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News and Analysis (1/20/10)

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Overshadowed by Israeli violations covered in the report, allegations of Palestinian misconduct offer an opportunity  for action that would boost both the Goldstone report’s credibility and Hamas and PA standing in the international community:

Aafia Siddiqi is ejected from the courtroom; of the only charge against her, her attorney says that “the only bullets and gun residue found on the scene came from the shots fired at Siddiqui and that she had never open fire”:

With over $64 billion spent on humanitarian and reconstruction projects since 2001, frustration grows on both sides as negligible progress has been made:

“U.S. officials say they have quietly warned the Iraqis that there is a real possibility the U.S. and the international community will refuse to accept the elections as legitimate if the ban is upheld”:

US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke says the plan “can’t be any worse” than previous efforts:

Egypt’s only political capital with Washington is its influence on Arabs, especially the Palestinians, but the more it aligns itself with Washington and Israel, the less influence it has:

Among the most serious security risks is a group of nearly ten Americans who moved Yemen, converted to Islam and join the fundamentalists:

News and Analysis (1/19/10)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Unable to fulfill their promise to close Guantanamo within a year, the Obama administration also may be involved in a serious cover-up over the “possible homicides” of several detainees:

“The Civil Defense teams said that this was a deliberate Israeli attempt to flood the area after the Israeli authorities opened the dams allowing the water through”:

Demonstrating the ineffectiveness of Afghan security forces to protect their own government in its capital city:

Accusations of Baathist allegiance by the commission headed by Ahmad Chalabi, notorious for providing “faulty intelligence to the United States in the run-up to the war, and Ali Faisal al-Lami, a former U.S. detainee” bodes ill for Iraqi democracy:

“All these fields of relations [with Britain] are under study and each case will be reviewed upon the country’s national interests and at the end the government will make the final decision”:

A breakdown of the separation of church and state in an embarrassing context:

News and Analysis (1/18/2009)

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Abbas was apparently intimidated by the head of the Shin Bet security service into his controversial decision to request deferral of a UN vote on the Goldstone report:

“When they first came to us, they said they wanted to bring a true Islamic system, and they caused no trouble… After some time, they began bothering our female teachers and objecting to the ladies who did vaccinations. Then they started kidnappings and other crimes, and some of our boys went with them. They destroyed our peaceful environment.”

Parliaments decision to recess for several weeks leaves may compromise Karzai’s attempts to draw more support for international aid:

A sign that sectarianism and potiential violence will continue to plague Iraqi democracy for years to come?

Yet another death sentence for al-Majid, this time a hanging for involvement in the fatal gassing 182,000 Kurds:

News and Analysis (1/16-17/09)

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

According Pakistani education experts, government schools rather than Islamic schools are the root of the problem:

CIA agents attempts to intimidate Balawi were the first of many mistakes that lead to the false belief as to which side he was on:

With 27 of the 41 cabinet nominees rejected, Karzai’s political strength and  ability to lead an effective Afghan government are in question:

“We believe in incremental reform, and that takes places in a peaceful and constitutional way. We reject violence and denounce it in all its forms” – Muhammad Badie:

The newest competitor will stand as the largest threat to Prime Minister al-Maliki’s State of Law political party:

“We don’t have enough weapons, we don’t have enough soldiers. Our resources are so stretched that if something happens in the countryside, we can’t respond because there are no helicopters [or] airplanes.”

News and Analysis (1/15/10)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Despite imposing swift justice on those who threaten the innocent …

… Bombings intended to incite sectarian violence are on the rise in anticipation of the upcoming elections…

… Meanwhile, opponents believe the commission is using “severe intimidation and threats” to justify removing political competition:

“Until they find good district governors, or provincial governors, or the right president for Afghanistan, the problem will never be solved because a lot of money comes to Afghanistan from all over the world, but it disappears here”: – District Governor Balouch:

Banning the face veil would make France more like Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia than like the U.S. or other Western countries:

Orchestrating a diplomatic style that more closely resembles their foreign policy:

News and Analysis (1/14/2010)

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

“Israel cannot hide behind the pretext of security to sideline journalists who have done nothing more than maintain an editorial line that the authorities dislike” — Committee to Protect Journalists, calling for the release of the American citizen:

As the ADL tries to reignite fire by accusing Turkey of anti-Semitism,

Halliburton and other US based companies that have been criticized by auditors and inspectors for overcharges and for shoddy and uncompleted work, will receive lucrative contracts from the Iraqi government:

Sarkozy’s defends his imposition of a dress code on conservative Muslim women on the grounds that it protects what people like him consider to be  “a woman’s dignity;” as to what the woman in question consider to be dignified attire, evidently he doesn’t think they should worry their pretty little heads about that:

Political pressure mounts on another US ally in Afghanistan:

“For us, this is not merely about politics; it is an issue of basic human rights”:

The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza has sent boatloads of aid, but can it actually end the siege?

News and Analysis (1/13/09)

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

A leading Muslim advocacy organization calls on American Muslims “to help fund repairs to Malaysian churches damaged by vandals” who would deny Christians the right to refer God by His traditional Arabic name of “Allah”:

Afghani intelligence officers kill at least people after Taliban-spread rumors that U.S. forced desacrated the Qur’an and defiled local women provoked a crowd into burning a school and storming a domestic intelligence office …

… Meanwhile, a UN report holds Taliban and insurgent forces accountable for nearly three times as many civilian deaths as Western forces:

Israel’s accelerates the breakdown of its relations with Turkey by subjecting Erdogan to a diplomatic humiliation:

Karzai’s second round of nominations still have many of the same questions that lead to the rejection of most of his first nominations:

Show of force is to demonstrate Iraq’s ability to protect its people and to defuse rumors of a coup:

News and Analysis (1/12/2010)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

With terrorist strikes increasing by 45% from the previous year, “The most important trend to emerge was attacks on soft targets…The distinction between combatants and non-combatants is gradually disappearing”:

Iranian accuse the US and Israel of complicity in the assassination of professor Massoud Ali-Mohammadi; a State Dept. official says “absurd”::

The Malay attacks on churches are not only in direct violation of Qur’anic commandments …

… but the intolerance behind it flies in the face of the 14-century history of Arabic speaking Christians and Jews using the word Allah to refer to God of Abraham:

Britain outlaws Islam4UK and all its parent groups and any successor groups not for terrorism, but for its “glorification”:

Despite al-Qaeda’s use of “the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a cause célèbre … it has yet to establish authoritative operations in either the West Bank or Gaza,” but a pro-Israeli think tank claims that extremists think Hamas has gone soft and threaten “the formation of an ‘Al Qaeda in Palestine'” …

… Meanwhile refugees leave one failing state for another could open up a major recruiting ground of Al-Qaeda:

Approximately 40% of Afghanistan’s heroin and morphine travel through Pakistan:

News and Analysis (1/11/10)

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Iraqis claim their lawyers misled them into believing the company was bankrupt and the offer was their own chance as compensation:

Dismissing Mortazavi’s claims about meningitis, the report attributes the deaths To “limitation of space, poor sanitary conditions, ­inappropriate nutrition, heat, lack of ventilation and … also as a result of physical attacks”:

With encouragement from Senators McCain and Lieberman, Israel scorns any threat to withhold American aid as a means of pressure …

… and continues to further barricade itself from the rest of the world …

… as the British government, more concerned with strained relations than with  justice, looks to close a legal mechanism allowing arrest warrants to be issued for Israeli officials:

Despite his preference for negotiations over warfare:

News and Analysis (1/9-10/10)

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

As Bruce Hoffman suggests a new strategy in fighting terrorism, news breaks that the assassination of a Taliban leader by an unmanned U.S. aircraft led to his replacement by an even more fanatical successor and to the suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers …

… and those who claim Israel would have known how to keep the underwear bomber off the plane get a wake-up call:

By pumping seawater underneath it, Egypt’s wall may be the final blow to the lifeline to Gazans trapped behind Israel’s suffocating blockade:

Amid conflicting reports as to whether the latest victims of Israeli violence were scrap metal collectors or missile launchers, Alison Weir explains “that nonviolence is only as powerful as its visibility to the world”:

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said he would impose the full legal penalty against his own daughter if she committed a crime; but in the UAE, the president’s brother, caught brutally beating an Afghan man on video, successfully pleads that he “was under the influence of drugs [medicine] that left him unaware of his actions”:

As the Revolutionary Guard’s clout expands, Khamenei warns against their extra-legal activity:

Critics say new names may “have higher education, but are not known to the people and do not have expertise in their ministries”: