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News and Analysis (10/7/13)

Monday, October 7th, 2013

In the leaked video, Gen. Sisi reassures officers panicked over the rise of democracy, “The revolution has dismantled all the shackles that were present — not just for us, not just for the military, but for the entire state…. The rules and the shackles were dismantled, and they are being rearranged”:

“Authorities had warned that anyone protesting against the army during Sunday’s 1973 war anniversary would be regarded as an agent of foreign powers, not an activist – a hardening of language that suggests authorities may crack down harder” …

… yet despite their efficiency at murdering demonstrators, the Egyptian security forces remain helpless against militant extremists in the Sinai, where “[g]unmen killed five Egyptian soldiers who were in a patrol vehicle outside of the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya”:

“As they witnessed police beatings, the two reporters were pounced on by security officers, who stole their cell phones and cameras and threatened to haul one away. The abuse ended only after the reporters proved they’d been at” an earlier  pro-military rally …

… even as two other are released after weeks of detention without charge. “Dr. Tarek Loubani and film-maker John Greyson were accused of taking part in deadly political clashes in Cairo. The men insisted Dr Loubani was just helping injured protesters, while Mr. Greyson filmed the violence” …

“Two U.S. raids in Africa show the United States is pressuring al Qaeda, officials said on Sunday, though a failure in Somalia and an angry response in Libya also highlighted Washington’s problems”:

“In a lighter side to the Israel-Iran standoff over nuclear weapons, Iranians armed with nothing more than jeans and a camera are protesting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s intimation that they are ruled by a cultic government that restricts not only their voting options but their sartorial choices as well” …

… “The statement is telling on a number of levels.  The most obvious part is Netanyahu’s utter ignorance of what real Iranians actually wear, the range of social practices inside Iran.  And these real Iranians, who are among the most heavily wired and internet-savvy populations in the world, have been taking to social media to mock Netanyahu’s ignorance”:

“Though police promised the Muslims villagers protection — and disarmed them and ordered them back into their homes — the mobs returned in even greater numbers at 9:30 a.m., and then again at 2:30 p.m. Among the dead were a 94-year-old woman and an 89-year-old man, both too old to run, each with multiple stab wounds”:

“Abubakar Shariff, whom the U.N. and the U.S. accuse of funding al Shabaab, said Omar’s killing would boost recruitment and support for the Somali group among Kenyan Muslims convinced the cleric was gunned down by Kenyan security agencies”:

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime deserves credit for complying with a chemical weapons deal, US Secretary of State John Kerry says”:

“Rehanna, the Muslim chaplain, said millions of people and children around the world had supported me and prayed for me. Then I realized that people had spared my life. I had been spared for a reason. I realized that what the Taliban had done was make my campaign global”:

News and Analysis (10/4/13)

Friday, October 4th, 2013

“The marches were the most ambitious attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to press its demands since August 14, when authorities smashed two pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo and then declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew. An Egyptian army vehicle fired live rounds in the direction of Brotherhood supporters” …

… but “[a]fter more than two years of upheaval, Egyptians appear too weary to fight for the state’s most prominent victim. The two policemen accused of killing him remain free, their trial adjourned”:

“A federal judge in Washington has ordered the release of a mentally ill Guantanamo Bay prisoner who has been held without charge at the U.S. base in Cuba for more than 11 years … after the U.S. government dropped its opposition to his release”:

“Rioters burned tires and set fire to a church in unrest that erupted in the wake of Friday afternoon prayers one day after unidentified attackers opened fire on Sheikh Ibrahim Amor and the three other men as they traveled home after delivering sermons at Musa Mosque”:

“Muslim workers were forced to tell managers when they were going to pray and had to ask for the key and fill in their names in a book every time they entered the room. They also claimed they were forbidden to worship in groups and were only allowed to pray one at a time”:

“Using education to battle ignorance has become Malik’s personal mission with ‘Unveiled’…. ‘I feel that theater is a very powerful way to solve some of our problems in society. I believe in the power of theater, and the power of storytelling,’ she said”:

“We have not taken this decision lightly. I have spent quite a lot of time researching the issue and speaking to Muslim elders. There is nothing specifically written in the Qur’an about wearing a beard. It is a choice those boys are making. However inclusive we are, we have standards to maintain” — Mount Carmel Roman Catholic high school Headteacher Xavier Bowers:

“Friday prayer leaders this week pledged to ‘support the wisdom’ and ‘problem-solving’ mission of Mr. Rouhani. And … analysts say hard-liners bent on perpetual conflict with the West remain headline-grabbing noisy – and still burn the Stars and Stripes – but have little influence right now”:

Ziad Abed Sabateen “lost ‘lots of land,’ confiscated since 1985, ‘without financial compensation’ to enlarge Israeli settlements” and his “sister ‘was deported to Jordan and can’t [come] back’ to what was once the family properties” but he wants to prove that it is “possible to reestablish the harmony without calling [in] the [Israeli] army, which would make matters worse” …

… for notwithstanding the restoration of “several hundred acres from residents of the West Bank village of Burka to build the Israeli settlement of Homesh” almost four decades after their seizure and eight years after  the illegal settlement for which they  were seized was razed …

… the Israeli High Court has clearly signalled that the underlying structure of apartheid will not be compromised and residents must identify themselves as “Jew, Arab, Druse,” etc., but “cannot identify themselves as Israelis in the national registry because the move could have far-reaching consequences for the country’s Jewish character”:

As “Al-Qaida militants battled fighters linked to the Western-backed opposition along with Kurdish gunmen in Syrian towns along the Turkish border on Friday, in clashes that killed at least 19 people” …

… Assad warns Turkey, “It is not possible to put terrorism in your pocket and use it as a card because it is like a scorpion which won’t hesitate to sting you at the first opportunity”:

News and Analysis (10/2/13)

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

“A federal judge on Tuesday revisited at a decades-old court settlement restricting how the New York Police Department conducts surveillance after civil rights lawyers accused the department of breaking those rules by monitoring Muslims”:

As Rouhani tweets, he works to free his fellow Iranian to get online, while thye Parliament back his efforts to resokve the nuclear impass:

In England, a government funded Islamic school is under suspicion but France’s privately funded Averroès High School is one of the country’s best:

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has written to all states today asking them to ‘ensure that no innocent Muslim youth is wrongfully detained in the name of terror.’ The main opposition party, the BJP, has objected strongly to the directive” arguning that not detaining innocent Muslims :is against democracy and against secularism” …

… so it is not surprising that despite BJP’s attempt to recruit “Muslim Congressmen and other political and religious leaders … most Muslim leaders have reportedly declined the offer realising that they had only ‘trophy value’ for Chief Minister Narendra Modi that would last till the 2014 Lok Sabha elections”:

“Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: ‘It highlights the true spirit and reality of Islam in Britain, in caring not just for the community but also humanity at large and supporting national causes'”:

“The formation of the Army of Islam in the capital’s eastern fringe under Zahran Alloush, leader of the group Liwa al-Islam, strengthens Salafist jihadis owing allegiance to Riyadh against … al Qaeda’s jihadists, many of them foreign, who want to drive Westerners from the Middle East and unite Muslims in a single state”:

The legacy of American intervention in Iraq continues ..

… and the specter of the execution of Osama Bin Laden emerges. He opposed admitting Somalia’s al-Shabab into al-Qaeda because “they imposed unduly harsh penalties on ‘those whose offences are ambiguous’,” but Ayman al-Zawahiri “is less concerned with al-Shabab’s shortcomings. Less than a year after Bin Laden’s death, Zawahiri welcomed al-Shabab into the fold”:

“[T]wo issues have emerged as potential ‘deal breakers’, President Hamid Karzai’s spokesman, Aimal Faizi, told reporters late on Tuesday. One is a U.S. desire to run independent counter-terrorism missions in Afghanistan after 2014, Faizi said. The other was a U.S. refusal to agree to a wide-reaching promise to protect Afghanistan from foreign aggression”:

Anti-Muslim riots shook western Myanmar Tuesday with a mob of hundreds setting homes ablaze and stabbing a 94-year-old woman to death, police said, as President Thein Sein made a rare visit to the region…

… while the barbaric terrorists of Boko Haram are pitted against the inadequately trained, poorly equipped and ill-disciplined Nigerian army: