate US exit as Iraq incorporates the Sunni “Sons of Iraq” into national government:

Incident highlights the continuation of home demolishing despite being ruled an ineffective policy by a Israeli military commission:

Yet another example of walking a fine line:

News and Analysis (4/6/09)

Monday, April 6th, 2009

With the US approval rating in Turkey plummeted from 52% to 12% during the Bush administration, Obama takes the first steps towards improving the US image:

Many in Pakistan view fighting the insurgency as an American cause and India as the top security threat:

Francois Nicoullaud reminds us that “only rational behavior by the west has any chance of eliciting a rational response from Iran”…

…Meanwhile, justice remains stalled for Saberi:

Iraqi foreign minster Zebari promises to provide “substantial support” to Palestinians while refusing to exploit their circumstances for “political bargaining or score settling”:

Are these studies indicators that the US plans to engage in conflict with groups like Hezbollah and Hamas in the near future?

News and Analysis (4/4-5/09)

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

After coming within two votes of conviction (as if in a real-life topical update of “Twelve Angry Men”):

As Obama further embeds US forces in Afghanistan, Europe seems quietly to seek withdrawal from the area:

Although “senior U.S. officials have privately mocked and publicly rejected the British decision”,

Perhaps the study can resolve the discrepancy between  Palestinian (926 civilians killed) and the IDF’s report (295):

Can Obama translate his Turkish popularity into improvements in relations with the Muslim Community as a whole?

Critics now say the young woman punished without witnesses or evidence on allegations of adultery may have actually been beaten ” refusing to marry a Taliban commander”:

Karzai has ordered a review of the new law which poses a seemingly simple question, does the law expand or contract women’s rights?

News and Analysis (4/3/09)

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

As false accusations and mistrust continue to deteriorate Sunni Shi’a relations…

… it is becoming even more apparent money was the only cohesive factor in their alliance:

“In any normal country, he [Lieberman] would not have been nominated at all with such suspicions, but in Israel everything is possible” – Gideon Levy of  Haaretz:

Mirroring the Supreme Court decision on Guantanamo prisoners, Judge Bates upholds the right of habeas corpus at Bagram:

Although Europeans  remain unwilling to increase troop levels, they are quick to agree with the US strategy on Afghanistan, including offering a Guantanamo detainee asylum in France:

Facing a difficult reconciliation process, Nabil Shaath views the talks as “neither a failure nor a success”:

News and Analysis (4/2/09)

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Opponents say the law “could legalize marital rape and prohibit women from leaving the home without the permission of their husbands, while proponents claim the law is an advance over the civil law that would give women greater right to divorce”:

Any government seriously looking to establish peace between Israel and Palestine should not include Avigdor Lieberman:

Additional aid may be interpreted by the Pakistanis as bribery and the deciding factor for cooperation with the US:

The plan to buy off alliances seemed flawless until oil prices collapsed:

The corruption in Bangladesh is just a small portion of the estimated $1 trillion in kickbacks to corrupt government officials worldwide …

… meanwhile the Muslim world’s diplomatic community in the U.S. has its own problems managing its landmark mosque in Washington:

News and Analysis (04/01/09)

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Iranian officials deny any contact with US officials during the meeting …

… but the emerging strategy to incorporate a reconciliation process for Taliban fighters, uphold rule of law and curb corruption seem promising:

There is little substance to Netanyahu’s words as he failed to even mention a completely autonomous Palestinian state …

… Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Lieberman calls the promise for a two state solution at the Annapolis conference “invalid”:

Fears of a rising insurgency loom as the US  prepares to withdraw from Iraq:

Bashir remains defiant of the ICC, traveling to his fifth foreign count since the arrest warrant was issue: