Month: November 2016

  • Alternative Responses to Violent Extremism: Islamic Approaches to Peacebuilding

    [This is a summary of the 16th Annual Tachmindji Event for Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding held on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at American University. It is not a transcript, but my paraphrase of Sr. Mohammed Abu-Nimr’s presentation.] “Alternative Responses to Violent Extremism: Islamic Approaches to Peacebuilding” Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer shared experiences of the past few years. A Palestinian […]

  • News and Analysis (11/28/16)

    “We’re not passive receptacles for bigotry; we fight back, we stand up for our rights. This is my country as much as it is John Smith’s…. [W]e’re not only giving ourselves the option to kick ass – we’re also giving ourselves the confidence to walk with our heads held high in this country”: Hijab Grab […]

  • Don’t Blame the Victims: Colonialist Ecosavagery Is Behind the Fires in Palestine

    Over 200 forest fires are raging in Palestine (now renamed the Jewish State of Israel including its occupied Palestinian territories). Many countries are helping put out the fires including four teams of Palestinian firefighters (no body helped Gaza when it was being fire-bombed by white phosphorous). But the fascist racist government of “Israel” blamed the Palestinians for the fires! […]

  • News and Analysis (11/25/16)

    All Muslims revere the Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims, but the term is now being used to mean followers of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahab, but “even Saudi Salafism, despite appearances, is no monolith”: As European Authorities Target Salafism, the Word Needs Parsing (Economist) “The predominantly Muslim region, which has around 10 million Muslim Uyghurs, has […]

  • News and Analysis (11/22/16)

    Would-be Cabinet member Kris Kobach’s proposed Muslim registry and changes to voting laws would be ineffective, counter-productive, unconstitutional, and an intolerable attack on the values and fabric of American society: Why a Muslim Registry Could Kill Jobs for Decades to Come (CNBC) Muslim Registry or NSEERS Reboot Would Be Unconstitutional (Lawfare) Rep. DelBene Bill Would Block […]

  • News and Analysis (11/20/16)

    “As headlines like “President’s Trump’s Cabinet Will Be Filled With Deplorables” and “Trump’s Cabinet Is Going to Be As Bonkers as You Thought” make clear, the U.S. president-elect has chosen to undergo this transition with far-right and controversial people” … Steve Bannon Contributed to Anti-Muslim Hate. American Media Must Call Him Out (Huffington Post) … including the […]

  • News and Analysis (11/17/16)

    “There’s already deep fear in this country that he will try to make Muslims register, which brings up a traumatic history for Jews” – Rabbi Jill Jacobs: Is ‘Notorious’ Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist Frank Gaffney Joining Team Trump? (Forward) “The program was widely viewed as a failure, and the Bush administration ended it after a year and […]

  • News and Analysis (11/14/16)

    Syrian refugees “would not be allowed into the country except for extraordinary circumstances”: ‘Is That Policy Still Operative?’: Jake Tapper Grills Giuliani On Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban (Mediaite) “Peaceful protest is good, but at a certain point, we have to sit down and talk. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings. We’re […]

  • News and Analysis (11/11/16)

    Are American Muslims under attack in the wake of Trump’s victory? Well, yes and no … Campuses Confront Hostile Acts Against Minorities After Donald Trump’s Election (NY Times) … “After Trump’s victory, non-Muslim allies let their Muslim and Sikh friends know they’re loved and supported”: Your Muslim and Sikh Neighbors Need You Now More than Ever […]

  • News and Analysis (11/7/16)

    “[T]he World Justice Project’s rule of law index placed Turkey 99th of 113 countries, just behind Iran and Myanmar. It has reclaimed its place as the world’s main jailer of journalists.” Some analysts now fear to be quoted … Is Turkey Still a Democracy? (BBC) … “authorities have arrested 37,000 people, … closed down more […]

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