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News and Analysis (11/16/11)

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

While Egypt, Tunisia and Kuwait engage the new generation of conservative by allowing their participation in the political process, Jordan has reportedly “kept them in solitary confinement and denied them medical attention”, as the authorities there see “their very existence as an ongoing threat to the country’s stability”:

In a study on the suburbs of France demonstrates the socio-economic issues faced by Muslims in the republic lead “them to feel that being Muslim might equal exclusion from French society” the author concludes that “[a Muslim’s] assertion of identity should not be understood too literally; it is also another way of asking to integrate in society, not necessarily to reject it”:
Egypt witnesses a clash between Islamic schools as the Muslim Brotherhood and so-called Salafists “are trying to outdo each other with charitable deeds and give-aways. And in private talks, they disparage each other as too liberal, too radical or too under the sway of foreign interests, even as their leaders claim to be united”:

In Afghanistan, “critics say without an agreement to discuss, the [Jirga] gathering is pointless”:

More discussions are scheduled to happen in the Middle East this time between the Arabs, Israel, and Iran about Iran’s nuclear program, which will again arguably yield “no concrete outcome”:
“Latino Muslims are predisposed to exemplify tolerance as their historical circumstances render them champions of interreligious dialogue and acceptance. Often, their beloved parents, brothers and sisters practice Christianity and their families are living examples of interfaith love”:

“It is unfortunate that the [Islamic Art] galleries were closed during a period where such awe may have translated to a broader understanding of Islam. Even now, it may not dispel negative perceptions of the religion, but it could help in convincing people that there are several facets to Islamic heritage”:

“The strikes came as diplomatic pressure ratcheted up on Syria, which is facing growing regional and international censure for its failure to end an eight-month-old crackdown “:

News and Analysis (11/15/11)

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that FBI statistics found that anti-Muslims hate crimes rose nearly 50 percent in 2010, and Cain refuses to identify the “Muslim leader” who warned hm that most Amercian Muslims are extremists:

“The free market system is similar to the Islamic system,” says leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party, but he calls for reforms that would insure “that poor people are sharing in the wealth of society:
“Assassinations of nuclear scientists, a sophisticated cyber-attack, and now, last weekend, a mysterious blast at a munitions base that has killed the ‘godfather’ of Iran’s ballistic missile programmer”:
While it militarily intervened to stop the revolts in Bahrain, the GCC facilitates the ouster of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen:
Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, president of the International Union of Islamic Scholars, praises the revolutions of the Arab Spring and states “the epoch of dynasties is over: the examples of the dynasties of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia, of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya provide proof of this”:
A convert from Islam to Christianity faces the death penalty for apostasy and a  Zoroastrian (follower of a religion founded by Zarathustra  in Iran, where it prospered from 559 BC and 651 AD), says many of his co-coreligionists hide their faith in fear of prosecution:

News and Analysis (11/14/11)

Monday, November 14th, 2011

As a police kill a suicide bomber targeting the meeting, Karzai says this loya jirga, unlike the one that placed him in power, will be strictly “consultative” and non-binding, but his opponents fear that it will be “constitutional” and provide an excuse “to prolong the duration of his government, or announce a state of emergency that will allow him to stay on in power”:

As Syria incurs “more European sanctions and criticism from Turkey and Jordan on Monday after a surprise Arab League decision to suspend its membership for failing to halt months of violence against protesters” and “a night of apparently [state-]sponsored violence against the diplomatic missions of states that had voted to punish it” for defying the agreement:

Under the now-deposed Ben Ali, “pluralism was a facade” with most civil society associations “under the control of the regime;” things have changed in Tunisia with a “newly open conversation” flourishing …

… but in Libya where a charismatic anarchy has reigned since the overthrow of the monarchy fifty years ago, the absence of precedent leaves the path to a constitutional democracy obscure and its prospects challenging …

… and in Egypt change is constrained by the military’s refusal to relinquish control; the junta  “has jailed journalists and bloggers, shot and killed protesters – including 17 Coptic Christians last month who were complaining about unfair treatment by the state – and used secret trials against civilians”:

“Fed up with a decade of the police spying on the innocuous details of the daily lives of Muslims, … Muslim community leaders are openly teaching people how to identify police informants, encouraging them to always talk to a lawyer before speaking with the authorities and reminding people already working with law enforcement that they have the right to change their minds”:

The IAEA charges that although the physicist insists that he was in Iran to share his techniques for nanodiamonds, he “also lectured on explosion physics and its applications” that could include triggering a nuclear device, but as his work there ended nine years ago it is, at most evidence of nuclear ambitions from a decade ago, and shed no light on Iran’s current program:

“The anti-Muslim extremist who confessed to a bombing and shooting massacre that killed 77 people in Norway tried to declare himself a resistance leader Monday” but investigators “have found no evidence to support Breivik’s claims that he belongs to a network of modern-day crusaders opposed to multiculturalism, and that two other cells are ready to strike”:

News and Analysis (11/12/11)

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

The “younger brother of the brave Tunisian fruit vendor whose self-immolation triggered the Arab uprising” shares with  economist Hernando de Soto the hope that “the lesson of his brother’s “sacrifice would bring to the Arab World” would be that “the poor also have the right to buy and sell”:

“At an emergency session of its 22 member states in Cairo to discuss the crisis, the league decided to exclude Syria until it implements the terms of an earlier agreed peace deal to stop the violence. The league also agreed to impose economic and political sanctions,” but, in the wake of the Libyan experience, did not call for military intervention:

“Alaa and Mohammed Hubail, brothers and national-team stars, are now living in the shadows, kicked off the national team and humiliated” after “being arrested and, according to them, beaten in a Bahraini government detention center, they were also fired from the professional clubs” for joining “a democracy protest last February”:

A “coalition of Detroit clergy” who are “shocked by the rhetoric in” sermons of a Penacostalist preacher literally demonizing Muslims, “led a march of about 150 people” chanting, “Stop the hate, spread the love” to protest the false impression of Christianity projected by a Pentacostal minister “independent of any denomination and … intensely focused on the end times”:

As Iran’s Supreme Leader vows to respond decisively to any Israeli or American military strike, a mystreious “accident” kills 27 elite Iranian revolutionary guard soldiers:

Kazakhstan “had been all but untouched by Islamist violence since gaining independence in 1991, but “wave of violence in the summer” was the excuse for a hastily passed and evidently ineffective law that belied “President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s earlier attempts to cast Kazakhstan as a land of religious tolerance” by tightening “registration rules for religious groups”:

As the consequences of Sarkozy’s “intemperate” characterization of Netanyahui as a liar, accidentally picked up by an open microphone, are openly discussed, an analysis of the substance of the charge is more difficult to find:

“Rashid Khalidi … calls Ross a central figure in a ‘disastrous approach’ that favored interminable negotiations over dealmaking. If prospects for a two-state solution are dimming, he says, at least part of the blame should be assigned to Ross”:

News and Analysis (11/10/11)

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Municipal authorities leave  racist slogans including “Death to Arabs” sprayed on gravestones at the Muslim cemetery some Israelis seek to desecrate in order to build a “Museum of Tolerance”weeks ago unerased; especially ironic is that some say the cemetery contains the remains of troops of Saladin who allowed the Jews back into Jerusalem after defeating the Crusaders:

The preacher chose Muhammad’s Farewell Pilgrimage address as the subject of his own sermon; ““The prophet taught us that respecting the sanctity of human life and private property must be the foundation of any society that abides by the Islamic faith”:

As 21 more die and opposition rivals in Cairo scuffle, some  Syrian activists have “called for international monitors to document President … al-Assad’s government offensive against pro-democracy protesters, but rejected more robust foreign intervention”:

Big Brother is watching; a disillusioned G-Man says, “We’ve documented intelligence activities targeting or obstructing First Amendment-protected activity in 33 states and DC“:

“[T]he most compelling aspect of All-American Muslim: Like any community, there are many different varieties of being an American Muslim”:

Offers of dialogue, computer hacking collaboration with Israel, sanctions, even mysterious assassinations of Iranian scientists have all failed to derail Iran’s nuclear program, and an Israeli military “strike could trigger war in the Middle East and would hardly leave the US untouched”:

Now that al-Qaeda has boasted of the weapons the NATO intervention in Libya has delivered to them, the UN turns its attention to how to stop the flow:

The American soldier is accused of having “recruited other soldiers to murder civilians he called ‘savages'” and having “collected body parts as war trophies;” among the alleged atrocities are “inciting two soldiers to kill 15 year-old Gul Mudin, who was working in a field” and then playing “with the corpse of the teenager ‘as if it was a puppet'”:

Although dozens have been sentenced in both the initial train attack and the subsequent riots, “the widespread belief in Gujarat that the violence against Muslims in Sardarpura and other villages was deliberately orchestrated” remains unaddressed and unresolved:


News and Analysis (11/9/11)

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, President and Director of the Minaret of Freedom Institute,and Dr. Steven Zunes, a professor of politics and international studies at the University of St. Francisco talk about Iran’s nuclear program and the wider implications of the IAEA claims that it has credible information that Tehran is trying to build nuclear weapons:

“I was an occupier and am now an #occupier. I once served the 1%, but now try to serve the 99%. That is why I must speak up when I see the Occupy movement being led astray by the same nationalism and ‘Ameri-centrism,’ the same thoughtless praises for U.S. troops and veterans, and the same hypocrisy that led us into the so-called ‘War On Terror’ and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“In a move that analysts say is highly unusual for a top-level diplomat, Mr. Jeffrey has lately apologized to Iraqi politicians and tribal leaders in the Shiite-dominated south for the United States inaction during the 1991 popular uprising,” incited but not militarily supported by President George W. Bush ending “in a bloodbath that claimed tens of thousands of lives”:

Pakistani laws that “violate international standards by criminalizing Ahmadi religious practice, and maintaining a blasphemy law that results in minorities and dissenters targeted for arrest, and even at times death” and persecute Shi’a, Sufis, and Christians as well stems from an education system that misrepresents the tolerant essence of Islam:

Activists in the UAE, “including a prominent blogger and an economics professor who has lectured at the Abu Dhabi branch of Paris’ Sorbonne university, were charged with anti-state crimes after signing an Internet petition calling for constitutional changes and free elections”;

The chaos of the Taliban is an issue that influences Non-Muslims and Muslims alike. “The attack came just days after Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taliban, used an Eid address to demand his fighters to take greater care to avoid civilian casualties.”
English-speaking Muslims use Arabic names for Muslim rituals and feasts. Turks, on the other hand, have been using Persian equivalents. “Different names used for the same meaning attest to different worldviews, in this case, to a difference between the Orthodox Islam of the Arab core and the Sufi Islam of the peripheral Muslim nations”;

News and Analysis (11/8/11)

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Sen. Mark Kirk’s (R-IL)  says his plans to “collapse the Central Bank of Iran,” slamming the door on Iranian oil exports won’t cause a painful surge in oil prices because Saudi hatred of Iran exceeds their good economic sense and they would make up the differnece at current prices, but others “say Saudi Arabia doesn’t have the market power to keep prices stable”:

Has y9ur business been destroyed by illegal surveillance? Legal experts fear there’s nothing you can do about it:

With over 3,5000 killed so far, Syrians are asking is sauce for Gaddafi sauce for al-Assad?

“[T]he coordinator for the prime minister’s big legal team, has said that with Gadhafi’s death, al-Mahmoudi is the ‘sole holder’ of internal Libyan secrets and ‘relations between Libya and certain powers'”:

“Luz, the cartoonist, refused to condemn extremists for the” firebombing of the  French satirical magazine’s office, saying, “Let’s be cautious. There’s every reason to believe it’s the work of fundamentalists, but it could just as well be the work of two drunks”:

“Defense attorney Richard Kammen said Nashiri’s treatment in U.S. hands would be a major issue in the trial and likely the reason he was being tried at Guantanamo rather than in a federal court,” saying, “What this whole process is about is to keep the public from knowing the full extent of the things which he and a lot of other people were subjected to”:

“The 2011 Hajj also holds special significance for Muslims in the wake of the Arab Spring this year. Though the pilgrimage has traditionally been thought of as an undertaking for middle-aged or senior Muslims, increasing numbers of young pilgrims have been making the trip to Mecca in the past decade”:

News and Analysis (11/7/11)

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood’s Eid charity wins goodwill of voters, but some think systemic change is more important than food subsidies:

Hurriyah (her first name means freedom) Ziada is part of a nascent movement rejecting the two-state solution in favor of a single state with liberty and justice for all:

“U.S. intelligence officials maintain that Iran’s leaders have not decided whether to build nuclear weapons but are intent on gathering all the components and skills so they can quickly assemble a bomb if they choose to. Iran has consistently maintained that its nuclear activities are peaceful”:

“At a time when the Republicans are attacking Obama for being insensitive to Israeli interests, Obama cannot afford another confrontation with Netanyahu. In spite of the danger Israel would put U.S. troops under if it attacked Iran, Obama’s ability to exact a political price on Israel for doing so is currently limited”:

The schools in Cambridge, MA join Dearborn, MI and Burlington, VT in closing for a Muslim holiday. “I think this shows that we live up to our values, and our values are of inclusion and of respect,’’ says School Superintendent Jeffrey Young, but School Committee member Marc “McGovern said he received criticism and a couple of threats” after the holiday closing was approved …

.. while in Syria the holiday was marked by the killing of thirteen more demonstrators:

An inside look at the meaning of the “re-enactment of the physical and spiritual journey undertaken by Abraham and his family more than 4000 years ago” for the pilgrims at Mecca:

Meeting  the American-born convert who founded the Islamic Heritage Museum is an eye-opener for a Bengali immigrant, but a Baptist family can’t get past their anxieties not over “suspicions about terrorism or Sept. 11” but over what the afterlife holds for members who have converted to Islam:

“It was not immediately clear whether this was Kuwait’s final word to the Pentagon or a suggestion that nothing is yet resolved and negotiations are in progress. The reference to the issue of U.S. troops was mentioned as part of a lengthy statement on a variety of issues. A rebuff from Kuwait would be a significant blow to U.S. efforts to boost the numbers of forces in the Gulf”:

News and Analysis (11/5/11)

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

The new proliferation of civil society institutions gives women new opportunities that fear of of the brutal Revolutionary Committees denied them despite Gaddafi’s expanding “educational and employment opportunities for women and signal[ing] a commitment to gender equality by traveling with a contingent of gun-toting female bodyguards” …

… but Gaddafi’s success in making 97% of homes occupier-owned is threatened by the return of the landlords:

“[O]nce an arrogant and pervasive force in Cairo, until they cracked down on the Tahrir Square demonstrations, the police are now “hated, and in their shame, they have disappeared. The transitional military government has failed badly in reorganizing them”:

As Israel beats the war drums against Iran, Iran protests at the U.N. that the alleged plotter Washington calls an Iranian military official is really a member of the MEK rebel group on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations:

Israelis practice a more genteel form of piracy, abducting 27 passengers on the high seas but managing not to kill anyone the humanitarian relief mission for the beseiged people of Gaza after their tasers and water cannons failed to provoke a violent response:

When the Jewish family found it hard to keep their Coney Island Bialys Bakers Co. profitable in the current economy, local Muslims bought out the failing bagel and bialys business, declaring “”We’re sticking with kosher”:

“Two senior police officers and five suspected Taliban fighters charged for their alleged role in the killing of ex-PM” and then=president Muhsarraf, although not charged, is wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant in the matter:

The Bahraini government marks Eid-al-Adha by releasing 17-year-old  Zulfiqar Naji:

Boko Haram has taken responsibility for the “wave of bombings and shootings carried out in northeast Nigeria overnight,” threatening “We will continue attacking federal government formations until security forces stop their excesses on our members and vulnerable civilians”:

News and Analysis (11/3/11)

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

By firing tank mounted machine guns on demonstrators only a day after agreeing to the Arab league plan to withdraw the military from the cities, Syria has sabotaged Erdogan’s “no problems with neighbors” policy:

A Florida councilwoman says its love of animals rather than hatred of Muslims that is behind her conviction that a 45-cre farm is not an appropriate place to slaughter animals to feed the poor and celebrate the Muslim high holiday of Eid al Adha, honoring Abraham’s sacrifice:

The Obedient Wives Club denies that their book is “obscene and demeaning for women,” but Malaysian authorities will impose a $1600 fine for its possession and and $6400 fine for copying with intent to sell:

“She is a devout Muslim, but her dresses will surprise you…. Lymus is determined to break down many of the stereotypes about Muslim women — like the assumption that all Muslim women are docile and wear black”:

“After a couple of generations, [immigrants] take on an American imprint that can then be exported back to their home countries. It happened to Jews. It happened to Catholics. It even happened to the Pilgrims. And it is happening to Muslims. I believe this is good for Islam” — Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf:

“Sudan’s pessimism regarding the possibility of normalization. That pessimism, in turn, could ultimately lead the regime of President Omar al Bashir to conclude that it is not worthwhile to halt violence in the border areas or Darfur in the hope of winning acceptance from Washington. That pessimism could also push Sudan even closer to China”:

The travel agency blames its failure to obtain the necessary visas on Saudi restrictions; the Saudis say VIP Travel is not on their list of approved agencies:

“Despite the cave’s importance in Islamic history, al-Nour mountain is largely neglected by the authorities. Visits are also discouraged by religious police to ensure that pilgrims practice Islam according to the Gulf monarchy’s strict interpretation”:

Is Seif safe? “Gadhafi and his late father’s former chief of military intelligence, Abdullah al-Senoussi, have reportedly been traveling in separate convoys escorted by Tuaregs, the hardy nomads who understand best how to survive in the desert”: