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News and Analysis (1/5/16)

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

“I am sorry to say that the American government did not offer to make any efforts on this, although they knew the danger of this action and the repercussions” — Mohammed Al-Nimr …

… but to restore ties to Saudi Arabia Iran need only “to cease and desist from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries” says the ambassador of the country that has invaded Yemen and sponsored rebels in Syria, Iraq, etc. …

… “The concerted campaign by Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia highlights the aggressive stance King Salman and his son, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, have adopted in confronting Iran, a longtime regional rival” …

… but the embassy attack could boomerang against the hard-liners”:

Who are the outsider militiamen occupying the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge that property-rights activists seek to distance themselves from? Well, one of them is Islamophobe  Jon Ritzheimer:

Turkey’s pitch is just the latest in  a series of Middle Eastern lobbying efforts following in Israel’s footsteps:

The case of thge Fort Dix Five was just another disgraceful example of government created terrorism … except in this case the targets did nothing wrong:

“This has been a very gracious outreach. Very heart-warming, a lot of great conversation. The food was phenomenal,” says Mayor Bruce Hagen who adds that “he’s humbled”:

“American decisions boosted Zarqawi’s bid for power, and even his death nearly a decade ago couldn’t snuff the cruel movement he created… ISIS seeks the destruction of the Middle East’s nations and an apocalyptic global battle”:

Syria claims that rebels were behind the gas attacks and the U.N. can’t prove otherwise:

“[I]n a free and democratic society we enter into severe peril when we start to confuse what we perhaps ought or ought not to say, with what in law we are allowed to, or not allowed to say” — Muhammad al-Hussaini:

News and Analysis (1/3/15)

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

“Iran’s foreign ministry had said on Monday it was willing to talk to Saudi Arabia after months of escalating tensions, but any chance of a rapprochement appeared to be derailed on Saturday as officials and clerics lined up to denounce the kingdom”:

Maajid Nawaz patiently perseveres in his effort to reform Islam from within for the same reason that he keeps “returning to disappointing movie prequel after movie sequel” and tells those who think reform is unlikely it is infinitely more likely than “expecting 1.6 billion Muslims to apostatize en masse”:

“The book is not explicit; numerous education professionals and teachers insisted that it ‘is appropriate for students in the upper grades of high schools.” Israel’s education ministry banned it because of its portrayal of an interracial relationship'”:

“[W]e return home [from trips abroad] only to get a knock on the door by federal investigators asking us where we went and why. Not to mention the many federal investigations that seek out Muslims and entrap them into planning a terrorist attack. To say there is government overreach is an understatement”:

“It is less than two months since British IS propagandist Mohammed Emwazi, the man known as Jihadi John, was killed by a drone strike in Syria. This latest video by IS seems to show another man trying to take up his mantle”:

“[T]wo well-known forgeries — a purported price list for Yazidi and Christian slaves and an order to withdraw from Iraq — use the label ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ (the Islamic State’s first predecessor to claim the statehood mantle, which it did in 2006). No authentic document I have seen since 2013 uses this label, and it is a very obvious error”: