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News and Analysis (8/10/15)

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Kurds complain that even after technical problems causing “initial transfers to the state oil company [to be] lower than required” were resolved, the central governments persisted in sending reduced payments:

“An all India survey … reveals that 92.1 per cent of the surveyed Muslim women were opposed to … a form of unilateral divorce that does not give room for reconciliation, and 91.2 per cent were against polygamy”:

“The development comes after almost a year of holding a sit-in protest…. [T]he victim families had said some of the victims have already converted to Islam in protest against the atrocities of upper caste Hindus”:

Rather than some “longstanding natural bond between the” Judeo-Christian traditions, “the history of Jews in Spain and Portugal suggests … the multicultural bond with the greater historical resonance was Judeo-Muslim”:

“Insurgents have regained control of several villages in northwest Syria from government forces and have advanced beyond them, edging closer to a coastal stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad”:

“One of the most puzzling aspects of this new phase of American involvement is that it is in no way expressly intended to provide protection for civilians”:

“A heat wave pushes Iraqis to demand the kind of honest government that can keep the power on and air conditioners running… Many protesters claimed corruption to be a worse enemy than the terrorists of Islamic State”:

A “Farmersville resident who opposes the cemetery told me she was suspicious of the Buddhist meditation center in town because they’re ‘too quiet….’ Raise your voices, Americans. For God’s sake, raise your voices”:

News and Analysis (8/8/15)

Monday, August 10th, 2015
To Paul’s “I want to collect more records from terrorists, but less records from innocent Americans,”  Christie demanded how can you tell the difference? It’s called a warrant, counselor, and shame on you for having to ask:
“If Pastor McConnell is convicted and imprisoned I will go to prison with him,” said imam, Muhammad Al-Hussaini, expressing “deep dismay” at criminal proceedings against someone who never “incited physical harm to anyone”:

“[T]he first military prisoner from Afghanistan to be tried in a US federal court … faces a maximum penalty of life in prison….” Now when are going to close Gitmo so other guilty parties may be convicted and the innocent set free?

“Islam gets a bad rap – mostly because it is not understood by large populations of uneducated followers who misinterpret the content and context …  guided primarily by the cultural context of the countries where they reside”:

Accusations that the chlorine gas has been used by Asad  has thus far been circumstantial and ignores evidence that the rebels were supplied with chlorine by an arms supplier to the rebels allied to the US:

Eleven members of “an elite counter-terrorism force” and four Bangladeshi workers were killed. A “previously unheard of Islamic State affiliate, which calls itself Hijaz Province of the Islamic State, claimed responsibility”:

“A Palestinian official told reporters that before the funeral in Duma, a postmortem would be held to provide evidence for a complaint to the international criminal court (ICC) in The Hague”:

Placing UK troops “under foreign authority … [to carry] out combat operations in Syria despite a 2013 parliamentary vote banning military action in Syria” puts “trust and confidence” in the government “at risk” …

… while the “experience [Baathist veterans] bring [to ISIS] is a major reason for the group’s victories in overrunning large parts of Iraq and Syria”:

Like many companies, we used a third party to check all requests. Because this particular request only included the requester’s name, which matched with a number of names and aliases on the denied persons list, it was flagged”:

News and Analysis (8/5/15)

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Some residents expressed concern that the cemetery is a stalking horse for a mosque or a school if not a nefarious plot to poison the local water supply …

… but “the first Baptist in America, Roger Williams, founded Rhode Island as a haven of religious freedom, not only for fellow Baptists, but for ‘Turks,’ as he called them. That’s right, Muslims”:

A Brotherhood veteran “risked arrest to urge the movement to stay peaceful” and now that he has been arrested, he is being “mocked … on social media as naïve, unrealistic and hypocritical”:

“Muslim mothers’ established social role is one of the few constants across an otherwise heterogeneous religious group. This may be why [ISIS] sidesteps Muslim mothers by reaching out directly to young recruits in … cyberspaces”:

“The Muslim battalion is part of growing relations between Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians…. [The] Turkic and religiously Sunni Islam minority … faced decades of religious and political persecution under Russian rule”:

“The protesters accused the government of trying to impose a little-known Islamic sect called Al Ahbash on the country’s Muslim population”:

“I was humiliated in front of 1,200 students and my Constitutional right was violated. She made us go on stage and forced us to sing the prayer in front of everybody. She scolded me … when I mispronounced a few Sanskrit words”:

“The same people praised me when I took positions against the violence and moral policing of the Hindu right. But I quickly became unpopular when I … [criticized] Islamist groups that were trying to enforce the burkha”:

“There will be civil war in Libya … We will kill one another in the streets…. We will need 40 years to reach an agreement on how to run the country, because … and everybody will want to run the country”:

“There is definitely a shift on the ground…. Young girls don’t feel embarrassed to talk about the problems of the practice in front of their parents … It’s a very important shift in attitude” Mona Amin, anti-FGM activist:

News and Analysis (8/3/15)

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Egypt’s imprisonment of journalists is at an all-time high,” and “authorities [are] using the argument of ‘national security’ to crack down on press freedoms … and the threat of jail is used to censor critical voices” …

… but Egypt denies the accusations while cozying up to John Kerry, even as it prolongs the ordeal of three of the journalists:

“The extension to Israelis of … ‘administration detention,’ a practice commonly applied to Palestinian … suspects and condemned internationally, laid bare authorities’ frustration at failing to curb … ultra-nationalist attacks”:

Mustafa Akyol explains why “modern-day Muslims don’t have to blindly obey [post-Qur’anic] these medieval interpretations of Islam” and why “Muslims “have more flexibility in our religious sources than most of us assume”:

Surprisingly, “the majority of the reports were … nuanced, positive and accurate. [It was a] … slam dunk for the coverage and for the basketball team.”:

The women who cheated IS are “unlikely face any punishment for fraud since it would require IS to file a complain”:

Rejecting the false choice between submission to or defeat of others Rouhani offered a vision of “constructive cooperation … without war or pleading or surrender, but with logic, negotiation and diplomacy in a legal path”:

“The allegations are based on what is claimed to be a WikiLeaks cable the authenticity of which has been challenged by the organisation itself” because it lacks any link to an authentic Wikileaked cable:


News and Analysis (8/1/15)

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

The settlers’ murder of a Palestinian infant has even Netanyahu using the T-word …

… and Israeli forces add to the death toll during the ensuing protests:

Zarif argues that while non-nuclear-weapon states, like Iran, [comply] with the non-proliferation regime, states possessing destructive weapons … rejected the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and customary international law”:

“Owning guns is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution. The Constitution either protects all of us or none of us. Our position is that you can’t let our enemies win by allowing us to divide ourselves as Americans”:

Cartoon superheroes are well and good, but for real life role models for Muslim girls, check these nineteen amazing flesh and blood women:

“Uzbekistan has banned beards, outlawed Islamic dress, shut restaurants that refuse to sell alcohol and warned teahouses not to celebrate the nightly end of the Ramadan fast with “Iftar” meals” …

… but Russia’s “strained relations with the US and Europe have the Kremlin looking to strengthen ties with other parts of the world, in particular China and countries in the Middle East that have large Muslim populations”:

“There’s been a couple of instances where people have come up to me after a show … [to say], ‘I came into this show with so much anger and negativity in my heart towards Muslims, and you have completely destroyed that'”:

“We are concerned by continuous and credible reports of unlawful killings by the police and see these as proof of the urgent need for renewed momentum behind police reform” — the EU representative to Kenya:

“Born with female anatomy, … Alex prays on his own now, studying the Koran to work out what it really seems to say about gender and sexuality”:

“Mullah Omar’s oldest son, said he and three other senior leaders had walked out of a meeting called to elect a new leader, and were now demanding a wider vote”: