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News and Analysis (1/8/09)

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Having offered $100,000 to each family of Iraqis who died and $30,000 to those wounded in an attempt to avoid a major loss in court …

… the contractor formerly known as Blackwater now has legal troubles for charges connected with Afghan operations …

After killing ten demonstrators during Ashura, the regime dares to accuse protesters of crimes against Islam and threatens the death penalty…

… even as former presidential candidate Karroubi is attacked by a pro-government Iranian faction:

Despite strong political opposition, Zardari managed to maintain control of Pakistan and avoid being ousted by new elections:

“The reaction from the street will be very strong… The list we are in now is very strong, and it might get the biggest bloc in the parliament. . . . They are afraid, and they will try to weaken us.”

Al-Shabab’s extortion demands provoke a humanitarian crisis:

News and Analysis (1/7/09)

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Given how poorly they were treated, it should come as no surprise:

“What we need is a strategy that is politically and not militarily driven…. If we do not take these civilian components of the transition strategy as seriously as the military component, then we will fail.” — Iranian Panel Calls Official in Charge of Prison ‘the Main Culprit’ in Detainee Deaths

Dead Egyptian and fifteen injured Palestinians “signals growing frustration among Palestinians with Egypt‘s attempt to seal the border with an underground steel wall”:

Opposition leaders believe Mortazavi is a scape-goat for party-wide atrocities:

Rights groups call it a groundbreaking decision against an apartheid policy, while right-wing Israelis argue the decision is tantamount to playing “Russian Roulette”:

Bashir’s senior advisor has warned an all out conflict will ensue unless key issues of the north-south border, nationality, the sharing of oil wealth and foreign debts of $30 billion are settled:

Diplomacy begins to take root between the former enemies:

News and Analysis (1/6/10)

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Led by British MP George Galloway, protesters were denied entry into Gaza as Egyptian police threw stones and used water cannons to disperse the crowd …

… Meanwhile, Israel scores the first killing of 2010 in an attack on the southern city of Khan Younis:

An argument for freedom of choice, “If you can get on an airplane wearing a face veil, you can go to class at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy wearing a face veil”:

“’It’s gotten to be like the old whack-a-mole game, where we’ve hit them here, but they’ve just popped right back up over there,’ -  Judith Yaphe, a former CIA Middle East analyst”:

With the sidelined Nasser al-Bahri’s declaration that Yemen’s rehabilitation efforts have not diminished his admiration for al-Qaeda …

… Obama’s previous claim that closing Guantanamo would make US security safer is undermined by fear that that the Guantanamo experience may have prepped detainees to join or rejoin the re-assertive al-Qaeda:

Yar ‘Adua’s mysterious disappearance “has thrust the country into an immediate constitutional crisis”:

Utilizing a “passive defense”, Iran has essentially eliminated the effectiveness of a conventional military attack and left its opponents guessing as to the extent of their nuclear program

News and Analysis (1/5/09)

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The defendants’ arguments revolve around the idea they sought to “to help the helpless Muslims” and Jihad is distinct not terrorism:

Symbolizing the Egyptian government’s increasing closeness to Israel, Mubarak blocked pro-Palestinian protesters on their way to Gaza at the same time Israelis were invited to Damanhur:

“Profiling passengers on the basis of race and faith … would ultimately do the cause of security more harm than good. Systematically treating Muslim or non-white passengers less favorably will create a mood of anger that surely provides the best breeding ground for militant jihadism”:

Islam’s rejection of racial and ethnic discrimination is credited as a source of conversions:

Intelligence gathering will now shift focus onto information and concerns about the local attitudes, people and leaders:

A policy focused exclusively on military aid fails to acknowledge the underlying problems of water shortage and poverty plaguing Yemen:

The refusal to freeze illegal settlements in East Jerusalem accommodates American Irving Moskowitz, who funds “Jewish settlers determined to cement Israel’s hold on the city” stalling any movement towards peace:

News and Analysis (1/4/09)

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Trying suspected terrorists in military court would only serve to justify their cause; the US criminal justice system is more than adequate for Americans’ and suspects’ rights:

An important step in reconciliation negotiations, Fatah officials confirmed the “dramatic change for the better” in prisoner treatment:

In their prohibitionist zeal, “undemocratic parties and movements that don’t believe in the concept of human rights or personal freedoms” threaten the rights of non-Muslims:

US and UK embassies remain closed for a second straight day as disagreements over the extent of the threats and how to fight terrorism emerge:

Jordan denies its cooperation with CIA is tied to it’s peace accord signed with Israel and the $500 million in aid it receives annually:

Calling the decision “unacceptable and unjust”, the Iraqi government will now help facilitate a lawsuit against Blackwater:

News and Analysis (1/2-3/10)

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

The transparent attempt to abridge free speech by calling a television station “terrorist” is shameful to begin with; the Obama administration’s failure to prune al-Manar from the list when real terrorists like the Nigerian underwear bomber are slipping through the net is outrageous:

With 70% of Karzai’s nominees rejected, Parliament points to “ethnicity or bribery or money” rather than merit or ability as the main critierion in Karzai’s selection:

After missing the deadline imposed by the West, Iran risks a political standoff and US pressure for sanctions by imposing its own deadline:

Trailer for the new movie “Erased Wiped Off the Map” makes visible the struggle of Gazans against the blockade and Israeli violence:

Having admitted its direct role in the bombings in Yemen, the U.S. now shuts its embassy in the expectation of “attacks on the US interests in the next month by al-Qaeda”:

“”When other countries violate international law [or commit] war crimes … [they] get punished…. Israel has become in the international community like a spoiled child…. It does what it wants….”: — Prince Saud al-Faisal

News and Analysis (1/1/2010)

Friday, January 1st, 2010

“In their zeal to bring charges against the defendants . . . the government used compelled statements to guide its charging decisions . . . and ultimately, to obtain the indictment in this case” – Judge Urbina:

Egypt’s offer meets with a divided response from the gathered humanitarians:

Surge in Palestinian deaths in 2009 is totally due to the attack on Gaza …

… but the continuing theft of private Palestinian private property is widespread:

In the multifaith  holiday spirit, Mukhtedar Khan reminds us:

In his most bold statement since losing the election in January, Mousavi proclaims “the election law should be changed … political prisoners should be freed”…

… Meanwhile, the Iranian government denies any role in the death of a protester who was run over by a truck:

“Western military sources said that the dead were all part of an Afghan terrorist cell responsible for manufacturing improvised explosive devices”:

Cairo meets the movement, with tears and chaos and exaltation