Month: July 2021

  • News and Analysis 7/31/2021

    Even as he strips immunity from members of parliament and arrest a judge Tunisia’s strongman is blind to his dictatorial proclivities: Tunisia’s Saied Says Will Not ‘Turn into a Dictator’ amid Arrests (Aljazeera) A Palestinian man was shot and murdered during the funeral of a 12 year old boy who was shot in the chest […]

  • News and Analysis 7/28/21

    “The constitution states that when the article that allows the president to take emergency powers is invoked, parliament is forced into continuous session, and cannot be dissolved [but] … Saied has suspended parliament”: Tunisia: There Is Nothing Constitutional About Kais Saied’s Coup (Middle Easy Eye) “You are a terrorist, not a sir or a Mr. […]

  • News and Analysis 7/27/21

    Israel makes plans to intimidate other companies may follow Ben and Jerry’s lead in opposing illegal settlements: Scoop: Israel Launches Maximum Pressure Campaign Against Ben & Jerry’s (Axios) For Israel, letting “graduates of its intelligence services sell intrusive tools to problematic governments” oppressing diplomats and journalists is “a diplomatic strategy”: Pegasus Scandal Turns Spotlight on […]

  • News and Analysis 7/25/21

    “Why is the Israeli baseball team predominantly made up of American Jews? And why are there no Arabs representing Israel – yet again?”: Israel Goes to the Olympics with High Hopes, American Ringers and No Arabs (Haaretz) The scandal of the use of the Israeli spyware program Pegasus to spy on journalists, activists, and business […]

  • News and Analysis 7/23/21

    Backlash to the ice-cream maker’s decision to distinguish between Israel and the territories it occupies has shown that “for many Israelis, the distinction no longer exists”: What the Ben & Jerry’s Decision Reveals About Israel (The Atlantic) Former UN rights chief Navi Pillay will lead an investigation into ‘systematic’ abuses in occupied Palestinian territories and […]

  • News and Analysis (7/21/21)

    An Israeli firm’s cyberespionage program is being used “to spy on rights activists, dissidents and journalists” … Israeli Spyware Maker Is in Spotlight Amid Reports of Wide Abuses (NY Times) … and their families: Jamal Khashoggi’s Wife Targeted with Spyware Before His Death (Washington Post) “[N]ew laws across India are seeking to ban all interfaith […]

  • News and Analysis 7/18/21

    Protected by heavily armed Israeli occupation police, “1,371 Jewish settlers accompanied by Knesset members” stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque and clashed with Palestinian worshipers inside the third Islamic holy site: Israel Officially Supports ‘Orderly and Safe’ Storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque (Middle East Monitor) The inter-faith alliance between a major Muslim and Evangelical organization aims to strengthen the […]

  • News and Analysis 7/16/21

    Human rights advocates say that Israel’s 18-year-old ban on family reunification, known as the Citizenship Law, turns a fundamental right “to live with one’s spouse and children” into a crime. Advocates also say it is discriminatory, because it largely does not apply to Israeli Jews, who rarely marry Palestinians: Israel Has Denied Certain Married Couples […]

  • News and Analysis 7/13/21

    Israel’s increasingly frequent demolitions in Silwan are linked with plans to “build the City of David, a pseudo-archaeological theme park run by settlers” with the hidden intent of “bolstering Jewish presence and expelling the Palestinian population”: Why Israel is Trying to Steal Silwan From Palestinians (Electronic Intifada) Michael Lynk, a “UN special rapporteur on human […]

  • News and Analysis 7/10/21

    A Palestinian imprisoned through Israel’s “administrative detention policy” used to arrest and hold Palestinians “without filing formal charges”, is hospitalized on the 65th day of his hunger strike: Israel to Release Palestinian Prisoner on 65th Day of Hunger Strike (Middle East Eye) Israel destroyed the home of a woman and her three children after rejecting […]

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