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The Libertarian Presidential Ticket Splits on Aid to Israel

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The single biggest source of Middle East and Muslim resentment over American foreign policy is certainly aid to Israel, but it is a sacred cow to the major parties. As long as America gives unconditional foreign aid to the apartheid state it will never have an incentive to treat the Palestinians justly or to negotiate in good faith for a resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli dispute. The Libertarian Party’s blanket opposition to all foreign aid could be a source of attraction not only to the rising number of American Muslim voters but to young American Jews increasingly unhappy with Israeli policies, but when their current Presidential ticket appeared on John Stossel’s recent Libertarian Town Hall meeting, VP candidate William Weld wandered off the farm to kow-tow to the Israeli lobby.

Here is a transcript of the relevant segment:

Questioner (wearing a T-shirt saying “Don’t steal. The government hates the competition): My question is will you cut all foreign aid including aid to Israel and treat everyone equally and fairly around the world. [Light applause.]

Gary Johnson: I think that, yes, we philosophically–Why are we building roads, bridges, schools and hospitals in other parts of the world when we have those same needs here today? [Light applause]

William Weld: Having said that; you mentioned Israel. I have a long record with Israel. They are a vibrant democracy in a very politically sensitive part of the world. So it would be a cold day in July before I would totally freeze them out. [Light applause.]

John Stossel. So you guys don’t agree on this.

Johnson. No. I think that we have come to believe that foreign aid is about food and medicine when foreign aid is really–for the most part–just props up dictatorships and ends up being anything but. [Applause.]

Johnson is right. Weld is wrong. When there are real humanitarian crises Americans donate generously out of their own pockets. The government, on the other hand, spends $35 billion dollars in economic aid to subsidize the bad behavior of a long list of governments topped by Israel and Egypt.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis (8/30/16)

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Before marrying her, Weiner accused Saudi Arabia of teaching “hatred of Christians and Jews,” and sure enough the Saudi-educated Abedin has proven to be intolerant — of his repeated Internet postings of his private parts:

The Copts sided with Sisi because they feared the Muslim Brotherhood would discriminate against them, but Sisi now plans to codify anti-Christian discrimination into the legal code:

Karimov’s “appalling rights record — which included reports of suspected Islamists being boiled alive — didn’t stop the administration of President George W. Bush from cozying up to Tashkent as it prosecuted its war in Afghanistan” …

… but the “biggest worry in Moscow is that any outbreak of unrest in Uzbekistan could destabilize the wider central Asian region and become a direct threat to Russia”:

“Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve met senior Muslim representatives and agreed that efforts to foster good relations would include the creation of an Islamic foundation, funded solely with money from within France” …

… but is a “‘French Islam’ … possible? And how are politics contributing to the debate over the future of Islam in France?”:

Ennahda’s path “to establish a new tradition of ‘Muslim Democrats’ – voters and politicians guided by their faith but committed to the political system of a pluralistic society” may be difficult to follow elsewhere in the region”:

Avigdor Lieberman has a plan to pit Palestinians against one another by crushing some and rewarding others, but award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook says the strategy that “failed decades ago … is not going to succeed now”:

“The detention of at least 23 employees of the newspaper Azadiya Welat is the latest escalation in Turkey’s staggering campaign to silence critical voices” — Nina Ognianova of the Committee to Protect Journalists:

News and Analysis (8/27/16)

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

“[T]he Muslim Personal Law Board has questioned the court’s jurisdiction, arguing that the judiciary cannot adjudicate on personal laws”:

A satirist suggests that Muslim women ditch the burkini and  instead go to a “boot camp exercise program where the goal is to achieve the hourglass shape that excites men sexually” like liberated Western women …

… but the French Council of State has ruled that forcing women to disrobe is not justified by any “proven risks of disruptions to public order nor, moreover, on reasons of hygiene or decency” …

… a ruling some mayors intend to defy; the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, for example, insists he doesn’t “want a smiley, friendly version of sharia law on our beaches” …

… but in Minnesota covering-up is not an issue because women get the pool all to themselves one day a week:

“I wish our community was more open to talking about this so that if our children are violated in any way, they can come forward without fear” — a Muslim observer not affiliated with the imam’s mosque:

Are Indian Muslims becoming less tolerant because “ insecure people alienated from larger society are barricading themselves behind the veil of a much more self conscious Islamic identity“?

“The new escalation highlights concerns that Turkey’s incursion into Syria this week could lead to an all-out confrontation between Ankara and Syrian Kurds, both American allies, and hinder the war against the Islamic State group”:

News and Analysis (8/25/16)

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

If you think that the Encyclopedists of the French Enlightenment were the first to try to publish a compendium of all knowledge, meet the 14th century Egyptian author of The Ultimate Ambition in the Arts of Erudition:

One woman says, “There are so many misconceptions about Muslim women, and I want to help counter that narrative,” and another insists, ” ‘What you think about me does not define me,’” she explained. “I define who I am”:

“If the specter of restricting women’s agency and telling them what to wear to ‘protect’ them sounds familiar, it should. Victim-blaming practices have historically been built on nothing less” …

… and a French feminist is “ashamed” of pictures of the woman removing her cover-up while surrounded by police, but Nice’s deputy mayor just threatens “legal action against anyone disseminating pictures of municipal police” …

… the French high court will adjudicate the constitutionality of the ban …

… but 170 years ago the Turkish-inspired “Bloomer dress” with its pantaloons provoked the “compliant was not that this ‘oriental dress’ style was too modest, but that it was too racy” and “encroaching dangerously on male territory”:

The U.N. finally admits that chemical weapons use went beyond the Syrian regime but continues to avoid addressing the evidence of their use by U.S. allies:


“Palestine presses for war crime charges against Israel at International Criminal Court as army closes seven investigations into incidents in 2014 without charges”:

From a false and meaningless assertion that that they had “Arabic” on their cell phones came the absurd charge that were affiliated with ISIS, and two more innocents get pulled off a plane:

News & Analysis (8/22/16)

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

The deadliest attack in Turkey this year was met with a stern response from the government to defend against ISIS …

… and the Turkish government is now unsure if the attacker was a child, but it is certain is that many children were killed in this tragic attack:

“Both victims were gentlemen of peace and their deaths are a devastating loss to their families and the community that they served” – Queens District Attorney Richard Brown:

Justice Secretary Liz Truss says that the “small number of very subversive individuals… do need to be held in specialist units”:

A politician’s bigotry in the face of human suffering compounded by a superficial knowledge of Islam; pig heads are not Kryptonite:

Her statements about “the Christian God” not being Allah exemplifies misunderstandings that make it easier for Islam to be Othered and excluded from the religious protections in this country:

Is Tatarstan tolerant because the indigenous practice of Islam is resistant to foreign radicals or have extremists been driven underground by government repression?

“It is the first time that the court in The Hague has tried a case of cultural destruction. It is also the first time a suspected Islamist militant has stood trial at the ICC and the first time a suspect has pleaded guilty”:

A rapper who included footage of a Mosque as well as a Church and Temple was arrested by the Malaysian government for insulting Islam:

News & Analysis (8/20/16)

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Judges in Guantanamo trials have an option to censor certain parts, but the CIA has done some remote censoring of ts own:

A man who was quoted condemning extremism, released a statement from prison maintaining that he was in fact an FBI informant and is innocent of the charges brought upon him by the FBI:

“As German politicians consider the ways in which the Muslim faith is organised, practised and taught in their country, … [the failed coup in Turkey has brought fresh complications”:

Those who know little about Islam are the ones who are most susceptible to the lies of ISIS:

Now, there will be a civil rights investigation into the repeated denial of Muslim requests to establish a cemetery in Dudley, MA who had their request repeatedly denied:

From media representation to burkini bans, Muslim women are being systematically Othered. The author shares how she feels about the strong Muslim women surrounding her:

“Before 1965, the Muslim American population was overwhelmingly composed of native-born African Americans. The dismantling of the Naturalization Act and immigration quotas opened the door … to more than 1 million in 1971”:


News and Analysis (8/18/16)

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

“An Arab-American Christian was shot dead on his porch by a neighbor who racially harassed the victim’s family for years,” calling them, among other things “filthy Lebanese,” “Aye-rabs,” and “Mooslems”:

“[S]peaking about the shootings without acknowledging the context of rising anti-Muslim attacks … led some to believe that the Department was not considering the possibility of the incident as a hate crime” …

… while the surviving victim says the killers eyes “had so much anger, hate”:

Turkey will release 38,000 convicted criminals to make room for its roundup of political prisoners:

Muslims have been part of the US military from Yusuf Ben Ali who served under George Washington’ to the thousand of Muslims now on active duty and in the National Guard, but “have faced the most pervasive discrimination” there:

“A judge said the rule was legal under French law which prohibits people ‘invoking their religious beliefs to skirt [sic, really!] common rules regulating relations between public authorities and private individuals'”:

“For [Mo] Farah, and scores of Muslim athletes, faith is not incidental, but central to their excellence in sport” and normally he will make du`a (a prayer of supplication) before a race:

Th family’s attorney says the “12-year-old special needs student originally from Pakistan”confused “terrorist” with “tourist”:

He pretending to be a law-abiding critic of the system he milked until  his lectures in support for ISIS gave him away:

“In the first six months of 2016, Israel demolished or confiscated 91 structures funded by the EU or its member states” and since 2009, has demolished, confiscated or threatened to demolish “close to $3 million worth of shelters”:

News & Analysis (8/15/16)

Monday, August 15th, 2016

Seventy percent of Daesh applicants rated themselves  as having a minimal knowledge of Islam and the “group preys on this ignorance”:

An Imam and his assistant were shot dead outside the mosque after prayers. The motives are not yet known:

A militant claims that some of the captured girls were “crippled, … terribly sick…. [or] died during bombardment by the Nigerian military,” as he stands “before a group of more than 40 young women in hijabs, some holding babies”:

“It is the latest example of long-running tensions between a forceful — some would say inconsistent — commitment to secularism in France and the desire of many Muslims to express, through their attire, traditional values like modesty”

There is a long, inglorious tradition of the British establishment claiming to take up the cause of Muslim women in order to conceal some other objective”:

The imam reminds those reading that terrorism is completely haram in Islam:

News & Analysis (8/12/16)

Friday, August 12th, 2016

In an attempt to appear more legitimate and organized, the government has released documents detailing its use of drones. It also shows that no new detainees may be brought to Guantanamo Bay:

A report shows that Muslim women, largely due to discrimination (especially in regards to the hijab), face the most economic hardship in Great Britain:

For the nth time, yet another analyst finds that “us-vs-them,” or just plain populist or Islamophobic rhetoric in the West significantly increases the appeal of extremism:

In order to make sure the economy is not set back by the coup attempt, President Erdogan is pressuring banks to lower their interest rates:

Mamout’s portrait was added to the gallery in order to complicate the narrative of American history, and to tell “different stories that haven’t necessarily been told, or have been lost”:

In order to clarify misconceptions about the religion, a Nashville mosque has made “Islam 101” classes open to the public. Aside from that visitors are always welcome:

News & Analysis (8/10/15)

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Shahram Amiri’s mother believes he was pressured into admitting crimes he did not commit to the Iranian authorities, resulting in his hanging:

An analysis of the failed logic of the Libya bombings: the same process that brought ISIS into the region is being used to try and remove them:

The young man the media dubbed “clock boy” and his family have filed a lawsuit against the school district for the arrest, suspension and humiliation he faced for simply building a clock …

. . . The lawsuit was filed in the United States, as Ahmed and his family had been visiting their home from Qatar. Many are arguing that Ahmed lost his childhood due to this incident:

The killer of Mr, Shah, a beloved shopkeeper in Scotland, was sentenced to 27 years. The killer was motivated by Shah’s claim to be a prophet, and membership in the Ahmadiyya community:

An arrangement with her supervisor for a co-worker to “serve alcohol in her place” while she served another passenger worked until a new co-worker objected and complained about her “reading a foreign book”:

The choice of women who wear the burkini is again being vilified. However, the issue is much more complex than meets the eye: