Month: August 2009

  • Kurd Elections

    As expected, the merger between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) resulted in a political victory in Iraqi Kurdistan. Although the political opposition group Change managed to win an impressive 25% of the total vote, political control of Iraqi Kurdistan will remain with the KDP and PUK, who took […]

  • News and Analysis (8/6/09)

    Almost immediately, doubts about the conference’s legitimacy and effectiveness emerge: ‘Stormy’ Start to Fatah’s Historic Summit (Christian Science Monitor) An area once infamous for the distinct cultural differences between American forces and Iraqi citizens: Change of Guard in Baghdad’s Green Zone (Washington Post) Demonstrating the lack of democracy and free  speech in Morocco,  favorable polls […]

  • News and Analysis (8/5/09)

    “Hamas committed a very serious mistake preventing our members from Gaza from coming here,” said Nabil Shaath, a senior Fatah official and former foreign minister. “It destroyed a lot of goodwill for Hamas in Palestinian public opinion”: Abbas’s Party Holds Convention (Washington Post) “If they wanted to build new illegal settlements without kicking out Palestinians […]

  • News and Analysis (8/4/09)

    Described as a “return of dictatorship”, Iraqi government seeks censorship laws prohibiting the individual right to define their own morality… Iraq Censorship Laws Move Ahead (NY Times) … Meanwhile, Egyptian oppression on “freedom of the press” may offer a glimpse into the future of Iraqi democracy: Bloggers Held in Egypt Without Charge (CPJ) Despite atrocities […]

  • News and Analysis (8/3/09)

    U.S. unlikely to  reap any benefits from the study as the total number of civilian deaths continues to rise: In Afghanistan, Taliban Kills More Civilians Than US (Christian Science Monitor) “The conference plans to adopt a re-write of Fatah’s 1989 convention… the new one firmly commits the Palestinians to peace talks, although it still mentions […]

  • News and Analysis (8/1-2/09)

    Analysts believe the trials are the “beginning of an attempt to purge the political system … If the dissidents are convicted, their parties could be declared illegal and their backers labeled anti-revolutionaries”: 100 Iranians Tried for Disputing Election (Washington Post) Iran disputes the claim that the Americans accidentally crossed the Iranian border, saying they “they […]

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