Month: March 2011

  • News and Analysis (3/2/11)

    The Obama administration has chosen to defend John Ashcroft’s abuse of “the material witness law to round up people suspected of ties to terrorism, without evidence to charge them with a crime”: Court to Hear Argument over Post-9/11 Arrest (AP /Seattle Times) Will the West rise to the bait to create yet more enemies by…

  • News and Analysis (3/1/11)

    Despite continuing resignations over the direction of developments in Tunisia: Tunisia Legalises Islamist Group Ennahda (BBC) As protestors, government dispute whether Mousavi and Kourrabi are in jail or under house arrest: Iran Forces Fire Teargas, Clash with Protesters (Reuters) Despite the fact that Gaddafi’s opposition has “seized about half of Libya’s coastline, including a number…

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