Month: March 2021

  • News and Analysis 3/31/21

    A U.S federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the JNF and other Zionist lobbies accusing the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) of engaging in “material support for terrorism” over their support for the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement: U.S. Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed by Jewish National Fund Against Palestinian Rights Nonprofit […]

  • News and Analysis 3/29/21

    The U.S. claims an “alarming” systematic indoctrination to ISIS ideology is taking place in civilian camps housing “the wives, widows, children and other family members of IS militants” and run by Syrian Kurdish officials: US-Backed Syrian Forces Raid Camp of IS Families, Arrest 9 (AP) As Israeli courts continue to rule in favor of settler […]

  • News and Analysis 3/27/21

    Even as Muslims raise funds for victims of the Boulder shooting … Muslim Groups Are Raising Money for Colorado Shooting Victims (Washington Post) … the chairman of the Islamic Center of Boulder said that “even though the suspect never set foot in their center, they decided to close their prayer room to keep their members […]

  • News and Analysis 3/25/21

    It is becoming increasingly clear that Netanyahu must turn to Arab votes to maintain his power: Netanyahu Has No Clear Path to Remain Prime Minister, Official Israeli Election Results Show (Washington Post) A Small Islamist Party Could Decide Benjamin Netanyahu’s Fate (The Guardian) After years of Israeli strikes that have “several dozen Iranian oil tankers, […]


    “THE MEANING OF JERUSALEM THROUGH MY MOTHER’S MEMORIES AND MY FAITH” Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. Minaret of Freedom Institute Adapted from WHAT JERUSALEM MEANS TO US: MUSLIM PERSPECTIVES AND REFLECTIONS I am a Palestinian-American Muslim. Although I was taken away from it while still in my mother’s womb, Palestine is my motherland in a multi-dimensional sense. My mother […]

  • News and Analysis 3/23/2021

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged to reestablish the transatlantic NATO military alliance before discussing “any possible withdrawal from Afghanistan” … Blinken Pledges to ‘Revitalise’ NATO, Cooperation on Afghanistan (Al-Jazeera) … but Washington should not delude itself into believing that there is potential for any meaningful change in Afghanistan by extending the withdrawal deadline: […]

  • News and Analysis 3/22/2021

    A year after receiving a hero’s welcome in Israel the traitor says he “had no choice” but to sell U.S. military secrets after America “stabbed Israel in the back”: Pollard Defends Spying on US for Israel in Rare Interview (Yahoo News) “Israel’s Walla news website cited unnamed Israeli officials who said Maliki’s ICC visit was […]

  • News and Analysis 3/20/21

    “We came here legally and my husband wants to come here legally” — a U.S. green card holder: Biden Rescinded the ‘Muslim Ban.’ But Many Families Remain Stuck in the Backlog (NBC News) Saudi minister Adel Al-Jubeil stated on Friday that the missiles using to attack its Aramco refineries were “Iranian-manufactured or Iranian-supplied”: Saudi Arabia […]

  • Islam, Science Fiction, and Extraterrestrial Life

    Jörg Matthias Determann’s Islam, Science Fiction, and Extraterrestrial Life: The Culture of Astrobiology in the Muslim World (New York: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2021). 270pp. Reviewed by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. Minaret of Freedom Institute Anyone susceptible to believing stereotypes depicting the religious views of Muslims as violent variations of Christian fundamentalism would expect a book […]

  • News and Analysis 3/18/21

    From its founding in 1948 until today Israel has employed a variety of policies to deprive Palestinians of their property and  implement its settler  colonialist project: Decades of Displacing Palestinians: How Israel Does It (Al-Shabaka) Israel Increasing Palestinian Home Demolitions, UN Agency Says (Middle East Eye) ‘Truth Commission’ Uncovers the History of Bedouin Dispossession (+972) […]

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