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News and Analysis (4/8/09)

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Details seem to contradict the official police report as Imam Luqman was handcuffed from behind, shot 21 times, had a broken jaw and suffered from lacerations on his face:

In what appears to be an effort to defuse international criticism:

Turkey’s successful open border policy with Syria is “part of its effort to reach out to neighboring countries to build economic ties it hopes will also stabilize political relationships and expand its influence in the region”:

Experts believe Allawi and Maliki’s  parties strong performance in the election is an indication Iraqis are divided over who could deal better with sectarian problems:

“Israeli officials have long opposed the introduction of an unilateral American plan, while Arab officials have pressed hard for one, saying it is the only way to break the impasse”:

Egypt looks to recoup priceless historical artifacts removed from Egypt overtime:

News and Analysis (4/7/10)

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Although he is an American citizen, CIA agents are now authorized to kill Anwar al-Aulaqi:

Following injury with insult, Israel charges about £8,000 for storage fees and the clothes turned out to be ruined from years of sitting in shipping containers …

… Meanwhile, Palestine’s chief negotiator says, “[i]t appears that all the consultations that have happened with the Israeli government and the American administration and other states have reached a dead end, with Israeli positions insisting on a continuation of settlement”:

Protesting the decades old emergency law which restricts an array of personal rights:

As law makers work to restore Pakistani democracy to its original form, analysis highlight the fact that no elected government has ever lasted a full term and it seems the rule of law is often up for grabs:

President Obama’s Afghan strategy revolves around a complacent Afghani government, how will Karzai’s remarks change that scenario?

News and Analysis (4/6/10)

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

“[F]alsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad” the crew in the leaked video then laughs “at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency” …

… Meanwhile, an Afghani investigation reveals that US troops tampered with evidence in an attempt to cover up their actions:

An unconstitutional Senate bill would allow American citizens to be held without trial as “unprivileged enemy belligerents”:

Will questions as to whether the reforms are motivated by political favoritism prevent Ahmadinejad from achieving the goal that  eluded his predecessors of making necessary reductions in the “estimated $100 billion a year” in subsidies that “encourage overconsumption”:

A bold attack on a symbol of US power in the area reveals the Pakistani Taliban’s thirst for revenge in the face of recent setbacks:

News and Analysis (4/5/10)

Monday, April 5th, 2010

” It is critical that the Russian government and the nation treat the people of the North Caucasus as their fellow countrymen — no easy task given that today they are seen as a suspect culture or simply unwanted intruders”:

Compounding mistakes with cover up will not earn the trust of the Afghani people …

… Meanwhile, the split between Western forces and Karzai continues to grow:

Renewing fears of sectarian violence, the latest attacks threaten to destabilize Iraqi democracy and delay with withdrawal of American troops:

“On balance, the drones may have killed 100, 200, 500 civilians…. If you look at the other guys, the Arabs and the kidnappings and the targeted killings, I would go for the drones” — a Pakistani government supporter

News and Analysis (4/4/10)

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Under Israeli occupation, “We Christians of Palestine have been … kept away from the Holy Sites… [and] denied our right to worship in Jerusalem. Many Christian generations have never been able … to visit its holy places”:

Russians call them “black widows,” women from the North Caucasus who blow themselves up in crowds after their husbands or other loved ones are killed by Russian security forces:

A major blow for the Obama Administration’s perpetuation of warrant-less wiretapping:

Exploring the motivation behind Israel’s largely silent partner maintaining the Gaza blockage:

Taliban forces adapt and counter the US strategy to pump money into the economy of local villages; Afghas feel intimidated “even inside the walls of the Marines’ outpost”:

Good intelligence (as in case of the “underwear bomber”) is a better criterion for screening than nationality (see “Jihad Jane”), but will the new policy just replace a system of overt discrimination with a covert one?

Karzai continues to suffer political backlash after members of Parliament also condemn his accusations that their fight against fraud serves Western interests:

News and Analysis (4/2/10)

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Three children injured as Israel orders air strikes against Gaza and threatens to launch another military operation…

… Meanwhile, discouraged by unsuccessful negotiations, Fatah is no longer willing to leave “negotiations to a few leaders at the top and demonstrations to the grass-roots activists on the street”:

Foreigners made him, and now Karzai accuses them of wanting to break him, saying they “do not want us to have a parliamentary election” and citing “‘massive interference’ from the international community in the August vote”:

Washington announces a change in policy from flagging people for national origin to intelligence …

… Will this reverse the wholesale expansion of the no fly list that has almost doubled in size since Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt on Christmas, barring many Muslim travelers from returning to the US?

With Pakistani Military leadership establishing ambitious goals for rooting out Taliban and Al-Qaeda influences…

… Questions emerge as to why the military is engaging in reconstruction work typically assigned to the civilian government…

…Furthermore, a bill emerges in Pakistan’s Parliament further reducing the powers of Zardari:

News and Analysis (4/1/10)

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Instead of heeding intelligence from Muslims as to who is dangerous, the bureaucracy prefers to subject those with Muslim names to “administrative processing” delaying their visas:

In a move described as “part political gimmick and part public relations masterstroke,” Sadr calls for an unauthorized national vote to select Iraq’s next Prime Minister…

… Meanwhile, the “Security Council has called on all Iraqi political parties ‘to respect the certified election results and the choices of the Iraqi people’ and ‘to avoid inflammatory rhetoric and actions'”:

Factors including the increasing number “of American-born Muslims have triggered a call for spiritual leaders rooted in U.S. culture, [yet] most American mosques are led” by foreigners not fluent in English:

With China agreeing to draft “a UN resolution imposing measures aimed at persuading Tehran to curb its nuclear” program, President Obama announces that he hopes to have a sanctions package in place within “weeks”:

The sultan has substituted “three weeks of community service … at a children’s home” for the caning, but the  “former model … now feels the [original] punishment should have been carried out”:

Pakistan’s anti-corruption agency has asked the Swiss to reinstate charges of money laundering against President Zardari: