Month: April 2011

  • News and Analysis (4/28/11)

    The judge “declined to reveal the number or nature of the records the FBI kept on the plaintiffs, citing national security concerns” but he “also reached the conclusion that federal government attorneys initially misled the court about the existence of the documents”: Federal Judge Rules Muslims Can’t See FBI Files (AP / WSAV) We understand […]

  • News and Analysis (4/27/11)

    “[O]fficials say the plan calls for the formation of a single caretaker government in the coming days, and preparations to hold presidential and legislative elections a year from now”: Hamas and Fatah Agree to Form Caretaker Government (Guardian) “”What assurances do we have that (Umbrakato’s forces), if no longer MILF, will respect our ceasefire with […]

  • News and Analysis (4/26/11)

    As the now-deposed head of Egyptian security goes on trial for the murder of protesters, a poll hints at the role of resentment at U.S. policies in the pro-democracy demonstrations: Poll: Egyptians Have Unfavorable View of U.S., Are Divided on Fundamentalists (Washington Post with Foreign Policy) “Human rights groups have accused Bahrain of arresting patients […]

  • News and Analysis (4/25/11)

    Despite lifting of emergency laws and Assad’s personal promise to end the bloodshed, reports of Syrian violence against civilians escalate: Syrian Security Forces Raid Home of Activists After Breaking up Funerals (Christian Science Monitor) 3 Prominent Syrians Resign in Protest Against Deadly Crackdown (Washington Post with Foreign Policy) Syrian Army ‘Attacks Protest City of Deraa’ […]

  • The U.S. and the Middle East–Answers to Questions from Fars News

    We were recently interviewed by Reza Saiedi of Fars News about current events in the Middle East. Here are the questions and our answers. Q. It seems that there is a different basis for the unrest faced in Libya, Syria and Iran compared with that faced in the rest of the region. All the situations […]

  • News and Analysis (4/21/11)

    Even as Syria “abolishes state security courts and allows citizens to protest peacefully” … Syria Protests: Bashar al-Assad Lifts Emergency Law (BBC) … ruled by their fear, Christians and Islamists both impede the transition to democracy by opposing the lifting of the emergency laws: Amid transition, more Egyptians cling to safety of long-hated emergency law […]

  • News and Analysis (4/19/11)

    “The UN children’s fund said on Tuesday that 26 children have been killed during violent protests in Yemen over the last two months” … Security Forces Fire on Yemeni Protesters (AlJazeera) … meanwhile children under the protection of the U.N. campaign in Libya are also dying … U.N. Says 20 Children Killed in Misrata, Wants […]

  • News and Analysis (4/18/11)

    A possible explanation for the unanticipated revolt in Syria: U.S. Secretly Backed Syrian Opposition Groups, Cables Released by WikiLeaks Show (Washington Post) “Yemeni security forces and plain-clothes gunmen opened fire on thousands of demonstrators marching through Sanaa Sunday night, leaving at least 15 wounded from live ammunition”: As Yemenis Run Low on Gas and Food, […]

  • News and Analysis (4/14/11)

    As the daughter of the “outspoken dissident Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, weakened by breast-feeding while fasting in “her fourth day without food in protest at the violent arrest and subsequent disappearance of” her father, husband, and brother-in-law says she “will leave her 18-month-old child with family members if she dies” … Bahraini Woman Willing to Die if […]

  • News and Analysis (4/12/11)

    UN investigator “Juan Mendez said he was ‘disappointed and frustrated by the prevarication’ he met from US officials”: UN Unmonitored Bradley Manning Visits ‘Blocked’ (BBC) Ouattara offers a truth and reconciliation commission,promising, “Every measure has been taken to assure the physical integrity of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo, his wife and all those arrested…. They will receive […]

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