Month: June 2010

  • News and Analysis (6/30/10)

    Faced with the loss of its monopoly under the Israeli embargo, Palestine Food Industries Co. puts rent seeking above the plight of their fellow Gazans and demands Hamas ban juice imports to “protect local industries”: Gaza Juice Maker Seeks Protection as Israel Relaxes Blockade (Bloomberg) “Conditions … have reached ‘crisis point’ with 79 per cent […]

  • News and Analysis (6/29/10)

    Israeli West Bank settlers see themselves above the laws imposed by their own government over the occupied West Bank territory … West Bank Settlers Outraged by Israel Police Curb on Handguns (Haaretz) … meanwhile in Gaza, Israel confiscates Medical equipment needed to save lives, given by a Norwegian group, on allegation “of possible use for non-medical […]

  • News and Analysis (6/28/10)

    “What is most disappointing, however, is not the Zionist self-righteousness and narcissism; rather it is the Western acceptance and support of this attitude”: The Roots of Israeli Exceptionalism (Al-Jazeera) The French PM urges French Muslims to reject niqabs and burqas as a “minority practice, which flouts the basic rules of living together and scandalises our […]

  • News and Analysis (6/25/10)

    Pakistan moves to monitor Google, Yahoo, and YouTube for blasphemous content, a month after it temporarily blocked Facebook for the “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day” controversy: Pakistan Watches Google, Other Sites for Blasphemy (Washington Post) Jerusalem’s decision to demolish homes for a new shopping center threatens to renew U.S.-Israel tensions, and shows a blatant disrespect for property rights […]

  • News and Analysis (6/24/10)

    Muslim world leaders see the possibility to rediscover the “entrepreneurship of the Prophet Mohammed”: Muslim Countries’ Search For Harmony Is Encouraging (Business Daily) “This follows last weekend’s reports of an American fleet passing through the Suez Canal, triggering fears that the United States and Israel were preparing for an attack on Iran, with Egypt’s cooperation”: Report: IAF […]

  • News and Analysis (6/23/10)

    Iranian “ayatollah ship” set to break the Gaza blockade from Lebanon, as the potential for conflict between Israel and Iran continues to escalate … Iran to Send Blockade-Busting Ship to Gaza, Israeli Commandos Train For Confrontation (Fox News) … meanwhile, the Swedish Dockworkers Union institutes a boycott of Israeli cargo in protest of the blockade; similar boycotts […]

  • News and Analysis (6/22/10)

    Activists picket port dock in solidarity with blockaded Gaza Strip: Historic Day in Oakland: Israeli Ship Blocked From Unloading (Daily Kos) Five men detained and questioned after stopping to pray on a road trip: Muslim Advocacy Group Criticizes FBI for Questioning of 5 SoCal Muslims (Los Angeles Times) Israeli High Court refuses to stop the […]

  • News and Analysis (6/21/10)

    Surviving a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups, federal law banning even advice on entirely legal and peaceful activities as “material aid” to terrorist organizations is upheld: Supreme Court Affirms Ban on Aiding Groups Tied to Terror (New York Times) Palestinian victims of eminent domain would be permitted to build homes elsewhere in the […]

  • News and Analysis (6/18/10)

    The intolerance of groups such as “Stop the Islamization of America” only leads to more intolerance and extremism. “This of course is exactly what the jihadists want”: The Danger of Demonizing Adherents of Islam (New York Times) Despite threats against viewers of the World Cup by radical militia group al Shabaab, Somali soccer fans remain […]

  • News and Analysis (6/17/10)

    Accusing the institution of being the “artery that feeds the Satanic alliance with life via oil money”, an Al-Qaida-linked extremist group attacks the Iraqi central bank, and further destabilizes Iraq’s road to economic growth: Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims Deadly Central Bank Attack (Washington Post) “‘I’m cool with all their fighting terrorism and all that … more […]

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