Month: February 2022

  • News and Analysis 2/26/22

    Many “who are making quite strong statements about [Russia’a occupation of the Ukraine]  … don’t seem to be saying the same things about another occupation, that has been going on for fifty years in the Golan Heights”: Why Not Sanction Israel Too? (Deep Dive) “The Shin Bet’s former No. 3 thinks it’s time for Israel […]

  • News and Analysis 2/23/22

    “Israel hones invasive surveillance technology on Palestinians before it is exported abroad.” Says one victim, “No one wants to come here. The kids don’t play outside. We’re constantly watched”: How the Occupation Fuels Tel Aviv’s Booming AI Sector (Foreign Policy) Syria is also part of Russia’s sphere of interest: … Russia Breathes Down Middle Eastern […]

  • News and Analysis 2/21/22

    It’s time for those who expected more from Joe Biden than from Donald Trump to admit that it’s not going to happen: Biden Administration Goes All in for Saudis and Emiratis (Cato Institute) The Iranian parliament’s advice to its executive branch regarding dealing with the U.S.  Ronald Reagan’s advice regarding the Soviet Union: Trust, but […]

  • News and Analysis 2/18/22

    A Palestinian woman objects to an Israeli court ruling that penetration of sexual organs and anus did not constitute rape and sodomy: Palestine: Women Subjected to ‘Intimate’ Body Search by Israeli Army Appeals Case (Middle East Eye) Descriptions of the phasing of the proposed Iran deal show the West is not serious about getting Iran […]

  • News and Analysis 2/14/22

    The president and founder of the  Military Religious Freedom Foundation says that Biden’s pick for the Navy’s new Deputy Chief of Chaplains “represents the absolute wretched epitome of sectarian, fundamentalist Christian nationalism in our U.S. military”: Navy’s New Deputy Chief of Chaplains: “First We Get the Military, then We Get the Nation” (Daily Kos) Israel’s […]

  • News and Analysis 2/12/22

    The brutality of Greenwashing. “To this day, Israeli authorities refuse to recognize Bedouin deeds, instead claiming the forestation efforts are taking place on ‘state-owned’ land”: Israeli Law & Torture: From Detained Minors to a Prison ‘Torture Room’ (Aljazeera) “Gold is a tradition. It grows out of a deep-seated distrust of governments and currencies and has […]

  • When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom

    [In her book “The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom,” Sahar Aziz applies critical race theory to ask how it is that a country that privileges religious freedom has an open rabid Islamophobia. This is my summary of her ideas presented at an online book forum organized by the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center […]

  • News and Analysis 2/9/22

    “Saied announced over the weekend he was dissolving the Supreme Judicial Council, one of the few remaining state bodies still able to act independently of him”: Tunisia Police Lock Doors of Legal Body, Stop Staff from Entering (Aljazeera) Katherine Harvey’s new book explains how by following itys perceptions rather than reality Saudi Arabia for years […]

  • News and Analysis 2/7/22

    Iran accuses the monarchist of being behind a 2008 mosque bombing. State TV alleges he “confessed to having a relationship with both the FBI and the CIA”: Alleged Leader of US-based Iran Militant Group Goes on Trial (AP / abc News) There is one thing on which Republicans and Democrats in Congress can still agree, […]

  • News and Analysis 2/4/22

    Under Biden, those who were denied entry during the ban have to apply all over again, even if they were previously approved for admission, even “diversity visa lottery winners [who] had gone to great financial risks, including quitting jobs and going into debt, in order to apply” … ‘Empty Promises’: The US’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Still […]

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