Month: October 2011

  • News and Analysis

    “Despite the warnings, … [e]ven as other countries stopped handing over detainees to problematic facilities, the U.S. government did not”: U.S. Had Advance Warning of Abuse at Afghan Prisons, Officials Say (Washington Post with Foreign Policy) Only one of 12,000 Egyptian civilians tried before military courts since Muhabarak was deposed, Abd El Fattah “rejects the […]

  • News and Analysis (10/29/11)

    With the victory of both Islam and democracy in Tunisia, and unrest breaking out in the cradle of the Tunisian revolution,  bill of rights takes on primary importance in the constitution-writing phase: Does the Arab Spring Need a Bill of Rights? (Christian Science Monitor) As tens of thousands flee Tawergha in fear of vengeful militants […]

  • News and Analysis (10/27/11)

    “African, Asian or European, bareheaded or modestly garbed in flowered hijab …, these women brim not with resigned fatalism but with energy, conviction and … optimism” about refocusing on the basic objectives of the Sharia, “protection and promotion of religion (al-din), life (al-nafs), mind (al-aql), family (al-nasl), wealth (al-mal), and dignity (al-‘ird)” of both men […]

  • News and Analysis (10/26/2011)

    Plans for a coalition between Islamists and secularists are on the table in Tunisia. “With a clear majority and a diverse range of views, a coalition [between al Nehda, Congres pour le Republique and Ettekatol] could bring considerable legitimacy to the two chief tasks of Tunisia’s post-revolution government: drafting a new constitution and nominating a […]

  • News and Analysis (10/25/2011)

    “To gain international financial assistance, the new government needs to prove its commitment to basic human rights. Lingering concerns about extrajudicial killings will set back that effort” … A ‘New Libya’  Must Probe Gadhafi Killing (CNN) … but his inglorious burial is an unpromising start; “Throw him in a hole, in the sea, in garbage. No […]

  • News and Analysis (10/24/11)

    “Whatever the outcome is, it is our decision, it is not imposed on us”–Tunisian voter: Early Signs in Tunisian Election Point to Strong Islamist Showing, Monitors Call the Vote Fair (AP / Washington Post with Foreign Affairs) Tunisia After Its First Free Elections (Washington Post) Unlikely Kingmaker Emerges in Tunisia’s Election (Christian Science Monitor) “In […]

  • News and Analysis (10/23/11)

    “Tunisia’s elections, more than nine months after the country toppled its dictator of 23 years, Zine El Abedine Ben Ali, are a litmus test for the Arab Spring”: Tunisia Election Set to Empower Islamists. How Moderate Will They Be? (Christian Science Monitor) “Mona Rishmawi, a senior U.N. human rights official, said after visiting Libya this […]

  • News and Analysis (10/20/11)

    Now that they have killed him, the rebels have dropped claims that Gaddafi fled the country: Death of Libya’s Gaddafi Avoids Awkward Trial (Reuters) How Muammar Qaddafi Met His End (Christian Science Monitor) After Qaddafi: Can a Democratic Libya Unify a Divided Society? (Christian Science Monitor) Qaddafi’s Death Leaves a Libya that Must Build Itself […]

  • News and Analysis (10/19/11)

    When Gilad Schalit sat down minutes after crossing into Israel for his first conversation with an IDF psychologist, he smiled and said to the doctor: “I knew you would be surprised by my condition” … Schalit’s Captivity: No Sunlight but Given Radio, TV (Jerusalem Post) … but Nael Barghouti, released after 33 years of imprisonment […]

  • News and Analysis (10/18/11)

    EU reps assured the Gaza government that the restrictions on the entry of goods would be eased as Shalit and the Palestinian 1,027 are freed: Hamas: Israel Pledged to Lift Gaza Blockade as Part of Shalit Swap Deal (Haaretz) Freed Israeli Soldier Returns Home: ‘We Have Experienced the Rebirth of a Son’ (abc News) The […]

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