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News & Analysis (8/8/15)

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Children from many Muslim countries were stolen from their parents at birth and given to Israeli Families, in the 1950s:

The executive director of the group behind the billboard hopes it will combat both extremism and Islamophobia, which he says go hand in hand:

The owner of the property said the store had to be general, and thus sell non-halal items. The owner of the store disagrees and has filed a lawsuit:

Five members of the Washington, D.C. Community talk about their experiences, especially in relation to the election:

Yusra Mardini, competing for team refugee, still has a chance in the Olympics. But she has already proven her champion-quality in swimming by helping tow a boat 3.5 hours from Turkey to Greece.

“Salaam, Muhammad and fellow group member Abdul-Malik Ahmad say they are creating a cultural bridge by shining a positive light on the Islamic faith for a Western audience”:

News & Analysis (8/5/16)

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Nicholas Young was charged with providing material aid to ISIS, since he purchased $245 worth of gift cards for an informant posing as a  foreign fighter:

… But finally a court in Canada recognizes these tactics for what they are: Entrapment:

Following a call for a ban on mosques receiving foreign funding, the French government has so far shut down twenty mosques suspected of teaching radical views:

Khizr Khan is such a powerful figure because he challenges the false dichotomies that breed violence against the innocent:

As one of the world’s largest Christian relief organizations denies Israeli accusations of diverting funds to Hamas …

… the “Black Lives Matter” movement calls for an end to aid to the apartheid state:

The deputy prosecutor has informed the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry that statutory “rape is rape, and he must go through the punishment if he is found guilty”:

The challenges of flying while Muslim reaches new heights as a British woman is detained for reading a book and a French security official admits to a Muslim couple, “You did nothing wrong. That’s the way the world is right now”:

News & Analysis (8/3/16)

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Khizr Khan’s patriotism goes beyond sacrifice to include sincere critical advice of his country’s mistakes:

Only about 0.3% of the U.S. Military service-members are Muslim, but that does not stop them from feeling welcomed:

A few aid workers gave out St. John’s gospel and a form to convert to Christianity possibly giving migrants the impression that conversion is a prerequisite to aid:

Much of the online hate is mad possibly Facebook’s “humor and satire” loophole section that does not censor hate speech. And if the attacks are not specific to a person or place, there is nothing law enforcement can do:

Secularism should be “a constitutional right for granting freedom of religion, equality among citizens and protection from government interference rather than “a tool to exclude, dominate and discriminate”: 

“Under Saudi rules only their employers can sign the papers to send them to India. Until then, the Indian Embassy cannot issue emergency exit visas”:

News & Analysis (8/1/16)

Monday, August 1st, 2016

The president authorized strikes on Sirte, Libya after the UN-backed government requested help:

Israel–already the biggest recipient of US foreign aid by far, is set to receive even more, in a 10 year plan:

In an act of solidarity, Muslims visited Churches on Sunday to show their respect to their Christian brothers and sisters:

“41 prominent French Muslims issued … [a call] for ‘a cultural battle against radical Islamism among the youth’ … [that would] include transparent funding of mosques, proper training and salaries for imams and theological work”:

“The pope’s comments came hours after Muslims throughout France attended a Catholic Mass following the [murder] of 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel … [for which Daesh] has claimed responsibility”:

Norway has established a mandatory class for refugees and migrants who are Muslim, on how women ought to be treated in the West, but the students think the teachers are equally ignorant of Muslim culture: