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News and Analysis (4/2/19)

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

“137 states bilaterally recognize Palestine.” The “City Council’s leadership team … decided to remove [the Councilman who refuses to recognize this fact] from the immigration committee”:

“The plea bargain also requires Martinez-Torres to answer any questions from the victim’s family during the next year … [in the hope of helping] settle … whether the attack was motivated by anti-Muslim hate”:

Accusations that young children have thrown stones notwithstanding, B’Tselem says that Israeli authorities holding them alone without notifying parents “speaks volumes as to the moral blindness afflicting them” …

… “There are days that I couldn’t sleep. In particular when the municipality demolished houses. How can … we who suffered from discrimination over centuries … discriminate other people. No, it’s impossible”:

“Israeli soldiers invaded … various parts of the occupied West Bank, searched and ransacked homes and workshops, and abducted eleven Palestinians, in addition to shooting one during ensuing protests”:

“That a small group managed to force the women out of the main campus is a sad commentary on the administration. … [S]tudents of the women’s college … are an equal part of the AMU … [and have] an equal right over it”:

“The total obliteration of Muslim representation from the largest state in” India shows that the “fight to save secular principles and practices … is a fight that secular Hindus cannot win on their own”:

“Javad Zarif tweeted late Monday that America’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy on Iran” that prevents “Iran from acquiring badly needed … relief helicopters … ‘isn’t just economic warfare; it’s economic TERRORISM'”:

With no clear grounds for the charge, Britain, France and Germany are accusing Iranian development of missile technology for space and non-nuclear purposes of being “inconsistent with a UN resolution”:

“We found a lot of solidarity from our friends at groups like Jewish Voices for Peace and If Not Now and others who have said that people are actually diluting real anti-Semitism by equating all criticism of Israel with” it: