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News and Analysis (6/2/20)

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Boston Muslims know what it is like to fight for equality, calling all minorities to rally around all sorts of racism:

When they retrieved their watermelons that fell into a dry open drain, the government charged them with “malignant act likely to spread life threatening disease) and 328 (hurting someone through poison etc.”:

“Iran practices its free trade rights with Venezuela, and we are ready to send more ships if Caracas demands more supplies from Iran” — foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi:

In shift, the UAE condemns Israel’s plans to annex West Bank, warning it would be a serious setback for the Middle East peace process:

“An Iranian scientist imprisoned for years in the United States despite being acquitted in a trade secrets case is on his way back to Iran on Tuesday after being deported by US authorities”:

Muslimahs are not the only women leaders whose achievements are overlooked, but they are especially neglected:

The suspect said something to the effect of “Your smile is making me want to punch you in the face,” and then repeatedly punched the honors high school student “partially knocking off her headscarf”:

Iranian Parliament Speaker, Galibaf, criticizes US racial injustice and its international policies; and reserves Iran’s right to counter US terrorism: