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News and Analysis (12/31/09)

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The Catholic Church successfully argues that Allah “is the only suitable translation for God in the Malay language”:

Branding Ahmadinejad’s political opponents as opponents of the system,  tens of thousands attend demonstrations calling for their death:

The deadline approaches with no word from Iranian leadership …

… whose actions suggest they have no interest in international cooperation:

If she’s competent to stand trial, why can’t she fire her attorneys?

The hypocrisy of the U.S. is underscored by laws giving  tax-exemption for U.S. donations to the school in the heart of the West Bank so that …

… Meanwhile, Israel continues to approve illegal settlements in the West Bank despite the promise of a 10 month settlement freeze:

News and Analysis (12/30/09)

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Critics say after the substantial fraud of the recent presidential election holding more elections without “root and branch reform” will only cast further doubt into the legitimacy and competence of the Afghan government:

Accusations that “a group partially led by former Guantanamo detainees may have equipped and trained Nigerian bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab” add pressure to deny current detainees the right to defend themselves in court:

Mentor to Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi discreetly holds ambitions of replacing Ayatollah Ali Khamenei …

… “even the shah respected Ashura.” but security forces warn protesters, “[t]he era of tolerance is over. Anyone attending such rallies will be crushed”

“The court was saying that you can’t reasonably find every Palestinian inhabitant to be a security risk…. The security considerations are legitimate, but they have to find other solutions”:

As Netanyahu and Mubarak meet to discuss the future of the Palestinians …

… Hamas complains that Egypt ignores their concerns,  and says it will seek an new intermediary for reconciliation if necessary:

News and Analysis (12/29/09)

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Denied access to the border by Egyptian forces, the protesters say they will organize a walk all the way to Rafah …

… Meanwhile, other protesters expecting to reach Gaza via the Mediterranean will probably be intercepted by the IDF:

Realizing broad sanctions will only hurt common Iranians and help fuel Ahmadinejad’s criticism, Obama seeks a more focused diplomatic plan:

The path to extremism — Abdulmutallab was confused and searching for answers that his immediate community wouldn’t or couldn’t answer; terrorists were ready to fill the vacuum:

… “For years I’ve been saying this: Only two things have made flying safer [since 9/11] – the reinforcement of cockpit doors, and the fact that passengers know now to resist hijackers” — security writer Bruce Schneier:

In an effort sure to eventually boost the changes for peace, HWW helps Gazans cope with the psychological toll of war:

News and Analysis (12/28/09)

Monday, December 28th, 2009

As Israelis terrorize the locals to the tune of about $40,000 in fire damage along with 50 uprooted trees in protest of delayed settlement growth…

… the government pursues its claim to all of Jerusalem:

“By using lethal force on a day meant to honor one of Shia Islam’s holiest figures, Imam Hossein–seen as a martyr in the fight against oppression–the regime may have undermined its claim to uphold Iran’s religious traditions”:

This is assimilation? No muadhdhin’s voice form the minaret, just a “nightclubby” flash of a purple beam of light:

Pleading inadequate resources, Pakistani officials believe the Haqqani network poses little threat to the government:

Is al-Qaeda’s center of activity returning to its place  of origin? Yemen may quickly become a priority of the US government:

The Financial meltdown has eroded foreign interest in education:

News and Analysis (12/26-27/09)

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Who gets to place over a million names on watch lists, when  the man whose own father warned us was dangerous was not “placed on any watch list for flights into the United States” …

… Will American Muslims be similarly ignored as they try to fight radicalization?

As the cycle of punishment without trial, retaliation and escalation persist …

… Israel continues its imprisonment of non-violent protesters …

… as does Iran:

“In addition to the siege there has been news about (building) a steel wall … to terminate the thin veins which are giving some life and some hope to Gaza… We call on the government in Egypt and the leadership to stop the wall and flooding the tunnels and to end the siege….”:

News and Analysis (12/25/09)

Friday, December 25th, 2009

“It is a wall of shame being built by Egypt on the borders with Gaza…. We are opening our territories for a barrier that only serves and supports the Israeli and U.S. policies”…

… Meanwhile, opposition leaders continue to challenge the fairness of democracy in Egypt:

Notwithstanding Shaikh Qaradaw’s opinion that Muslims should not join in Christmas celebrations, Mustafa Akyol argues that Muslims can celebrate Christmas in a spirit similar that Qaradawi permits for the birth of Muhammad (pbuh):

Any political support for nuclear cooperation with the West is now being viewed as treasonous by the Iranian government:

With no charges filed yet, the DC area Muslims detained in Pakistan await their fate in the Pakistani legal system which can be “slow and opaque”:

Few Israelis have any problem in their governments brutal  measures that are internationally as war-crimes; some call for harsher action still:

News and Analysis (12/24/09)

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The ugly story of al-Qaeda’a rise and fall in a Sunni triangle town where “tribal justice” trumps rule of law, whether Islamic or Western:

Legislation that betrays liberty and will confine ultra-conservative Muslim women to virtual house arrest:

Engaging protesters with violent methods will provoke more dissent:

“The teachers are tired and the students are tired. It’s an endless cycle… Can you live on $200 a month? How can it be done? We have socialist salaries to face lives of capitalist prices”:

Sources dispute as to whether the preacher’s house was a target:

The eleventh member killed since the parliament’s formation in 2005, highlighting the inadequacy of Afghan security forces:

News and Analysis (12/23/09)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

“We hope and we dream that the siege will be lifted with Shalit” but “Shalit is not the main reason for the blockade – Hamas is. So nothing will change” — unemployed Gazan:

Notwithstanding Pakistani denials, the unpopular drone attacks within their territory appear to be facilitated by the government:

Never criminally charged, an outspoken journalist hopes to make up time lost at Guantanamo, a place he describes as “ outside of law”:

Afghani Taliban say they don’t need them, but Pakistani militants counter Obama with their own version of a troop surge:

Iraq’s ineptitude at combating corruption is on display …

… but Christmas celebrations beyond the strictly religious are not for the Iraqi Christian population that has fallen 25% since the American invasion:

The veneer of democratic formalism over Iranian authoritarianism becomes thinner with every clash:

News and Analysis (12/22/09)

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Sparked by Montazeri’s “timely demise,” …

… as “people used the sadness of Moharram to unite themselves against the Shah” they now unite around “Montazeri’s last wish, an end to this dictatorship”:

Men who mutilated a woman have the Book thrown at them:

Glitches remain; Hamas says it is “up to individual prisoners whether they would accept deportation”:

Enforcing collective punishment violates international law; Oxfam’s Jeremy Hobbs suggests that world have “betrayed Gaza’s ordinary citizens”

Under pressure from Mubarak, the Brotherhood signals a retreat from politics:

He also asked what would Jesus do regarding American foreign policy:

PM warns U.S. that “a strategic partnership could not be an excuse for “Soviet methods, ignoring civilian control of the special services and in breach of existing laws” …

… while U.S. warns Cambodia expulsions may adversely affect relations:

News and Analysis (12/21/09)

Monday, December 21st, 2009

“Some of the bodies were definitely Palestinians who were killed in conflicts…. Their organs were taken without consent of families and were used to serve the needs of the country in terms of hospitals as well as the army’s needs” …

… Meanwhile, the intimidation tactics of the IDF continue:

Recruiting lower and mid level Taliban officials, NATO hopes to strengthen its bargaining position in the negotiations that will surely come before the end of the Afghanistan War:

Further destabilizing Iran’s political system and inciting the political opposition:

An International interest in engaging Syria has brought back some of the prestige lost after the 2005 withdrawal from Lebanon:

Drafting election laws was just one of the many challenges for the most important vote in Iraqi history: