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News and Analysis (9/29/17)

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Iran’s FM also called for negotiations for release of American detained in Iran in exchange for Iranians “in prison for technical violations of sanctions that no longer apply today”:

A narrowed “interpretation of the Islamic religion and identity … marginalizes religious minorities, and fails to take account of” Malay Muslims diversity:

Rather than protecting Islam, states policing religion “are only enfeebling their societies, raising hypocrites and causing many people to lose their faith in or respect for Islam”:

Saudi rights activist Sahar Nasief is “optimistic about the future” …

… thanks to a meaningful symbolic step towards ending “a tribal tradition in which male relatives control many of the activities of women”:

“In this debate on whether Muslim women need saving, the voices that are most often ignored are the ones that are most important — those of Muslim women”:

“Barzani has said the vote is not binding, but meant to provide a mandate for negotiations … over the peaceful secession of the region from Iraq:

“The total number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is believed to be well over 700,000 people” …

… “The complexity of ethnic and religious relations in Burma is obviously a factor…, but their exasperation is due to causes that have nothing ‘spiritual’ about them”:

“At last year’s gathering, 10 lawmakers spoke to this hate group, including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rep. Peter King of Iowa…. [T]hey expect 10 more congressmen this year”:

News and Analysis (9/26/17)

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

“[I]f Trump issued an order to ban blacks from the Cabinet but then added Venezuelans and North Koreans. It would still be just as racist” …

… “this issue is far from resolved. Here are some questions looking at how we got here, and where we could go next”:

The British government tried to force him to make available 30,000 sensitive documents in violation of “client confidentiality and legal privilege”:

The Muslim parade’s grand Marshall was a rabbi, and the president of the Muslim Foundation of America welcomed protesters along the route as “democracy in action”:

Against International law, “Israeli soldiers freely fire live bullets at Palestinians during confrontations or military raids” permanently disabling victims by aiming for the kneecaps:

Islam requires women to “be good ‘stewards’ of their bodies,” and while, if necessary, “mammography can be performed by a male technician[, ] … most centers have female staff”:

“Divorce in Islam is regulated by a number of considerations and responsibilities“:

A mosque leader not only kept his promise to visit the shooter every other week during his six month imprisonment, but  gave him his grandfather’s Holy Qur’an as a gift:

President Rouhani’s Meeting with American Muslim Leaders

Monday, September 25th, 2017

[These are my notes of President Rouhani’s meeting with American Muslim community leaders during his visit to the United Nations (UN) on Sept. 19, 2017. Pres. Rouhani spoke in Farsi. These notes are NOT a transcription of the official translation, but they represent my impression of the meaning of his remarks. I apologize in advance for any errors regardless as to whether the fault lies with me or the real-time translation.]

When Muslim lands were invaded and occupied by foreign powers, the most important job of Muslims was to defend their lands. The oppressors appeared to have been ejected, but they continue to advance their own interests through those dictators who have been put in place. The West’s scientific and technological advantage helped that process and it is a necessity for the ummah to close this gap. I am happy that Islamic countries in the last few weeks had their first gathering of leaders in science and technology to set forth detailed plans to make such advancements, which the president hopes is the first step to return to the point around the time of the Renaissance when we were the teachers and exporters of scientific and technological knowledge to other countries.

But we have seen a new issue since the beginning of the new century that some of the extremists have started to promote terror and violence under the guise of Islam. Where did this extremism begin? What was the role of Zionism and the great powers? The Great Powers do not want to see terrorism against innocents (by whatever label we put on them) to stop and wish it to continue. Our hearts are filled with sorrow when we see the blood of innocents shed, but there is a higher level of sorrow and pain: besides the heads of innocents Islam is being beheaded.

We have no doubt that true Islam is a guiding light in the world. The Prophet (saws) was not a blessing for Muslims only but for the entire world. For us, religion is to free us from all oppression. The faith of the righteous is to enable them to be guided from the darkness into the light. Yet the religion of light and guidance has become known as the religion of terror, even though the number of terrorist savages does not surpass 100,000 (compared to 1.5 billion Muslims in the world). We cannot have jihad before enlightenment, or we have the jihad of ignorance. The terrorist groups in Iraq no longer have the strong positions they held in the past. Terrorists in Syria and Lebanon have been reduced in the same way, but if terrorism is to be defeated we must present the true face of Islam to our youth. As long as terrorist groups have the power to recruit, the problem has not been solved.

Another problem is the idea that Islam is against the will of the people, against the ballot box, against democracy. But the Holy Qur’an commands us to consult with the people. Did not the Prophet consult with the people even though his knowledge came from the Creator Himself? He taught us by his governance that we must be close to the people, consult with the people and decrease the distance between science, knowledge, logic, and Islam and defeat the mentality that would have it otherwise. Islam is the region of science, of wisdom, and of elections. If we are to choose his path we can ultimately overcome the challenges we face. I do not say democracy is without problems or science is without weaknesses or human knowledge is perfect, but that with science, fairness, and knowledge we must manage our society and hope Almighty God will aid us to fulfill our responsibility during these difficult times.

[During the short question period, attendees expressed gratitude for the virtually unique willingness of the President of Iran (and his predecessors) to openly meet with and listen to American Muslim leaders. One asked that Iran change its policy on Syria (support of the Asad regime). Another urged Iran to connect with the American broader public and to invest in a serious public relations program to that end and to provide aid to the countries hosting refugees.]

Rouhani. The people of Palestine have for seven decades been driven from their homes and their lives and lands. The people of Yemen have been the victims of violence and now of disease. In Myanmar over 100,000 have been displaced and run into Bangladesh. This afternoon the PM of Bangladesh says 400,000 refugees have been driven to Bangladesh in the past decades, and land mines have been laid along their path to prevent them from coming back.

Syria is a complex issue. For six years we have witnessed the suffering of the Syrian people, driven for their homes and killed. There is a mixing of [democratic and liberal] opposition and terrorists. We must create a cease-fire after which peace talks and agreements can take place with a free election to put in place a government which must be respected by all. Those driven from their homes and lands must be repatriated. You see like events in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Libya. What we see today are difficulties due to terrorist groups that only benefit the Zionists. We wholeheartedly believe Iran must have good relations with our neighbors but unfortunately there are some countries with which relations are not what we would like them to be, principally Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The only way to overcome these problems is dialogue. The continuation of tensions does not benefit Saudi Arabia or Iran or Bahrain. We must stand next to one another and feel like brothers and like a single family.

It is absolutely true that Iran does not have a strong lobby here. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump in his speech to the UN today spoke of Iran in an insulting manner, not befitting a nation’s president. We are duty bond to live up to our commitments and whenever we have been given a commitment we have lived up to it. We have Megawatt power plants, but we remain absolutely committed to international treaties including the nonproliferation treaty. We have always been against weapons of mass destruction as being against Islam. Within the framework of the treaty all sides must adhere to the agreement. Yet Mr. Trump says it is a shameful deal, which is an insult to his own people. The entirety of the EU entered into this agreement. Pres. Rouhani expressed his joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this meeting, saying it is his loss that we have not had time to hear from all who have wished to speak.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis (9/23/17)

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

“[R]eligious differences are not the only reason Rohingya are being forced out.” Myanmar will seize 3 million acres in Rakhine state paying the owners little or no compensation …

… as the crisis grows to unbearable proportions …

… so does the hypocrisy:

A nationals security analyst notes  that “Reagan kept the US adhering to the arms deals even though the Soviets went into Afghanistan;” but them Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan:

“White House chief of staff … Kelly prohibited Gorka from speaking in a public setting” and after the tirade “told Gorka his security clearance had been revoked“:

Only 15% of respondents named freedom of religion as protected by the 1st Amendment and 37% “were unable to name any of the rights guaranteed” there-under:

It technically applies to “surgical masks, fancy dress and balaclavas worn in certain circumstances. But the intention of the legislation is to ban Islamic headdresses”:

“[C]ontemporary Muslim conservatives … focus exclusively on a decontextualized phrase ‘you approach men with desire instead of women’ to condemn gay and bisexual Muslims”:

Like the protagonist, the filmmaker “was a huge Jackson fan in his teens and then became Salafi during his university years, before moving away from the movement”:

“In 2016, another past winner … was given a 14-month suspended prison sentence for insulting President Erdogan with a satirical poem she shared on social media”:

News and Analysis (9/20/17)

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

“It will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by ‘rogue’ newcomers to the world of politics: the world will have lost a great opportunity” — Iranian President Rouhani:

Seven months after the Muslim group bought land for a cemetery the board of supervisors changed the rules to require a setback not authorized by state law:

The Bangladeshi PM discussed with Trump “Rohingya Muslims flooding into her country, but expected no help from him as he has made clear how he feels about refugees”:

The professor says countries like Niger “are 95 to 98 percent Muslim, but women are united in freedom “to do what they want” regardless of “ethnicity, religion and language”:

Installed by Russia to impose a secular order, “Kadyrov has been actively reshaping the local strain of Islam … into a political tool to enhance his own power and posture”:

Few have taken “notice of the historic firsts emerging among Hollywood’s African American Muslims” such as Dave Chapelle and Mahershala Ali:

The sorority’s UT Austin president says that the attraction of Greek life is that Muslim women is that a notion Islamic sisterhood is “very ingrained in our religious community”:

The story of Islam’s long European presence “that has shaped Western culture in areas ranging from medicine, philosophy and architecture to diplomacy, language and food”:

News and Analysis (9/17/17)

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Nor only is “banking while Arab” a crime, but so is being the wife or daughter of an Arab trying to make a deposit:

“Protests are banned in Saudi Arabia, as are political parties. Unions are illegal, the press is controlled and criticism of the royal family can lead to prison”:

“One part of the French left believes that the state should offer protection from religion, and the other, protection of religion”:

35 years ago the PLO gave in to Israeli demands they evacuate Lebanon only to see Israel seal off Sabra and Shatila for Maronite militias to slaughter the civilian population the West had promised to protect …

… and now they will demolish communities in a “forcible transfer of protected persons, a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention” …

… and minorities in American cities feel like they are under occupation is that the police are being trained by an occupation army:

A reckless press has harmed a child, its mother, and a family that reached out to help the child in its time of need, and forced social workers to disclose details that should have remained confidential:

EU law that guarantees freedom of worship, exempts Muslims and Jews from having to stun animals as part of ritual slaughter, yet “Muslims in Belgium were unable to do so this year”:

Suu Kyi has never been sympathetic to the Rohingya and has no political incentive to change …

… and Bangladeshi police will not allow them to leave “their allocated homes, not even to live with family or friends” and urge drivers against carrying refugees, or landlords renting to them:

“[T]he two sides planned to meet face-to-face but gave no date”:

News and Analysis (9/14/17)

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

“The justices have agreed to an administration request to block a lower court ruling that would have eased the refugee ban and allowed up to 24,000 refugees to enter the country before the end of October”:

“During Aung San Suu Kyi’s years of house arrest, her fight for democracy was sustained by independent media. Now in power, her administration is accused of clamping down on the press in favor of official outlets”:

Iran’s deputy parliament speaker criticized both the Riyadh-based OIC and his own government for not taking action to defend the Muslim Rohingya:

For teaching Islam and Qur’an to about 100 people on each web site he was sentenced to two years in prison:

“At least 286 of Algeria’s roughly 2,000 Ahmadis have been … handed jail terms … [or] fines. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by law, but, expecting certain rejection,” they never applied for licenses:

“The expected offensive to dislodge ISIS from Hawija … has reportedly been complicated by Baghdad-Erbil mistrust over the fate of Kirkuk and its oil resources, as a Kurdish independence referendum looms Sept. 25”:

Because Iran has remained true to the agreement, American sanctions at this point would constitute a violation:

News and Analysis (9/11/17)

Monday, September 11th, 2017

“The top Buddhist leader is the latest Nobel peace laureate to speak out against the violence, which … may have killed more than 1,000 people, most of them Rohingya” …

… but the one Nobel peace laureate in a position to do something about it remains silent:

A depiction of a lion symbolizing the Western-led coalition driving a dog wrapped in the Muslim declaration of the faith provides a recruiting tool for the terrorists:

“The statement of LBA is false and concocted, an effort to suppress and threaten the rights of individual… I appeal not to let hatred and fear to win over love and compassion” — the bride:

Some women “termed triple talaq as a ‘right’ that should not be taken away from them simply because some ‘uneducated women’ had moved the apex court against it” …

… but “the board had always felt that instant triple talaq was a sin, even though admissible in [all four] schools of Sunni law”:

“Police fired rubber bullets to break up a mob which stoned the home of a Muslim butcher in central Myanmar”:

News and Analysis (9/8/17)

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Even in Morocco, fighting the equation of Judaism with Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians can be an uphill battle:

The government accuses Muslims of “burning their own villages. But the BBC’s South East Asia correspondent … says he saw a Muslim village that had just been set on fire, apparently by a group of Rakhine Buddhists”:

The court ruled “that those who have relationships with a resettlement agency should be exempt … [as should]  grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins of legal U.S. residents”:

A report on how “the legalized othering of Muslim communities across the nation … has been established, and continues to expand … by fabrications, lies, and intentionally misconstrued information’:

“A dope lyric over a tight beat? That’s like an ayah.” Why “hip-hop holds such a special place for many American Muslims”:

“Suddenly it’s OK to be openly xenophobic” in China; a threatened boycott forces a company to drop its halal option on a food-ordering app:

News and Analysis (9/5/17)

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

He was an honest cop who thought what the department was “doing was wrong—it was completely stupid,” so they came down on him like a ton of bricks and ruined his life:

“This claim comes just days after the U.S. denied their air assets were targeting the ISIL convoy that consists of 300 combatants and 500 civilians”:

The world’s largest humanitarian crisis is not the heavily covered floods in Houston or even the not so well covered floods in Nepal but the American-Saudi-British caused disaster in Yemen:

Yet another example of the FBI turning a confused (and in this particular case brain damaged) young man into  terrorist:

“Malala Yousafzai … said her ‘heart breaks’ at the suffering of Rohingya Muslims and urged Myanmar’s leader, a fellow Nobel laureate, to condemn the violence against the Rohingya minority”:

Since no knowledgeable person claims Islamic law mandates prepubescent girls must cover their hair, is a prohibition in headscarves any different from a prohibition on lipstick?