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News and Analysis (7/6/19)

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

The U.S. President has “confronted Iran with a series of actions that are … as mercurial, ineffective and antagonizingly provocative as those that George III and his parliament hurled at the 13 colonies” …

… Mr. Trump, please take the hint:

The announcement that “Sudan’s opposition and military leaders tentatively pledged to hold new elections in just over three years … was greeted with tepid optimism”:

Refuting allegations “of ‘con artistry,’ Mr. Zarif said that he never asked the Americans to trust him and he never trusted them either, least of all during the negotiations of the nuclear deal”:

The private sector to the rescue! “An earlier bike-share initiative was run by the city government and was available only to men”:

“The episode has echoes of the case of a Norwegian Air jet which … was stranded in Iran for more than two months due to U.S. sanctions which prevented spare parts being sent to the Islamic Republic”:

China is reportedly separating Muslim children from their families, religion and language, and is engaged in a rapid, large-scale campaign to build boarding schools for them”:

“40 Palestinians were wounded, 22 of those by live fire, on Friday during protests along the Israel-Gaza border”:

The seizure of “the supertanker Grace 1 on Thursday for trying to transport oil to Syria in violation of European Union sanctions in a move which drew Tehran’s fury and could escalate its confrontation with the West”:

News and Analysis (7/4/19)

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

“Unlike “‘literalist religious doctrine’ … on which these new abortion laws are based, … Islam actually encourages different interpretation of the law, leading to a number of valid legal opinions … which Muslims can follow”:

Gen. “Keane’s reference to the United States’ accidental downing of an Iranian commercial airliner in 1988 made a profound impact on the president, who was ‘spooked’ when he learned of the incident”:

“If extremists think threatening to kill me will slow me down — they’re both violent & ignorant. My faith teaches me to respond to injustice w/justice. We will march forward in service to all humanity”:

Separating children form their mothers is becoming trendy:

“Libya’s most prominent Muslim Sunni cleric, Grand Mufti Sadiq al-Ghariani, called for all Muslims to boycott the hajj,” adding that going “on a second pilgrimage was conducting “an act of sin rather than a good deed”:

The “ramping up of such cyberattacks [between the U.S. and Iran is] a means of warfare”:

Having failed to lure Palestinians on the merits of what Michael Koplow, policy director of the Israel Policy Forum, calls “the Monty Python sketch of Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives,” Kushner resorts to insults:


Stealing a trick from Israel, “Iran announced in June that it is allowing foreign tourists to enter through its international airports without stamping their passports”:

News and Analysis (7/1/19)

Monday, July 1st, 2019

“We have NOT violated the #JCPOA. … We triggered … para 36 after US withdrawal. We gave [notice] … reserving our right … [and] took action after 60 weeks. As soon as E3 abide by their obligations, we’ll reverse”:

“Israel decided to demolish homes and remove the Palestinians from their lands, to build what it called a ‘National Garden’:

A “largely unknown businessman with ties to Israeli settlers and the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman … has faced intense criticism from Palestinians and has been disowned by members of his own family”:

“The city earlier this year settled with the school and families for $50,000. It didn’t admit wrongdoing but agreed to revise regulations to ‘expressly accommodate clothing worn for religious reasons or financial hardship'”:

“U.S. allies remain firmly committed to the agreement. French President Emmanuel Macron, for example, would be willing to discuss another deal, but only if the initial pact stays in place”:

“As a ‘womanist’ and abolitionist, she admired that Islamic law allowed women to own property and considered manumission praiseworthy, forbidding believers to enslave one another”:

Iran shot down an “unpiloted drone that happened near or over the Strait of Hormuz on June 20” in the area where the U.S. “shot down an Iranian passenger airliner on July 3, 1988, … in which 290 people died”:

The faults of “the ossified and struggling Palestinian Authority and the brutally stupid, self-defeating tactics employed by Hamas … [result] from Israel’s brutal and oppressive policies” — James Zogby:

“It shows how important ending endless war is if they’re willing to put aside their differences and get together on this project” — Trita Parsi