Month: October 2013

  • News and Analysis (10/30/13)

    As the Egyptian military continues its crackdown on civil society … Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Leader as Country Heads for Court Showdown (Christian Science Monitor) Egyptian police Disperse Pro-Morsi Students at Al-Azhar (BBC) … “judges presiding over the trial of nearly three dozen members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, including its top leader, stepped down Tuesday […]

  • News and Analysis (10/28/13)

    “The media reported that the attack was on a car, but there is no road alongside my mother’s house. Several reported the attack was on a house. But the missiles hit a nearby field, not a house. All reported that five militants were killed. Only one person was killed – a 67-year-old grandmother of nine” […]

  • News and Analysis (10/25/13)

    The real scoop in the Washington Post’s story on “cooperation between Pakistan and the US on the drone campaign against alleged militants in that country” is that CIA “claims that it knows civilians are rarely the victims of assassination abroad don’t hold water”: Using Drones to Kill People for Doing Calisthenics (Christian Science Monitor) Catalonia’s […]

  • News and Analysis (10/23/13)

    “One of the members of the group was strangled until his face turned blue and women in the group were threatened with rape, according to people who witnessed the attack last week. They allege that authorities in Saudi Arabia did not take their complaints seriously and deleted a video one of them had made of […]

  • News and Analysis (10/21/13)

    “The protests come amid heated debate over a new law that would place tougher restrictions on demonstrators, which includes imposing heavy fines and possible jail time on violators” and after the “”military-backed crackdown has left hundreds dead and seen thousands arrested” … Egyptian Police Fire Tear Gas at Hundreds of Protesters at Al-Azhar University  (AP / […]

  • News and Analysis (10/18/13)

    “Up to 2,200 people have been killed – of whom at least 400 were civilians – according to the Pakistan government. In Yemen, Emmerson’s report says that as many as 58 civilians are thought to have been killed in attacks by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)”: Drone Strikes by US May Violate International Law, Says UN (Guardian) […]

  • News and Analysis (10/16/13)

    “An internal Hamas poll in February showed 70 percent of Gazans have a negative view of the government’s campaign to collect revenues, [a Muslim Brotherhood member in Gaza] said, after years of anarchy without paying bills” and that “the Brotherhood gives his life meaning but goes astray when it imposes its views on others, especially […]

  • News and Analysis (10/14/13)

    According to the  Center for Constitutional Rights’ lawsuit, the FBI “sought to exploit the draconian burden posed by the No Fly List – including the inability to travel for work, or to visit family overseas – in order to coerce [Muhammad Tanvir] into serving the FBI as a spy with American Muslim communities and places of worship”: […]

  • News and Analysis (10/11/13)

    “[I]t was widely assumed that Egypt’s military leaders were the prime movers behind the country’s counter revolution. But dozens of interviews with officials from the army, state security and police, as well as diplomats and politicians, show the Interior Ministry was the key force behind removing Egypt’s first democratically elected president”: Special Report: The Real […]

  • News and Analysis (10/9/13)

    As Egypt announces the prosecution of its first freely and fairly elected president, the military-installed cabinet has banned the Muslim Brotherhood, but demonstrations continue despite the 57 killed last Sunday and the Obama administration may finally take steps top implement the legal mandate to cut Egyptian aid Egypt Court Announces Trial for Ex-President (AP / […]

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