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News and Analysis 7/8/2021

Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Israel steals privately owned Palestinian land by legalizing settlements “by deploying a draconian interpretation of the Ottoman law” that if “the land was not cultivated for several years in a row” it would become the property of the state:

Israeli forces demolished the Palestinian Bedouin community of Humsa al-Baqai’a in the Jordan Valley on Wednesday, including “living and farming structures provided by the international community”:

The Rouhani administration blamed its predecessor’s similar scheme for affordable housing for contributing to Iran’s inflation problem:

The British government has repeatedly claimed that it is “not a party” to the coalition’s war in Yemen. Despite these denials, the British military continues to “sustain the Saudi war machine” through “training, advising and supplying the Saudi air force bombing Houthi strongholds”:

On Thursday, Taliban fighters seized control of a key district in western Afghanistan that “includes a major border crossing with Iran” …

… As the Taliban continue their advance and gain more territory, many observers believe that this will eventually lead to “a spike in armed militancy” in Indian occupied Kashmir:

Eight suspected fighters and two Indian soldiers were killed in an encounter on Thursday, sources say. Many shops were shut in parts of the region to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of popular Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, whose “killing triggered open defiance against Indian rule”:

U.S officials rejected the claims that the nuclear talks are stalled and stated that “Iranians are in the middle of their internal consultation process” as everyone waits on Iran to determine exactly when the seventh round of talks will take place:

Some 600 scholars, artists and intellectuals from more than 45 countries have signed a petition “condemning Israeli practices” and “calling for an immediate end to the Israeli apartheid regime in occupied Palestine”:

News and Analysis 7/6/2021

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

“[T]he Canadian government’s risk assessment for terrorism financing in the charitable sector focuses almost exclusively on Muslim charities, with little to no public substantiation of the risk”:

“There is a moral discrepancy in claiming to be opposed to anti-Muslim bigotry domestically while easing the way for anti-Muslim violence abroad, or justifying it on religious grounds, as some American faith leaders do”:

Norway’s largest pension fund KLP said on Monday it would no longer invest in 16 companies, including Alstom and Motorola, that “risk complicity in international law violations in occupied Palestine” due to their links to Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank:

21 activists, including 10 women, were “immediately detained” after entering the Al-Manara Square to protest PA brutality:

Israeli soldiers raided a refugee camp in Jenin that served as a children’s center for “around 120 children” and deliberately destroyed “books, toys, electrical boxes, and plumbing”:

After the murder of Nizar Banat, Palestinians are fighting to expose the PA as a puppet regime meant to keep the Palestinian populace under control:

On Tuesday, Iran accused Israel of an attack in late June against a civilian nuclear site near Tehran that “damaged the building”:

The Taliban have showed off containers “full of US weapons and military hardware” seized from the Afghan military as American forces withdraw from the country and the militants “continue their rapid expansion”:

Under Islamic law the death penalty for murderer may be avoided if the victim’s family forgives the perpetrator:

News and Analysis 7/5/21

Monday, July 5th, 2021

35 year old Najlaa Zaitoun was assaulted and chased by PA security forces while covering the Ramallah protests. The security forces “violently attacked her with a truncheon” and further went on to “threaten her with rape”:

Taliban now controls a third of Afghanistan after capturing several districts following “the retreat of Afghan government forces” into the neighboring state of Tajikistan:

The Independent Commission for Human Rights said today that Palestinian lawyer Farid al-Atrash was detained at an Israeli checkpoint “while returning from a protest against the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah”:

Saudi Arabia’s deliberate attempt “to replace immigrant workers with Saudi nationals” is forcing Yemenis to look for work elsewhere as their home country is left in shambles:

21 year old Mohammad Hassan was shot three times by Israeli occupation forces after throwing rocks at the “dozens of settlers who were stoning him and his property from every direction”:

Amidst the shadow war that continues to brew between Iran and Israel, Israeli defense officials stated that “they believe Iran was behind the attack on the ship”:

On Saturday night, Israeli aircrafts bombed several targets across the Gaza Strip. This follows 11 days of bombing last month where “occupation forces killed nearly 260 Palestinians, including 66 children, and forced tens of thousands to flee their homes”:

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi accused the United States of being “the source of conflicts” across the world after listing a series of international conflicts for which many believe the US is responsible:

News and Analysis 7/2/21

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

When questioned the editors did not explain why, after political pressure, they retroactively decided that “a summary of the health crisis taking place in the Gaza Strip as a result of the war” “fell outside the scope of the magazine:

The NEA will debate resolutions calling for educating the public on the detention of Palestinian children and ending US “arming and supporting” of Israel:

The Palestinian Authority, “funded and trained by the US and EU”, works with the state of Israel to perpetuate violence against its own populace and cannot be considered a legitimate ruling body for the Palestinians:

The owner of a demolished structure stated that he owned the land “but it was nearly impossible for Palestinians to receive building permits from the municipality”:

A test of Arafat’s personal effects at the Institute of Applied Radiophysics in Lausanne found ” evidence of polonium-210 poisoning” yet the European court of human rights claimed an appeal filed by Yasser Arafat’s daughter and widow ” is manifestly ill-founded”:

A Sikh woman whose complaint led to the arrest of  two Muslim men for rape, fraud , violation of the state’s anti-conversion law now denies all charges and claims she lodged complaint under pressure:

On Thursday, hundreds of demonstrators marched outside China’s UK embassy to protest “the demolition of mosques and the mass arrest of Uighur Muslims”:

A “chance encounter between Shah and a group of young men, who happened to pass by as the god-fearing musician was playing his instrument on a dusty street corner … would propel him into becoming one of Kashmir’s most famous modern rabab musicians”:

“[M]ilitary historian Andrew Bacevich says” that the inclination to demonize Iran “makes it very difficult for us to come to a reasoned understanding of how we got so deeply enmeshed in the Persian Gulf and how it is that we end up basically in the pocket of the Saudis”: