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News and Analysis (3/2/11)

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

The Obama administration has chosen to defend John Ashcroft’s abuse of “the material witness law to round up people suspected of ties to terrorism, without evidence to charge them with a crime”:

Will the West rise to the bait to create yet more enemies by intervening into Libyan affairs? The U.S. repositions two ships, but calls the move “symbolic”:

Another Pakistani politician is murdered for opposing the blasphemy law, but the country’s largest religious party, which had praised the similar recent assassination of his Muslim colleague condemns this killing:

“[A]ccording to those who have tracked his career in Britain, Choudary is wholly a press creation. ‘”He’s a media whore,’ says Mehdi Hasan, a senior editor at the New Statesman”:


News and Analysis (3/1/11)

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Despite continuing resignations over the direction of developments in Tunisia:

As protestors, government dispute whether Mousavi and Kourrabi are in jail or under house arrest:

Despite the fact that Gaddafi’s opposition has “seized about half of Libya’s coastline, including a number of major cities in the east” …

… and continue to hold Zawiyah in the west …

… the delusional leader of the four-decades-old revolution continues to insist that the only opposition comes from al-Qaeda and their doped-up dupes:

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi called for more democracy in his LSE Ph.D.dissertation, but the university is taking seriously allegations that the work was plagiarized:

When Hadiya AbdulSalaam complained that her family was being unfairly broken up by a biased official, the agency “”disbelieved anything Mrs. AbdulSalaam said that [the accused bureaucrat] contradicted”: