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News and Analysis 6/7/21

Monday, June 7th, 2021

Israeli police arrested leading Sheikh Jarrah activist Muna El-Kurd at her family’s home on June 6, claiming that she was accused of “participating in riots” …

… and ordered Arabs in the city of Nazareth detained suspected of participating in riots “to sit on the floor with their heads bowed and proceeded to beat them with various objects”:

The attorney generals refusal to give a legal opinion is a tacit admission that Israel’s apartheid system favors  the the settlement rights of Jews over the property rights of Arabs:

Tehreek-e-Wahdat-e-Islami accused the Modi regime of purposefully holding a Hindu pilgrimage in Kashmir in order to “expose Kashmir to the most dangerous Indian COVID-19 variant”:

The Observatory of Laicite was formed in 2013 with the purpose of advising the government and training state employees on the French concept of secularism. Today, the organization is being forcibly dissolved for “its criticism of policies targeting Muslims”:

The plaintiff’s lawyer tells the Supreme court that the FBIs use of an informant posing as a convert to Islam after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to attend mosques in California “explicitly targeted Muslims because of their religion,” violating their religious freedom:

While IEAE officials are now unsure of the extent of Iran’s nuclear capabilities …

… countries including the “UK, France, Germany and US push for breakthrough in talks”:

News and Analysis 6/5/2021

Saturday, June 5th, 2021

An “estimated one million public and private bomb shelters” across Israel do not benefit “unrecognized” Palestinian-majority  villages such as Dahmash, which does not have access to a single one, and lack “basic services and infrastructure”:

Marathon runners peacefully protesting the Sheikh Jarrah expulsions are greeted at the finish line by uniformed thugs with stun guns:

The UN has requested a response from the Indian government regarding severe human rights violations such as, “arbitrary detention, extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, and torture”:

Al-Jazeera journalist Givara Budeiri was assaulted and detained while covering demonstrations in the Israeli occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood:

Following swift withdrawals by US and NATO forces, the Taliban have accelerated their plans to expand into Afghanistan and are rapidly increasing their power in the country:

Rohingya leaders in Bangladesh on Friday guardedly welcomed a pledge by Myanmar’s shadow government to grant citizenship to members of their stateless community if and when it returns to power, with “refugees saying they have been cheated many times before”:

The law school grad shares credit for her success with her mother who raised “her children, especially her girls, to be independent” and a teacher who encouraged her to develop “an open mind and about .. to use and value her own opinion to interpret what she read”:

Experts warn that the anticipated Bennett-Lapid coalition’s policies, particularly in regards to Palestine and Iran, will not veer too far from Netanyahu’s:

Israel’s Iron Dome seems to have reached its operational limit as Hamas “used massive barrages of rockets in a new way” designed to overwhelm the defense system, which eventually led to “more than 60 rockets” hitting strategic targets in Israel:

News and Analysis 6/3/21

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Facebook has repeatedly bowed down to government demands to take down content that is against their interests including removing “posts from prominent Palestinian activists” and helped Indian PM Narendra Modi “stifle criticism of his government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic”:

UN decision to open an inquiry is a welcome first step towards justice for Palestinians as the international community “is left with no choice but to look into Israeli war crimes and HR abuses”:

Over 50 foreign and prime ministers have condemned Israel’s obstruction of the International Criminal Court’s efforts to investigate Israeli war crimes in Israeli occupied Palestinian territories:

Republican lawmaker Lindsey Graham said Israel would ask the US for $1 billion to replenish their Iron Dome security system:

Imad Barghouti, a renowned Palestinian astrophysicist, was arrested in 2020 and charged “in relation to the content of some of his Facebook posts” before being put under indefinite detention without trial:

India dismissed three Kashmiri employees without an inquiry, citing “security of the state”, while many see the sackings as part of Indian government efforts to have greater influence and control on government employees:

Two refugees unable to leave “the flood-prone island of Bhasan Char” after fleeing “violence in Buddhist-majority Myanmar” said that they “suffered baton injuries as they protested against the lack of access to a visiting U.N. team”:

He predicted that he would be fired if he ever changes a single student’s mind; he never made it that far:

Iran has claimed that it is unable “to pay the UN is because of US sanctions and it was trying to have the money paid by South Korea where Tehran has frozen funds”:

News and Analysis 6/1/21

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Unconditional support for Israel has made it increasingly difficult for the US to claim “moral high ground on the world stage” as Israel employs its “superior military power” to “kill and terrorize residents of Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon with near impunity”:

Increasing Israeli mass arrests include people for publishing criticism on socialmedia and a man who”tried to protect a 15-year-old Palestinian girl who was being physically assaulted by Israeli police at Damascus Gate” …

… Israeli police brutality extends to both traumatized children as well as the mentally ill:

“If, as [Israelis] insist, Jews–any Jews–have the ‘right of return’ to any land previously owned or occupied by Jews, then so must Palestinians have a right to return to land previously owned or occupied by Palestinians anywhere in the territory between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea”:

First the BJP destroyed the mosque, then they claimed it never existed, now they claim it was illegal but having failed to produce any proof, the judge has given them three more weeks to find something while prohibiting the arrest of the Muslims in  the case in the meantime:

Instagram, the social media giant owned by Facebook, blames a poorly thought out algorithm for suppressing Palestinian activists as well as pro-Palestine content in general, and claims that the issue has been “fixed”:

Austrian Muslim groups slam the government over map identifying locations of mosques and Islamic associations around the country:

There are “government employees in Indian-administered Kashmir … whose salaries have not been paid for years because of their past links with the armed rebellion in the disputed region”:

Argentina voted in favor of a UN resolution announced by the UN Human Rights Council  – a resolution that would allow for the opening of an investigation into possible human rights abuses in the Palestinian territories:

Pakistani PM Imran Khan stated that Pakistan would not “normalize relations with India” until it steps back from the actions taking away Kashmir’s autonomous status: