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News and Analysis (5/4/20)

Monday, May 4th, 2020

Iran could have avoided this problem had it converted to a currency denoted in gold dinars payable in its oil; it should do so now (better late than never) …

… which would sidestep public unhappiness with high gas prices:

“Abdullah al-Hamid, 69, died of a stroke that was the direct result of his mistreatment by the regime, which sentenced him to 11 years in prison in 2013 for advocating a peaceful transition to democracy”:

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Bensouda’s recognition of Palestinian statehood could pave the way for war criminal investigation against Israel:

“We have voices witnessed courageous and outspoken from all over the world condemning and warning against Israeli annexation”, said Hanan Ashrawi, “these are positive indicators of change”:

“Pleas seek restoration of high speed internet to help access healthcare services, online education in Kashmir amid”:

After Palestinian-American Justin Amash’s declaration that he shall explore the possibility of running for President as a Libertarian …

… Noam Chomsky dismisses the notion that the lesser of two evils is evil, and urges voters to support the “lesser” evil of Zionist Biden over the “greater” evil of (allegedly) capitalistic Trump:

News and Analysis (5/2/20)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Fasting “can be difficult under normal circumstances for incarcerated people…. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is no longer allowing religious volunteers to conduct in-person services in the jail”:

“Government officials piled some 9 tons of gold — an amount equal to about $500 million — on Tehran-bound jets this month as payment for Iran’s assistance in reviving Venezuela’s crippled gasoline refineries”:

Pompeo’s plan “to extend a conventional weapons embargo on Tehran that is legally set to end under the Iran nuclear deal, provoking anger and disbelief from European allies”:

The keys to a successful prisoner swap are mutual interest, a like-for-like exchange, and a willingness to share the credit:

The 27-year-old founder of and “first Muslim woman to run for federal office from New Jersey” received a phone call filled with anti-Muslims racial slurs threatening to kill her and her family:

“By initiating gunfights with guerrilla fighters, jailing people for going to buy food and medicine, bringing charges against journalists, and beating doctors, paramedics and municipal workers, India is tightening its grip” …

… leaving the people of Kashmir to endure a quiet Ramadan in a devastated economy:

After years happily married “to a devout Muslim while raising our children in a faith that was not my own … I realized that … Islam was no longer something outside myself but housed within”:

As “Muslims around the world are observing Ramadan, a time of fasting, spiritual reflection and charitable work,” a mosque in Connecticut “is giving out grab and go meals to first responders and people in need”:

The singer/philanthropist wonders why we humans are “the only earthly creatures who have to live with the knowledge of their own mortality” and “what might be beyond the final wall we must all climb one day”: