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News and Analysis (8/7/12)

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

The attackers that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers before launching an attack on Israel is adding to the strains between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military  while creating new ones Egypt and Hamas:

As politicians pump up the anti-Muslim rhetoric, the lunatic fringe in their audience engage in ignorant acts of violence that even affect Sikhs as well as innocent Muslims:

Syria’s defecting prime minister “called the Syrian government a ‘terrorist regime'” …

… but a Sunni shopkeeper, appalled by excesses of the anti-Assad forces laments, “I cannot support the murder of my neighbors in the name of change. You cannot bring democracy by killing innocent people or by burning the shrines of Shiites. Syrians don’t do that. This is the work of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia” …

… and  Iranian PM Ali Larijani warns, “These crimes are not something the Iranian nation will disregard…. The American regime and some countries in the region are responsible for these crimes. And they will receive their response in turn”:

It turns out that the argument that drones help avoid collateral damage (murder of civilians) “bases its most fundamental argument on Israeli military industry propaganda and an unpublished conference paper”:

The woman “allegedly said she did not have time and did not want to show her ID card and covered herself up with another veil as she walked away, the police source said, asking not to be named. When police tried to take her to the station, she allegedly grabbed hold of a vehicle and started kicking, punching and screaming”:

“The past year’s offensive against Islamist militia Al Shabab should have opened territory for aid groups to operate in. But security and funding shortages remain problems”:

“Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak resigned on Tuesday after losing a no-confidence vote in parliament, leaving President Hamid Karzai scrambling to find a replacement for one of his top security tsars as insurgent attacks mount”:

With Sudanese still bitter over the 1998 U.S. bombing of  “Sudan’s largest pharmaceutical facility, a trophy plant that specialized in anti-malaria medicines, antibiotics, and lifesaving veterinary goods” …

… “The interim constitution agreed to in 2005 to end the north-south civil war was an inclusive reflection of Sudan’s religious and ethnic diversity. But the breaking off of South Sudan, the economic crisis, and conflicts opened the way for a return of Islamic rhetoric”:

You can’t tell the players without a program:


News and Analysis (8/5/12)

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Is a ruling that government transit agencies must accept an advertisement saying “Support Israel; Defeat Jihad” consistent with a ruling that they may reject an advertisement saying “Boycott Israel; Boycott Apartheid”?

“The motive of the attacks appeared to be efforts by the two Muslim leaders to combat the spread of radical Islam in the region”:

“The government can take down anybody at any time they want to…. As long as they’re willing to lie, and cheat, and manufacture evidence as they do here in these cases, all of us are at risk” — said Stephen Downs, executive director of Project Salam:

“[N]o one could make her believe churning her legs as fast as she could possibly make them go was against Allah and the Muslim faith, which she remains so devoted to she refused to compete without the hijab, especially during the holy season of Ramadan”:

A parliamentary vote of no confidence in Western friendly ministers and the success of Taliban propaganda  that the Afghan troops are not Muslims are omens of what’s ahead in Afghanistan:

“Tensions have been running high between the Sunni-dominated kingdom and Shiite Iran as both regional powers had taken opposite stances on the uprisings in Bahrain and Syria”:

An astronaut defects, historic sites are blasted, and pilgrims are abducted, but not to worry, and Hilary Clinton makes plans to discuss the deteriorating situation with the Turks:

“Erdogan’s government recently announced plans to introduce elective Kurdish classes in schools” but not “full education in the Kurdish language, fearing it would divide Turkey along ethnic lines”:

News and Analysis (8/3/12)

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Our previous research is confirmed by a new study on the rhetoric of Islamic extremists that recommends that “western leaders abandon claims that Islamists seek world domination and focus instead on addressing the grievances the groups use:

Al-Azhar successfully pushes back against an alleged attempt to appoint a Wahabi-style “Salafi” as the new minister of religious endowments:

“[N[onproliferation experts and Middle East analysts are skeptical of Israeli claims that the Tehran regime is so close to building a nuclear weapon that time is running out for a peaceful resolution of the decades-long standoff”:

China is discouraging some Muslims in the far western region of Xinjiang from fasting during Ramadan. The government says the move is motivated by health concerns, but others said Friday that it’s a risky campaign to secularize the Muslim minority:

“The king’s bold moves spared Morocco the turmoil and instability many other countries are experiencing,” but do Moroccans “believe that a significant process of reform … has stalled and [will they] choose to take matters into their own hands”:

“The exaggerated version of truth about violence in Myanmar propagated by religious groups in Pakistan to recruit and fund their own agendas”:

Islam at the Olympics:

The resignation of Kofi Annan … emphatically confirmed what events on the ground had already been making clear: The country’s fate is far more likely to be decided by force than by negotiations”:

News and Analysis (8/1/12)

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
Undeterred by the backlash against Michelle Bachmann’s propagation of his wild conspiracy theories, Frank Gaffney now takes sets his sights on destroying the most effective conservative organizer in America:
Israel proposes to resolve the quandary of second class status of its Muslim and Christian citizens by forcing them into involuntary servitude under the euphemism of “non-military service”:
“Muslim leaders presented the case as an issue of religious liberty, while the town’s Communist mayor Jacques Bourgoin insisted his concern was only for the safety of the campers”:
“Although publicly Mr. Crocker has sometimes presented the glass as half-full when assessing the situation in foreign countries, fellow diplomats say that his private analyses tend to be stark and unromantic” after almost four decades repeatedly confronting “the limits of American power and the hostility of many … to what the United States stands for”:
Huh? In order to prove that it does not recognize polygyny, Britain will INCREASE the welfare aid to polygynous families by  counting excess wives as single women:
Three-hundred and twenty five people died in violence in Iraq in July, making it the deadliest month in the restive country since August 2010, when 426 perished, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday:

“Human Rights Watch called for a strong international response to “atrocities” committed during … violence in western Myanmar that left at least 78 people dead has subsided but many tens of thousands remain homeless — mostly Rohingya in need of food, shelter and medical care”:

Explaining that the Arab Spring has brought the repeal of mandatory seat belt laws to Tunisia, a cab driver explains, “Freedom is not doing something even when you know it’s in your best interest to do it”:

Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi has freed a group of Islamists jailed for militancy during Hosni Mubarak’s era, a step seen as a gesture to hardliners who supported his presidential bid: