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News and Analysis (10/13/11)

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The idiotic plot to kill a Saudi ambassador on American soil makes a dubious excuse to accelerate the belligerence with Iran …

… because it is hard to credit Holder’s accusations of a link to top Iranian government officials:

The prisoner release gives Israel another opportunity to demonstrate its contempt for international law by deporting hundreds of people from their own country:

If the NTC persists in sectarian violence, prisoner abuse, and arms prliferation, they may make not only Libyans, but even NATO, pine for the return of the deposed delusional strongman:

Kazakhstan’s dictator calls his planned restrictions on freedom of religion, such as banning “prayer rooms in all state institutions” a means to strengthen religious tolerance, but Western human rights groups disagree and “Kazakhstan’s Supreme Mufti, Absattar Derbisali, said this could anger pious Muslims and spur extremism”:

Promises, promises! “The government had said on May 11, after deadly unrest, that it would prepare within a month legislation to lift restrictions on church building….”:

News and Analysis (10/12/11)

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

With Holder’s charges that high Iranian officials are involved in the thwarted assassination plot against a Saudi diplomat, the pieces are n play to turn the cold war with Iran into a real war:

A video of the recent violence proves that Christians and Muslims are united in opposition to the military dictatorship …

…”This is not the Islam we grew up with…. We know Islam, we live among it, it never meant tearing down our churches” — Morkos, a Christian villager; “This is the government’s fault with its paperwork. We have no problem in our hearts towards Christians” — Ibrahim Al-Barsy, coordinator of a group called the Arab tribe coalition in Aswan:

Insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood “can be an important part of the solution,” the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee defended awarding the prize to the founder of “Women Journalists Without Chains” saying, that if “one fails to include the women in the revolution and the new democracies, there will be no democracy”:

Himself a target of religious intolerance, Romney needs to understand why appointing an Islamophobic propagandist as an adviser on Islam is perceived by American Muslims as “akin to turning to David Duke to get advice on race relations”

Weiner complained that his in-laws’ religion had “lots of restrictions;” might they have including a prohibition against a married man sexting to strange women?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab confesses to staging a revenge attack to deter the continuing slaughter of innocent Muslims, but expect the Islamophobes to ignore that and instead echo his fallacious claims that his actions were not in violation of Islamic law as if this ignorant terrrorist were some kind of Islmaic legal expert:

“Four days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, three innocent men, (Sikh, Muslim and Egyptian Christian) were murdered” but the compassion of a Muslim survivor of a murderous attack tot try to save the life of his would-be killer transformed the heart of his “self-avowed “red-neck patriot” attacker:

Both Palestinians and Israelis celebrate the deal that on the one hand, frees one Israeli soldier and one thousand Palestinians, but that on the other hand, will thousands of Palestinian political prisoners and no Israelis in enemy hands:

The US isn’t the only country committing renditions, torture and assassinations; the security forces of  “Chechnya’s Moscow-backed strongman Ramzan Kadyrov” are accused “systematic abductions, torture and extrajudicial killings”:


News and Analysis (10/11/11)

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

As thousands of Palestinian prisoners join in a hunger strike against conditions in Israeli jails, Netanyahu announces a deal has been struck with Hamas to for the release of Gilad Shalit, reportedly in exchange for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners:

Muslims join Christians in outrage against Egyptian military and media for the murder of peaceful Copt demonstrators in an apparent attempt to fuel sectarian discord; the finance minister resigns and a newscaster declares her shame at “working for state media, which, she said, ‘had proven itself to be a slave for whoever rules Egypt'””:

“Details offered by the Justice Department painted a picture of a dizzying international plot involving Mexican drug cartels, murder for hire and huge sums of money being transferred from unknown locations” in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US:

Any colleges or university that violated has “broken the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act” to collaborate with NYPD to spy on students could lose “every single federal dollar: the research funds, the federal loans, the Pell grants,” according to Meg Penrose at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law:

As the Nahda party bolsters its appeal to moderates by accepting women who choose to remain unveiled and even the Communists are rebranding themselves to present a more Islamic image, yet  the “liberals” continue to alienate themselves from potential voters with their illiberal policy of making what is admittedly the fashion choice of minority of women a criminal offense:

As a former German Chancellor Gerhart Schroeder areues that the …

… “U.S. officials understand that Erdogan remains bitter about Israel’s May 2010 commando attack on a flotilla organized by activists in Turkey to bring aid to the Gaza Strip” but seem incapable of grasping his reasons for demanding a formal apology the killings and for an end to the inhumane blockade or for opposition to American drilling in disputed Cypriot fields:

For decades people feared to criticize Gaddafi, but now it is supporters who live in fear, yet the intensity of the resistance to the rebellion exceeds NATO’s expectations:

As “Syria rejects calls to join tribunal, grant full access to aid workers, [and] release prisoners,” its ruling “family and their entourage are now very much an urban elite, their spiritual home the wealthy Damascus suburbs of swish coffee shops and fast cars rather than the rural poverty from which they rose, and in which many Syrians now languish”:


News and Analysis (10/10/11)

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The attacks on Christian initiated protests appear to be a direct attempt to inflame sectarian rivalries in the military’s attempt to foil a transition to civilian led democratic government in Egypt:

Haaretz suspects Israeli extremists “disappointed that no violent conflict in fact erupted” from the Palestinian statehood bid are behind terrorist attacks on mosques and churches, soldiers and policemen “in the hope of sparking riots”:

Said one detainee, “… I had to confess because I could not stand the pain, and I did not want that to happen to me again and suffer the same severe and unbearable pain.” Others reported denial water for ablutions for prayers, “I asked the NDS official to give me water for ablution, and I said to him ‘for Allah’s sake and for Qur’an’s sake give me water’, and he said ‘there is no Allah or Qur’an here'”:

The government says the Muslim-American pharmacist a  terrorist, but the leaderless Occupy Boston protesters (who have no position on the issue) gave his defenders a hearing and played host to” the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee who say he’s a victim of Islamophobia:

If this report of the contents of the secret memo by which the Obama administration justifies the assassination of Anwar Awlakli is correct, no wonder they do not want it made public:

“The union said it has filed an unfair-labor-practices complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against Hertz for failing to notify the union in advance of what it called a policy change”:

“They are not Muslims. They are misinterpreting the religion and have made our blood their business! They don’t even spare students. We need no more patience, but to kill and fight them. Down with al-Shabab!” — Zaynab Ali, a protester:

The “improvement in [Karroubi’s] living conditions may reflect official concern about a possible boycott of parliamentary elections, due next March, by reformist politicians who fear they will be shut out of the political process”:

“Engrossing and fast-paced, ‘Wham! Bam! Islam!’ is a fascinating look at what happens when ideals, money, religion, and pop culture collide in the global marketplace”:

News and Analysis (10/6/11)

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

“Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, the Secretary General of the [Freedom and Justice Party] … spoke with the officials about US intervention in Egypt’s domestic affairs, the Arab-Israeli conflict and US support for Arab dictators”:

A broad spectrum of critics is calling for earlier elections and questioning the military’s motives in dragging its heels:

“Now those who live abroad are taken to a college and never think about the hereafter. They never think about the harassed Muslims. [Such a student] wakes up in the morning, goes to college and studies and accepts what the infidels tell him, while infidels are massacring Muslims” — alleged al-Shabab terroist Bashar Abdullahi Nur:

As Gaddafi urges mass protests over “unbearable” conditions, an international aid worker anonymously confides, “There’s a lot of indiscriminate fire” so NATO is seems to be failing to protect civilians, “adding that many residents and doctors he had spoken to had complained of the deadly results of NATO air strikes”:

Encountering the intolerance of American Islamophobes, the creator of the Islamic superheroes comic book says, “There is nothing different from them and the extremists in my country. They are just as bad. They are just intellectual terrorists.”

If your wife went to an Islamic school or works for an Islamic charity, you could lose your security clearance:

More than just a waste of time and money, the NYPD’s surveiilance of Muslims in apparent violation of a court order has concerned both the NYCLU and city officials:

Suspending aid to Palestinians won’t save U.S. taxpayers much, but it could undermine Palestinian cooperation on Israeli “security;” but while Unesco membership falls short of Palestinian goal of full UN membership, it could give Palestinians protection for their monuments as World Heritage Sites from Israel threats:

As the debate rages over what American taxpayers are getting for “$20.7 billion in aid to Pakistan since 2002, Pakistani commission says that a “Pakistani doctor accused of running a vaccination program for the CIA to help track down Osama bin Laden should be put on trial for high treason”:


News and Analysis (10/4/11)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

US officials affirm the meetings while MB officials deny them; Israeli backers are nervous:

According to the Amnesty study, the elderly parents of a US-based Syrian were badly beaten and locked in their bathroom in the city of Homs after their son – a pianist and composer – was filmed performing at a pro-reform demonstration in front of the White House

Despite “relatively positive relations” between the Seattle Muslims and “local law enforcement agencies,” S. Arsalan Bukhari,” of the Seattle chapter of CAIR, notes that “a  ‘cottage industry’ has been built up around the country of people who claim to be experts on Islam and have instead been spreading lies and misinformation, sometimes with the backing of agencies like the FBI”:

While we agree he should have the same right as Jewish prisoners, perhaps Abdul Awkal should be more concerend with Allah’s wrath over the fact that he killed his estranged wife and brother-in-law than over being forced to eat meat not formally slaughtered in a strictly Islamic fashion:

“The list includes a series of incidents in which soldiers allegedly shot or bombed civilians. In one, they are suspected of killing a man who was praying in a field. In another, a man was shot collecting grass and rocks near a firing range”:

Dissatisfied with Pakistan’s cooperation investigating the Rabbani assassination, Afghanistan turns to India:

“The truck bomb, driven by two suicide bombers, struck a building compound housing government employees, and killed scores of college students queuing up for results of a scholarship program that would have allowed many Somali students to study in Turkey”:

“Muslims should not adopt violent ways in response to the provoking acts by miscreants because they first provoke Muslims then as per pre-planned program they destroy properties and lives of Muslims with the help of communal minded Police. If there is anything wrong, consult to regional Muslim leaders who should take it to the authorities – Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid, Maulana Ahmad Bukhari:

The “campaign of sectarian violence … has exposed Islamabad’s inability to protect minorities”:



News and Analysis (10/3/11)

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

While we cannot agree with Dick Cheney’s arguments for torturing terrorism suspects, we sympathize with his claim that the Obama administration owes Bush an apology after granting itself the right to execute without charges or trial those it proclaims itself too civilized to simulate drowning:

As a former leader leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood expresses his hopes that “the US finally realises that its interests lie with the people and not with the regime” …

… mass arrests are reported as a nascent civil war merges and an opposition coalition is formed:

Friday’s demonstrations prompt movement on reforms, but skepticism persists:

“Libya’s transitional leaders named a new Cabinet Monday and said they would step down after the country is fully secured,” which the transitional PM declared would be “after Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte is captured because that would ensure the borders are secure,” promising that the current leaders “will not take part in any future government in any way”:

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments that holding cells aren’t covered by a federal law protecting the religious practices of prisoners”:

“The words “price tag” were spray painted on the mosque, Rosenfeld added — a reference to a Jewish settler practice of attacking Palestinians or the Israeli military in retaliation for government operations or attacks against Jewish settlements”:

Phillipine security oficials speculate that a loose affiliation of “Muslim militants and outlaws” were behind the kidnapping:

“Karzai’s announcement that the Afghan government will now focus negotiation efforts on Pakistan comes as an acknowledgement that previous peace talks were not working. But many observers say that they worry the president’s new push to involve Pakistan more may not achieve better results”:

The terrorist suspect is accused of both “helping plot a suicide bombing in a church in the Central Java town of Solo on Sept. 25 that injured 22 worshippers” and “plotting an April suicide bombing that injured 30 police officers praying in a mosque in the West Java town of Cirebon”:



News and Analysis (10/1/11)

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The Obama administration justifies its targeted assassination of a US citizen because he effectively propagandized for the enemy in a time of war; wasn’t that the justification given by the assassins of Theo van Gogh?

As liberal and conservative visions of an Islamic state contend for a place in a democratic society, it becomes clear that any interpretation of “democracy” as majority rule would load the game in favor of the social conservatives:

An “investigative program at the University of California discovered that the domestic ‘terror plots’ hyped in the media were plotted by FBI agents. FBI undercover agents now number 15,000, ten times their number during the protests against the Vietnam war when protesters were suspected of communist sympathies” …

… which can explain how Muslim outcast Rezwan Ferdous ended up at the center of the latest case:

Things have changed since the flush of Oslo: America’s inability to deliver Israel has become apparent to all, as has the necessity of Palestinian unity, the value of Palestinian collaboration to Israeli security, and the vulnerability of both Israel and the US to international isolation; change must be real, not simply symbolic:

“Since his arrival on 25 June, it has emerged that no one informed him he was prohibited from coming to Britain and that a Heathrow immigration officer who scanned his passport ignored a live alert to exclude him”:

In the wake of the executions of a probably innocent Troy Davies and a certainly guilty yet repentant Mark Stroman, Islamic reformer Tariq Ramadan reiterates his call for a moratorium on the detah penalty in the US, “in Saudi Arabia, in Iran or anywhere else”:

“Because Islam is tolerant of divorce and Coptic Orthodoxy by and large is not, many Coptic women have converted to Islam to leave their marriages;” to save face some “Christian families have been known to accuse the man and his family of abducting her and forcing her to convert to Islam”:

The victim of the convicted assassin, politician Salmaan “Taseer didn’t offend anybody and nor did he use offensive words; he just asked for repealing a law that was put in place by a dictator and has caused a suffocating environment not just for non-Muslims but Muslims of this country, equally” — Catholic Bishop Rufin Anthony of Rawalpindi/Islamabad:

“Syrian troops fought intense battles Friday with hundreds of fellow soldiers who have turned their weapons against the regime of President Bashar Assad, revealing the increasingly militarized nature of an uprising started months ago by peaceful protesters”: