Month: June 2021

  • News and Analysis 6/29/21

    On Tuesday, Israeli forces accompanied by bulldozers entered the Palestinian neighborhood and destroyed a butcher’s shop in Silwan. Soldiers used “tear gas and batons” against residents and activists as they carried out the demolition: Police, Palestinians Clash as Israel Begins Demolition in Jerusalem’s Silwan (Reuters) Following the Palestinian Authority’s violent and deliberate crackdown against “journalists, […]

  • The Hamas Charter

    The original HAMAS charter, written in 1987 by a single person and adopted in the crush of the first intifada in 1988 without critical scrutiny, has been an embarrassment to HAMAS to the extent that it is still cited by Zionist propagandists years after its replacement in 2017.  The new and official HAMAS charter is […]

  • News and Analysis 6/27/21

    With the unsuccessful ending of the American intervention in Afghanistan, the Quincy Institute, Responsible Statecraft, and the American Conservative all warn against the ineffective,  immoral, and counterproductive  policies that brought us to this point: Nothing Much to Do: Why America Can Bring All Troops Home From the Middle East (Quincy Institute) Symposium: Time to Bring […]

  • News and Analysis 6/25/21

    Banat’s death at the hands of “PA officers broke into his home and started beating him in the early hours of Thursday morning” has angry Palestinians “calling for the downfall of the regime, and are saying they are under a double occupation. They accuse the PA of being hand in hand with Israel” … Palestinians […]

  • News and Analysis 6/22/21

    Israeli security forces continue their brutal assault of protestors asking for nothing more than their ancestral homes and basic human rights, injuring twenty in Jerusalem and hospitalizing forty protestors in the village of Beita: Israel Forces Target Palestinian Demonstrators in East Jerusalem (Al-Jazeera) Israeli Forces Launch Violent Crackdown on Protesters in Beita (Middle East Eye) […]

  • News and Analysis 6/20/21

    On Thursday, the Israeli army launched a second wave of airstrikes over the Gaza Strip through the night, the second flare up since “a ceasefire on 21 May ended Israel’s 11-day assault on the territory, which killed 248 Palestinians, including 66 children”: Israel Bombards Gaza For Second Night Following Incendiary Balloon Launches (Middle East Eye) […]

  • News and Analysis 6/18/21

    The case is postponed again despite time now, despite previously stating the case was, “too weak and that his legal opinion would be unable to prevent them from being expropriated”: Sheikh Jarrah: Israel’s Supreme Court Postpones Hearing on Expulsion of Palestinians (Middle East Eye) Recent reports indicate that Indian troops have “martyred 55 innocent Kashmiris” […]

  • News and Analysis 6/15/21

    As Israeli forces ramp up their use of live ammunition, they, along with Israeli settlers, are deliberately targeting “Palestinian protestors – and the medics trying to rescue them” … Palestinian Medics on the Front Line Fighting to Save Lives (Al-Jazeera) … meanwhile, Israel’s Internal Security Minister hypocritically declares, “The right to demonstrate is a right […]

  • News and Analysis 6/12/21

    “What if all the Palestinians in the West Bank entered and protested in Sheikh Jarrah? Can the [Israeli] occupation arrest thousands? Our numbers will be larger than theirs”–a Palestinian journalist: Israel’s Biggest Fear Is the Palestinian Masses Gathering (Middle East Eye) 15 year old Mohammad Said Hamayel was killed and six others wounded by Israeli […]

  • News and Analysis 6/10/21

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer noted that this is the first time that a member of America’s “third largest religion … will become the first to ever serve as an Article III judge”: Senate Confirms Zahid Quraishi as First Muslim American Federal Judge in US History (CNN) The Israeli authorities’ decision to shut down the […]

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