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News and Analysis (10/20/09)

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Putting aside Obama administrations objections:

Karzai accepts the decision to throw out 954,526 votes and agrees to a run off with Abdullah Abullah:

Without legislation dictating election procedure, Iraq is becoming dangerously close to unconstitutional limbo:

Hezbollah believes the spying devices were installed during the 2006 war with Israel and that upon their discovery, Israel detonated the devices …

… Meanwhile another case of Israeli spying on America is uncovered:

Obama implements stick and carrot policy keeping sanctions but promising incentives for improvement “on human rights and the advancement of peace”:

Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Ali Sharisdian calls the talks “a test of the sincerity of those [Western] countries,” saying if they fail or sellers balk “Iran will enrich uranium to the 20 percent level needed itself”:

Officials deny any ties between the Dawa Party and the Students League, who are responsible for the violence on campus:

News and Analysis (10/19/09)

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Costs of operation for the Taliban are so low that even an effective strategy reducing their income may have little impact on their effectiveness:

How will Iranian suspicions of foreign intervention complicate the upcoming Nuclear talks scheduled in Vienna?

An increase in Western recruits for Al-Qaeda fuels anxieties over a looming terrorist attack:

Pakistani anti-terrorism strategy largely focuses on threats to Pakistan rather than groups that poses threats to Afghanistan, India, or the US:

The White House Chief of Staff says it would be reckless to decide on troop levels without first determining whether there is an “Afghan partner ready to complement U.S. troops “and become a true partner in governing”:

“The Hamas rhetoric of dignity and resistance resonates in the West Bank, where they don’t have to live under Hamas but they see only weakness on the part of Abbas’s authority.”

News and Analysis (10/17-18/09)

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Envoy Khraishi says Palestinians want peace with Israel,but until they have a state with “East Jerusalem as its capital … our people will never forgive the international community if they leave the criminals and perpetrators of crimes to have impunity”: – Ibrahim Khraishi:

8 years after the US-led invasion, the only successful industries are driven by foreign investment or part of the illegal drug trade …

… Meanwhile, a run-off election seems eminent in Afghanistan:

Held by Taliban hardliners, a journalists finds “the tribal areas … to have superior roads, electricity and infrastructure” to supposedly less priitive parts of Afghanistan” and guards that followed “the tenets of Islam that mandate the good treatment of prisoners”:

As conservative Christians use Rifqa’s story to further an “extremist political, religious agenda”, Muslims are reminded that there is no earthly punishment apostasy in Islam:

Iraqi Shi’ite divide amongst three major political groups, those led by the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, those led by Al-Maliki and those led by Sadr:

Critics believe most of the 41 refugees refused entry were Kurds from northern Iraqi:

News and Analysis (10/16/09)

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The bill removes an obstacle for trial of indictable detainees to  be tried in American Courts:

US strategy in Afghanistan may continue to remain in limbo until central leadership can be consolidated:

Beyond defending Israeli brutality, Netanyahu’s protests reveal a dictatorial streak: “Israel’s only real crime is that it does not have an automatic majority in the UN”:

Satisfied that American troops will be withdrawn in accord with SOFA, Iraqi politicians have dropped the issue of early withdrawal to plan for January election:

Concerned that the text lacks a statement of the Palestinians right to resist the Zionist occupation, Hamas has asked for more time for internal consultations:

Some Islamic scholars question the “intellectual legitimacy” of a new book “‘opening a new window’ to promote a moderate Islamic view among Islamists” issued by LIFG leaders jailed for two years for plotting the overthrow of Qaddafi:

Illustrating the growing strain in Israeli/Turkish relations:

News and Analysis (10/15/09)

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

A deal preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but allowing the country to continue to enrich uranium could be a win-win solution …

… but Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi warns that focus on Iran’s nuclear ambitions than issues “of democracy and freedom is a mistake both tactical and moral”:

Only 15% of Pakistanis support accepting the aid package, believing that ” foreign assistance doesn’t deliver development”:

Will Goldstone’s report lead to any meaningful action against Israeli disproportional warfare and victimization of civilians?

“US officials have said that Damascus had curbed the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq over the past two years but has been unwilling to completely crack down on anti-Iraq extremists in an apparent attempt to maintain leverage over Iraq”:

Judge Urbina closed the pretrial hearings  to the public arguing the rights of the five guards to a fair trial outweighed the public’s interest in the proceedings:

News and Analysis (10/14/09)

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Despite the highly effective success rate, the Saudi rehabilitation program may not be the solution to resettling the 97 Yemenis from Guantanamo…

… Meanwhile, Yemen struggles to provide for the more than 150,000 people fleeing the conflict between government and insurgent forces:

An internal Fatah memo accuse Obama of buckling under Israeli pressure and that “all hopes placed in the new US administration and President Obama have evaporated”:

Examining the logistics and chances of success of an Israeli military strike on Iranian nuclear sites:

Legislation must be passed by Thursday in order to organize the parliamentary vote in time:

Profiling Mullah Muhammad Omar, the leader behind the Taliban’s remarkable military comeback in Afghanistan:

” We [Israelis] have it in our power to change the current situation, when a man sits in our jails for a number of years, and around him friends and family become angry. That is how we create terrorists”:

News and Analysis (10/13/09)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

As Taliban forces demonstrate their ability to engage in a more traditional type of warfare …

… The Pakistani army fulfills its promise to respond with a military offensive:

Reporters Without Borders reports that the number of journalists leaving Iran was the largest since the years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution:

Despite criticism of the Gaza invasion, Turkey’s relationship with Israel has remained largely “business as usual” until now …

… Meanwhile, Turkey and Syria look to improve relations and reduce travel restrictions:

An anonymous “senior State Department official” says that while the US “relationship with the two countries” can “withstand the strains of any kind of transition,” the prospect “raises concerns about the future of a jittery Middle East”:

Netanyahu’s condemnation of the Gaza report is a hard sell considering, “Goldstone’s strong credentials as a respected South African jurist, his Jewish faith and past support for Israeli causes”:

News and Analysis (10/12/09)

Monday, October 12th, 2009

For many reasons, diplomacy was virtually the only option for the Obama Administration:

Alienating political Afghanistan from its Islamic heritage is a strategy doomed to failure:

Baited by Militant attacks on Sunday, the Pakistani military will begin an aggressive offensive in South Waziristan:

Avoiding a exact number, Kai Eide indicated their was “widespread fraud” in the election…

…Meanwhile, the “entire system of delivering aid is broken, and very little of the aid is getting to the Afghan people”:

News and Analysis (10/10-11/09)

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Negotiations deferred the question of the Armenian Genocide to a committee of historical experts for study while normalizing economic and diplomatic relations:

Amnesty International “fears Zamani’s death sentence will pave the way for more death sentences against those being tried on similar offenses”:

Israel, Palestine and Syria all respond positively to Obama’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize…

… However, Pakistani reactions range from “irritation and outrage” believing the award was given largely based on Obama’s image rather than action:

Treated as criminals, Afghan workers have been detained since 2008 as material witnesses against their will:

Abu-Zuhri requested a delay in the signing of a Palestinian peace accord, believing “the atmosphere is not right for the signing of an accord”:

“[A]ttacking Al-Aqsa [was] an assault on our dignity and presence, identity, civilization and an assault the Christians as well as on the Muslims; we are one people with one cause”:

News and Analysis (10/9/09)

Friday, October 9th, 2009

A university supporter’s succinct rebuttal: “The purest place on earth is not segregated, and that is the holy mosque in Mecca”:

The opposition denies the legitimacy of the confession, claiming al-Zamani “had absolutely no links with the Americans and hasn’t been involved in any operations inside Iran. His job was simply to pass on news for our radio station and to make broadcast packages”:

Egyptians point to US support for Mubarak as a direct contradiction to the US calls for democracy across the Middle East:

Amidst criticism from the international community, Hamas and ordinary Palestinians:

As the Obama administration comes to the realization that the Taliban is “deeply rooted” in Afghanistan …

… There is blowback across the border as  US-promoted Pakistani military action revives a “long-dormant nationalism movement among ethnic Pashtuns”:

Foreign Minister Lieberman plans to tell Mitchell that a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and Palestine is “impossible,” dooming it from the start: